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  • 7000+ students drop out of high school EVERYDAY

  • A High school or College dropout earns almost a MILLION DOLLARS (Yes, $1,000,000!) less than a College Graduate in their lifetime!

  • More than 30% students dropout solely due to Academic Failure

  • 36.4% college students battle with depression due to Academic pressure

  • Employers say GPA is a single determinant factor of a newly graduated student

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Your high school and College life is that one time when you can try new experiences, make crazy friends, and most importantly follow your passion! But what suffers along this exciting journey the most? Yes, Your Academics!
What Can You Try To Do?

You can make a timetable for yourself and follow it by the hour

You can cut significant time from your social life

You can miss your favourite concert or that football game

You would probably have to cancel that date you planned

You can also study 20+ hours a week

OR You can get Straight A's and enjoy your Life THE EASY WAY!

Introducing College Pirates!

We make students’ transition onto the Scary Seas of College, the easiest thing possible. From students to even educators…Start accessing and sharing excellent study notes, offering and receiving instant 1:1 tutoring, advising, and much more. Our mission is helping you get through those unexpected and rocky storms on your quest to success, and finally conquering your college life!

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