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Learning from tutors online is one way where students can achieve their academic goals. People want to get admitted to a certain University, or they might be looking to boost their grades in class… and some just want to pass their next test. That’s why students are signing up for tutoring services online. For aspiring educators and working students, applying to become an online tutor is one way they can take advantage of the demand in this market.


If done well, online tutoring jobs are a lucrative career. (Read more on how to make money online as a college student here)


So if you’re looking to become an online tutor, there are certain things to consider if you want to be a cut above the rest.


Even if you believe that you’ve got what it takes, it’s better to equip yourself with the right knowledge.


Do you want to know what steps you need to take?


Here are a list of tips that will propel your faster when you set foot in online tutoring.

 1. How to become an online tutor? Become qualified first!

Become an online tutor without degree


You don’t have to have Master’s degree or a Ph.D. to become an online tutor.


At the minimum, you have to possess knowledge of the subject you are going to teach online.


Still, there are extra steps you can do to make you become more qualified.


After all…


the more you have to show for your credentials the more likely people will hire you to teach them.


Some of the more favorable qualifications are…


Having experience in teaching in the past or if you are currently teaching.


This one is pretty self explanatory, the experience is the best qualifier for anyone who wants to land a job.


Whatever type of job that is, and tutoring is not an exception to this rule.


Being a University student who is willing to share your knowledge with people.


The good thing about being a student is that you know what it feels like to receive information.


This way, you know what to your students expect and you can deliver it to them.


Understanding the work ethics that it takes to become a tutor and be willing to do the appropriate actions required for this job


Often appropriate knowledge of what you are going to do is enough.


Combine that with the willpower to deliver what you should and this makes you acceptable to become an online tutor.


And of course…


If you fit all three of them, there’s no need to ask yourself if you are qualified or not.


Because chances are, you absolutely are!


2. Build a good profile


Become a skilled online tutor


A good profile is meant to solidify the trust of your potential students.


If you only have a mediocre profile, you are less likely to get as many students as those who had taken their time to craft a stunning profile.


Do you want to become an online tutor that people trust with their education?


If so, start filling up the appropriate information to get verified.(Check out how to be an online tutor in 2018 here.)


Highlight your best accomplishment and paint a good picture of yourself in your profile.


Don’t try too hard though.


Become an online tutor by making use of what you have and presenting it well.


You have the option get creative and include a video introducing yourself.


Highlight your best skills and relevant experience on the subject you will teach.


Include relevant certifications you have obtained if any.


If you don’t have them yet…


What are you waiting for?


Go and acquire anything you can that will add to the strength of your profile.


The more you can show for your credentials, the more potential students you can convince, and the more your online teaching jobs will pay off.

3. Get those teaching materials ready!

Online teaching jobs available

You don’t see a teacher come to class without carrying anything.


Have you ever seen your college professor come to a classroom that has no board?


Why would they even teach if they have nothing to use?


This kind of mindset should be instilled in you when preparing to become an online tutor.


The only difference between traditional tutoring and digital tutoring is the lack of physical presence.


Sometimes being in the same room can cause more disruption than learning.


Make use of what technology has gifted us today. Make use of spreadsheets, document files, and other software depending on what you are teaching.


All sorts of tools out there exist to help you make your work in any particular field easier.


It’s all a matter of knowing which tools to use.


As a tutor, it’s also your responsibility to arm yourself with them.


If there are online platforms to help you become an online tutor, there are also tools to help you execute your online tutoring jobs.

4. Plan ahead and prepare a teaching method (Infographic)


Types of teaching methods infographic


So you brought your tools? Are you ready for your perfect tutoring job?


Every program you have on your computer is ready and you are excited to tutor.


However, are you going to open all of them at once?


Do you have a specific order on what you will tell your student?


All that tutoring material is useless if you don’t have a strategy.


Having no strategy is just going to make it hard for your student.




Your student might still learn a thing or two. But you’re doing them a great disservice if you don’t prepare a solid plan on how exactly you are going to teach them.


Plus your credentials might plummet!


Don’t let that happen or lose your chance to become an online tutor that teaches in an efficient manner.


Take time to prepare a method.


It will save you a lot of time and minimize the possibility of confusion or information overloading. That’s pretty much the best way to keep up with your online English teaching jobs or online math tutor jobs, or whatever you sign up for.

5. Be personable

Personal online tutoring


“Hey, student.”


Is what you address them during a video call.


Your student looks at you with a plain face and replies…


“Hello, teacher.”


Although this is professionally acceptable, both of you aren’t robots.


You are humans–two people–both with their own unique lives.

It doesn’t hurt to call someone by their first name.


In fact, it’s actually encouraged as it allows you to build rapport easier with your student.


It’s okay to break the ice once in a while!


Also, you don’t want your student to feel awkward, or anything like that. Especially making them feel inferior or stupid.


Show some humility, be personable. This article in The Guardian states that students want teachers who care for them and show a bit of personality.


To become an online tutor, you should be a decent human being first.

6. Improvise! Adjust to your student’s need

Online tutoring jobs

You might be a really good tutor when it comes to delivering your materials but you still have to be ready to adjust the needs of your client.


Once you become an online math tutor, or you become an online english tutor, always remember that the end goal is for your client to learn and not for you to show off how good you are at teaching.


You want to identify your students’ weaknesses and strengths and adjust according to it.


Let them know that you are open to helping them focus on the areas that they find hardest.


Every student has different pain points and to become an online tutor, you have to be prepared with different approaches to deal with them.


7. Practice being very patient

Online tutoring business

Becoming an online tutor involves a lot of patience as well.


Do you remember when you were a student?


When you were a student, your teacher was patient with you and your classmates anytime you didn’t pick up on a lesson easily.


The same patience should be practiced if you’re looking to become an online tutor.


There will be times when a student might request multiple examples or ask you to repeat something more than twice.


During situations like that, patience is absolutely key.


It will be very rewarding for you if you sit through an entire teaching session, guiding your student patiently.


They will thank you for it and chances are, you’re going to get a good review.


That gives you a huge boost in your credentials!


Don’t underestimate the power of patience.

8. Show Enthusiasm and Passion!

Fun online tutoring jobs

Don’t you just hate it when you’re interacting with a person and they seem very disinterested?


I’ve been to a lot of stores and every time I go to the cashier to pay for the item I bought I would be greeted by a disinterested look.


I get it. Sometimes work can be boring.


But if you’re really passionate about what you’re doing, you will make small efforts to show your enthusiasm.


This is not only applicable to cashiers and mundane jobs.


To become an online tutor, it demands a certain level of passion to be shown.


If you put yourself in the place of your student, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be motivated to study if your tutor doesn’t feel like teaching.


Don’t be that teacher who just gives reading materials and just walks out of the session.


Get yourself involved in every teaching session by projecting an inspirational mood or tone. In fact, according to teachthought.com passionate teaching can inspire innovative learning.


So before you become an online tutor ask yourself these…


Are you passionate about what you’re teaching?


How can you show it?

9. Have a backup teaching plan


Teach online

Let’s say you’ve taken up an online English tutor, the job got your teaching materials ready, and you’ve prepared the perfect tutoring method.


However, something unexpected happens and you need to make drastic adjustments.


Are you prepared?


Anyone who wants to become an online tutor must prepare backup teaching plans when they’re dealing with elements like time constraint and unexpected incidents.


Make sure to make backup copies of relevant files and teaching materials just in case.


Prepare different sets of examples and worksheets for different situations.


Tutoring someone who has an important test coming up after a week is very different from teaching someone who has a lot of time to study, or someone who is studying for casual purposes.


Make sure to consider carefully what your students need and how much time they want to be tutored. Become an online tutor that make teaching methods for different cases.

10. Ask your student questions

Tutoring job questions

Part of the job of an online tutor is to make sure their students understand and leave every session packing more knowledge than when they came in.


That’s why you absolutely have to ask them questions from time to time. Especially at the end of each session.


Another good timing to ask questions is during your second session. You can ask your student to summarize what they learned from the previous lessons.


This can be done in every online session, just ask them to repeat back to you in their own words what they understood from the last session.

11. Be a motivator! Be encouraging.

Teaching jobs

Sometimes your students might find themselves lacking the motivation to push through a study session. There are times you’ll get students who are fresh from a failed exam and want to get back on their feet.


It’s your role to motivate them and help them get back up.


Technically your only role is to tutor them and make sure they understand what they are being taught. However, to really become an online tutor you must be willing to do more than that.


Have you ever experience being encouraged by friends or family members when you feel down? Chances are you have.


It feels good, doesn’t it?


If you don’t feel better because of it at least you know someone out there is rooting for you. Step by step you’ll be able to get back on track.


That’s exactly what your students will feel if you become that hand that not only teaches them but the person who encourages them as well. Become an online tutor who can do that too.

12. Build a good reputation

Reputed tutoring jobs

Building a good reputation for becoming a tutor isn’t a requirement. It’s an advantage. Don’t worry if you’re fairly new to this industry there’s a lot of time to build one once start tutoring.


The trick is to have a secondary goal of building a reputation as you go through your tutoring career.


This means everything you do must be geared towards creating an effective learning experience for your students as well as doing what is best for them.


If you follow the steps above and everything else written here your reputation as a tutor is going to get a boost naturally. Who knows, you also might inspire former students to become an online tutor too.

13. Be a guide, not a spoon-feeder

Become a good online tutor

You want to make sure that your students feel a sense of accomplishment on their own. You are there to guide them not give them all the answers.


Essentially, what you’re doing is tutoring them so they will have the necessary knowledge to figure out answers on their own. Depending on what subject you are teaching.


Once you become an online tutor, you will work on time-bound sessions. So you have to know how to maximize those sessions for optimal learning. Simply answering all the questions for yourself won’t make the learning deep. This article on edutopia.org explains why teachers should stop spoon feeding

You have to transform your students to become self-sustaining once the time is up.

14. Accept your limitations

Stressful online tutoring jobs

Another factor to consider if you want to become an online tutor is knowing what your strength and weaknesses are when it comes to teaching.


There is no shame in admitting you don’t know everything about the subject you are teaching.


In fact, if you acknowledge your shortcomings you can focus on your strengths and delivering tutoring services that cater to those strengths.


After all, everyone is always learning at any point in their life.


To become a math tutor you only need be good at math and know how to teach it as well. To teach english online, you don’t need to have full marks in SAT, or ACT.




Focus on what you can do with the knowledge you have.


There are tons of people who want to become an online tutor and fit a certain specialty, instead of trying to teach everything, be humble and acknowledge other people who are capable at different subjects.


You can’t master everything and that’s okay.


15. Sign-up on a good online tutoring site


College Pirates

Of course, all these tips would be useless if you don’t sign up for an online tutoring website and get started.


Before you sign-up as a tutor for a website, make sure you’re selecting one of top quality. You will know this by looking at the testimonials for that website and what other users have to say.


Also look for a website with a good compensation plan the caters to your needs.


But here’s a better option!


Do you want to save time looking for an online tutoring site?


You don’t have to go anywhere else since you’re reading this on our blog go and sign-up to become an online tutor on College Pirates!

Do you think you have what it takes to be reputable high earning tutor on this site? Don’t take too long contemplating about it.


Don’t you think you could be using that thinking time to sign up now? What do you think are good preparations for yourself to become an online tutor?


Team College Pirates

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