The number of times we have motivated ourselves to improve our college grades is innumerable. There are all these time-tables which we have prepared for the wisest use of the 24 hours of our days and later have discarded. There are the innumerable pins that we have saved on how to improve college grades and our productivity. We have also been advised to get tutoring help for tough subjects. And why not? We all want that high college grade that could win us accolades and get us into the future job or course of our dreams.

Isn’t college supposed to be fun?

During an 8th grade conversation I had with my bestie, I had casually remarked, “You know, our days are so disciplined now, but after a few years when we are in college, our days are going to be a lot more fun!”
And indeed, college times are synonymous with fun times. I do not remember anyone who has not had the worst embarrassments of their lives during college days, made the best of their friends during college or had the best times of their lives during the time that they had been a college student.

Um..Is there any way I can get both?

hire tutor to improve college grade

Well, you want the best of both worlds- grades like a nerd’s and fun times like those the naughty ones would have.
You cannot always be great at securing good grades in college, even if you are amongst the first-benchers, and if you hire a tutor. Various reasons might have led to the dropping of your college grades at any point.
Getting tutoring help is always a good idea, but if you keep on studying, and missing out on all the extra -hours activities with your peers, you are highly likely to be among the more stressed out and dissatisfied students of the college.
We at College Pirates get a lot of queries on this topic. So, there are ways that would help you balance your fun times with your educational college grades, and here we present to you 5 of those:

1. Make professors/lecturers your go-to people

Teachers and professors are indeed your best friends when it comes to syllabus and coursework help. Be on good terms with your professors. Listen to them attentively during class. Follow their methods. Take an active interest in the syllabi that they set up and the assignments that they put you on.
When ever in doubt, consult the concerned subject teacher rather than get half-handed information from your peers. It is also a good idea to spend time after class hours with your professors to understand a topic better and more deeply.
One added advantage of being on good terms with your professor both in and out of class is that your teachers have gone through these times themselves, they know you and your aptitude in that subject, and so they are better prepared to advise you when you prepare your study time-tables and plans of action. College Pirates is a website that offers some cool advice on this.

2. Time management

hire tutor to improve college grade

“If you love life, do not waste your time, for time is what life is made of.”
– Bruce Lee

If you read or listen to any advice on increasing your productivity or your output, the first thing you are going to be advised is to take stock of your time and manage your hours well. Time and again we keep hearing, “Time and tide wait for none.”

If you want to keep having the fun you are having in college, and yet get good grades, make a planner for your days. Purchase a day-planner, calendar, or download planner apps on your cell phone (That is perhaps the easier thing to do, as there are many apps in that category both on Android and the I-phone stores). Jot down all due assignments, extra classes, self-study time, sports hours, and, of course, fun meetings and outings in the planner. Allocate more time to the subjects that you usually find yourself struggling with.

This will make it so easy for you to keep on top of things. And yes, use the planner. Don’t just download it and let it sit on your desk space.

3. Work on your skills

hire tutor to improve college grade

You are now no more the awkward adolescent who wants their freedom and yet has no clue how to go about making the best choices for themselves. Not even the school student who writes crude descriptions and rough notes on topics in class. You are now a wise college student, a role that needs to be handled with some maturity if you are to secure good grades even while not missing out on all the college fun.
Enrol yourself for some note-taking or writing workshops. The skills you learn for writing and presenting answers is one that will stand you in good stead in the long term.

4. Take Breaks

As much as you work hard, take regular short breaks from all the learning, assignments, projects and planning. Letting your hair down once a week is a good way to get rejuvenated and energised for the tasks ahead.
The thought of the upcoming break time will also be a motivator for you to work well as the reward you are going to get at the end of it!

5. Hire an online tutor

Online tutoring help is emerging as the biggest saviour of students the world over. When you hire an online tutor, study from the comfort of your home/room, at the hours convenient to you, without the necessary commuting time- these are just some of the advantages you get from your tutoring help.
You can hire an online tutor that perfectly suits your requirements as per your subjects and learning style. The one-on-one interaction and attention will help you focus on areas that need improvement in a strong way.
A good way to improve college grades is to hire a tutor in your vicinity or hire an online tutor with whom you can study at your home itself.


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