Like the SATs are used to monitor students for admissions to colleges in the US after high school, the GRE or the Graduate Record Examination tests graduate students for admissions to various post-graduate courses (significantly business management programs) in Universities and colleges across the United States and a few other countries as well. It is a standard test that aims at evaluating a candidate’s knowledge, thinking capabilities, language skills and reasoning methods to deem them fit to enrol in the post-graduate course of their choice.

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A common system has been designed to test eligible and aspiring students as millions of students from all regions of the world and all strata of society take the test each year. As the GRE dates approach, students get down to the task of preparing for GRE at a feverish pace.

GRE prep

For acing an exam of the level of the GRE, you need thorough preparations of your subjects if you are looking to score well and get admissions to some good colleges.

Unperturbed devotion, discipline, hard work and efforts are the indisputable qualities of a scholar preparing for GRE. Every student who has their eye on the most coveted of colleges in the world would tell you that apart from these obvious qualities for success, you need to have that extra something that will give you an edge over the other candidates during such a competitive examination as the GRE. These are, after all, of the most important of exams that will decide your future.

Online prep for GRE

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The thing with online resources is that you can make use of them while on the go. So, if there are online test papers, these can be solved as you commute to and from your classes. Online notes can be read and memorized while sitting outside your dentist’s clinic waiting for your turn. Online quizzes can be attempted while sitting idle in a corner while you attend that boring but necessary ceremony.

There is only so much you learn from cramming up your textbooks. The world of online tools is here to save our day.

There are a lot of online tutoring services that help students to prepare for various exams including high school exams, SATs, ACT and the GRE.  The following three sections of the GRE test are covered in detail by tutors at some of the best online tutoring websites such as College Pirates, viz:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Analytical writing

Getting extra help with your studies is always a good idea, whether in the form of extra classes, tutorials, or through hiring a tutor.                    

Even if you are not studying with a tutor, we at College Pirates have curated a list of helpful and the best online tools to help you master your GRE. So, use that smart phone not just for surfing through your friend’s Instagram posts, but for your GRE preps as well.

       1. Magoosh

If you are surfing for online tools to help you with GRE preps, Magoosh is probably the first website to turn up in your searches. It is one of the best online resources to prepare for the Math and verbal sections of the GRE. For $80-100, you can access all the helpful tools at Magoosh, and get real practice with real-time practice tests. Magoosh even has a Facebook group dedicated to assist in GRE preps. Although one drawback is that they have a limited question bank.

       2. Tyrannosaurus (

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Being mainly a vocabulary-based test, GRE attempts need thorough preparation in English vocabulary. Around 300 high frequency words make an appearance in the GRE test paper.

Tyrannosaurus has a plethora of these GRE words to boost your vocab. Hundreds of these words can be found on Tyrannosaurus.

Quizlet is another online tool that gives you word practice in as many as 1000 words popular on the GRE, in the form of flashcards.

ProProfs brain games ( is a cool website that gives you tests on words in the form of games and quizzes.

       3. Kaplan (

Kaplan is a website that explains in great detail the scoring process on the GRE. It gives hundreds of practice tests for GRE, and even offers private tutoring for GRE preps and for many other examinations. is solely dedicated to GRE test prep. However, this is a paid resource. Every student is different, and hence, varied are their goals, objectives, learning styles and test prep schedules. So, explore different online GRE prep tools before settling on one that suits you best.

       4. Manhattan GRE prep

The Manhattan GRE prep provides a wide number of practice tests that “emulate the real GRE”, in their own words. The website lets you take one test for free, to see how you are compatible with its prep methods. This is really very helpful in assessing yourself against the real deal, and helping you see where you stand. Additionally, it gives you a realistic approach towards what your GRE prep goals should be.

Manhattan also provides descriptions of all answers to practice questions in detail.

       5. Princeton Review

It is the best live online tool to prepare for the GRE. Princeton provides lessons on GRE that are easy to follow, added with instructor feedback during the lessons itself. The study tools provided are quite adaptive including eight practice tests. It is also less expensive that Kaplan.


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Even a little edge in your preps can make a huge difference to your overall score, and hence elevate your rankings in the GRE. The best resource for you, from among the variety of options available online, would be the one that gives a wide range of prep material, and helps you to align your study-time well. There are online tutoring websites that specialize in providing tutoring help for the GRE.  Hire a competitive online tutor to help you not just with the training, but also with explaining to you the methodologies and scoring at these exams.

Online tutoring websites like College Pirates ( assist all strata of students for preparations in a wide variety of courses through their expert and qualified online tutors. With  some of the most dedicated and qualified online tutors, we  help you with your Math , Science or English preparations in a very professional manner.

Hire a tutor with us today and see the difference it makes to your test preparations.


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