Find the Perfect Private Tutor For Your Child (Best 2018 Guide)

Find the Perfect Private Tutor For Your Child

(Complete 2018 Guide)


Hire private tutor for your child


Table of Contents

Introduction – Chapter 1

The demand for private tutoring and why it’s important for your child

Why Should You Find a Private Tutor for your Child? – Chapter 2

Having good grades is very crucial!

Consider special cases and circumstances

Think about your child’s overall development

Enhance your child’s focus and discipline

Gain leverage over classmates

Getting started with finding private tutors – Chapter 3

What are your child’s needs? List down and specify!

Start searching for different tutoring options

Go and set some learning goals

8 Valuable factors to look for in a Private Tutor – Chapter 4

Choosing the right fit

Presentation skills


Look into their work history

Clarify how much they ask to be paid

Get a feel of their attitude

Find out the teaching method they use

Other questions

Where is the best place to look for private tutors – Chapter 5

Choose College Pirates

5% Cash-back on every successful private tutoring session

Rollover remaining tutoring minutes: Don’t waste time you’ve paid for!

Payment is always secondary

Find another tutor if you’re not satisfied (At No Additional Costs!)

Free 30 minutes consultation/trial tutoring before you commit

100% Refund Guarantee, if our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Ever Fails

Save your time! We suggest the top 5 tutors for your child

In Conclusion – Chapter 6

Act now!


Chapter 1 – Introduction


Private tutoring has become a popular method of learning nowadays. A lot of parents are hiring private tutors to help their children excel in school or catch up on any subject that is a bit left behind.

According to an article published on, the private tutoring market in the US is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 7% during the period 2018-2022.

This is proof of how much the private tutoring service is in demand!

So with all of the tutoring services out there, how will you determine which tutor is the right fit for your child?

This updated guide will explain exactly that!


Chapter 2 – Why Should You Find a Private Tutor for your Child?

In case you’re having second thoughts about availing these services. Let me explain first, why you should find a tutor.

Having good grades is very crucial!

Good grades with private tutoring

It can’t be stressed enough how much privilege and advantages of having good grades can do for your child.

Having good grades in high school matter a lot if you want them to get admitted to good colleges.

Also according to an article at, college students receiving financial aid need to maintain a certain level of grades to keep those aids.

Good grades are a big deal in the academic world, don’t take these numbers lightly. It might be true that grades aren’t everything, but having high grades still grants you access to a lot of academic benefits compared to those students who don’t keep their grades high.

You can learn more about how important high school grades are for college admissions, and how to improve them here.

Consider special cases and circumstances.

Private tutoring for children with special needs


There are going to be times when there’s no other choice but to hire home tutors depending on the situation of your child.

For those unfortunate to be in situations where they can’t leave their home but still want an education, private tutoring options exist to grant them this right.


One of the most common situations wherein online personal tutors are required is when a student has a lagging subject.

If your child is having trouble learning science but excels in other subjects in school, it’s good to consider looking for a good science tutor to help your kid catch up.

This method ensures you that well-rounded learning is achieved effectively!

Think about your child’s overall development.

Child's development with private tutoring

Grades are not the only thing that improves when you hire a private tutor for your child.

Depending on the tutor they can also learn valuable life lessons during teaching sessions. A good tutor not only provides things like math help, but they also provide motivational help as well.

College tutors who are also college students can empathize with their peers, and provide useful advice when it comes to navigating the academic bureaucracy as well.

The primary aim of tutoring is to help people earn better grades and help skilled individuals to make a living. But it doesn’t remove the fact that there are more benefits to private tutoring than its initial purpose.

Read more about what online tutors can do for you – here is what happened with Jessica, someone who hired an online tutor at College Pirates.

Enhance your child’s focus and discipline

Private tutoring and its benefits


When you have private tutors in your vicinity, whether it be online or personal, you can ensure that someone is always there to keep an eye on your child.


Children can be easily distracted by toys or video games. When you have a private tutor with them, they will make sure to put the tutee’s focus back on the task or assignment at hand.


Eventually, the child is going to get used to this and discipline will be instilled through conditioning and training. This is something that doesn’t happen when you have one educator paying attention to multiple students. They can’t really oversee every single child.


An article on explains more on the benefit and steps of self-discipline for studying.


Gain leverage over classmates

Better career with private tutoring

There’s so much to say about the leverage that private home tutors can offer. One of the most obvious is the difference in experience they have compared to the class teacher at your child’s school.


If they are more experienced and have a better way of educating tutees, that’s a clear advantage for your child. And even if they are not on the level comparable to the teacher, the difference in teaching style and individual attention still matters.


This is where teaching material variation comes into play. This just means your child has access to different resources that the private home tutor can offer.


Something that might not be taught directly at your child’s school.


When a child has access to more than just a few resources, they will develop a form of information literacy, which is an ability to distinguish good resources from bad ones.


An article on University of Southern California’s website expands more on this.

Chapter 3 – Getting started with finding private tutors


I hope by now you are pretty convinced how wonderful hiring private tutors can be. Now that you know the benefits, how do you go about finding the right one? (In case you’re still not convinced check out the comparison of online tutors and home tutors here.)

Well, let’s consider what you need to do to get started and increase the chance of finding the appropriate candidate.

What are your child’s needs? List down and specify!

Best private tutoring for your child


Every kid and every student has a different set of needs depending on what they need to learn and how they learn.

There are those who learn better using visual aids, those who learn by hearing it, by experiencing and many more.

If you’re familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of your child when it comes to learning then you should definitely list these down. If you’re not, well we suggest spending more time with your kid.

When you list down these type of information, you can set-up your youngster for personalized learning. Here’s one article on that expands more on personalized learning.

A private tutor can craft personalized plans for their student which makes learning more streamlined and customized.

Another important note to remember is that by listing specific learning needs you can start looking for tutors who are able to deliver what your child needs. Here’s an article on the top 5 signs hiring a private tutor is right for you.

Start searching for different tutoring options

Types of tutoring for your child


Since I already mentioned that different students learn in different ways. The next logical step is for you to find different tutoring options that will work for whoever is enrolling.

One-on-one private tutoring is the most common tutoring method employed by a lot of parents, even before the rise of online tutoring. This allows the mentor to focus solely on one student and create a personalized learning approach.

Group online tutoring allows students to interact with other students online and learn together. This benefits the online tutors more since they will be saving a lot of time by grouping students together. The downside, of course, is the lack of focus and customization.

Peer-to-peer tutoring is an emphatic way of tutoring since both tutors and tutees are college students. A more relatable way of learning is involved. (More about finding a tutor for your child here.)

Go and set some learning goals

Learning goals from private tutoring


After defining what the strengths and weaknesses of your child are, and after selecting your preferred tutoring option, it’s time to set goals.

Setting learning goals allow you and your child to have a measurable outcome to work for. It’s up to you how to incentivize them more but what’s important is that these goals are realistic and attainable.

For example, you may ask your youngsters to try and surpass their previous test scores every time, or at least have a maintaining mark on their test results.

The goal could also be making them reiterate to you everything they learn during tutoring sessions.

Private tutors have the initiative to set goals themselves in order to monitor progress. If you select the right tutors then this process is done for you.

Or you can collaborate with them to plan what goals and on what time-frame these goals are set. If your goal is to overcome an important language test like ACT or SAT, check out the top test prep tutors that can help!

Chapter 4 – 8 Valuable factors to look for in a Private Tutor


Since this is a guide about looking for the right private tutor, it won’t be complete without pointing out important things to look for in personal tutors online.

There are undoubted, an umpteen number of factors have to be taken into play if one is planning to hire a private tutor for his child. The number of people practicing tutoring is unimaginably high, thus making it easy to find someone to barely scratch the surface of what is being expected to be done.


But if one wants to find the perfect private tutor, taking into mind the mentality and interest of their child, a list of factors has to be considered and followed through.


Choosing the right fit

Choosing the best private tutor


The process of hiring a private tutor must be unbiased and should be done unencumbered with the thought of leaving the child into unsuitable hands. All tutors are seemingly exemplary in their own way of tutoring.


Thus the only thing to be concerned about is if the child finds his teaching enjoyable and appropriate. Having a check on these will ensure you get the best math help (Or whatever subject you wish to excel in) at the right time! (Check out this article if you are specifically looking for math homework help for your child.)


Presentation Skills


Presentation skills for a private tutor


The private tutor should be allowed to illustrate her teaching method with the student and assessed based on it. She should be made to mingle with the student and guide him through a small part of the lesson.


The tutor should also be assessed on his patience towards the child, or if she offers motivation to the child sincerely when needed, or does she corrects the child upon any mistake being made without losing her composure.


At College Pirates, we make sure that the private tutor applying for online tutoring jobs is fully capable of presenting himself in the best way possible!



Credentials of a private tutor


The qualifications and credentials of the private tutors are quintessentially required in order to assess his/her experience and method of work.


Depending upon the age of the child, the credentials can be narrowed down to the required criteria. The tutoring certification and other teaching certificates must be asked for, mandatorily. Almost all online teaching jobs ask for them nowadays.


But sometimes, intuition also works. If you talk to your private tutor and feel she is a good fit for your child, then in most cases, she really is!


Look into their work history

Work history of a private tutor


It’s important to know the work experience of any potential private tutor you are looking to hire. After all, I’m sure you want an effective instructor to be supervising your child online or offline.

Be careful of fake tutors online that charge a ton of money, and won’t deliver effort equivalent to what you pay for. Always make sure you get private tutoring from credible tutoring companies.

If possible, do a background check on their online profiles on the site they are registered to, or look them up on LinkedIn, and any other social media platform to confirm their identity as well.

Credibility matters. Especially if you are a college student who is looking to learn from a serious expert, then this kind of process is mandatory.

If a private tutor has available information about their current profession, then you should go and take a look at that too. This helps you get an idea of their availability as well and how much time effort they can spend on helping your child succeed.

In a nutshell, you should go choose a private tutor with a work history that you find relevant to the current subject they are offering to teach online or privately.

A science tutor with no work experience teaching in languages isn’t convincing enough to be a Spanish tutor.


Clarify how much they ask to be paid

How much do private tutors charge


You have a lot on your plate. You parents are paying for tuition fees and other expenses for your children from time to time.

If we factor in hiring for private tutoring services, the cost can add up quickly.

This is why it’s absolutely necessary to be clear about how much you are willing to pay upfront for their services.

Different private tutors charge differently depending on their experience, subject, and expertise. If you want to look for services that are friendly to your budget range, make sure you double check and practice all the steps mentioned in this article.


Keep in mind that price is not the only determining factor when selecting the best private tutors for your child. One who charges more is usually the one who will help your child succeed in the best possible way. After all, quality comes at a cost!

Get a feel of their attitude

Good attitude private tutors


Attitude has a huge role to play in learning and educating as expressed on this blog at After all, it’s expected for educated people to be well-behaved.

When it comes to what type of attitude you are looking for in a private tutor, there are quite a few.

The most important one, of course, is their attitude in terms of interacting with their tutee. They must be kind and patient. That’s a basic attitude requirement.

However, that is not the only positive attitude you are looking for. You should also look for private tutors who are encouraging and motivating towards their pupils.

This attitude not only boosts morale for those undergoing the tutoring session, it also feels good as a parent to know that your son or daughter is being motivated while being taught. Most tutoring jobs require the private tutor to be proactive and enthusiastic with their tutee at all times!

Avoid private tutors with irritable personalities and rude ones. No matter how good they are, if the tutee feels threatened or uneasy, the learning process will suffer. Make sure you select a private tutor that projects a positive vibe.

So how do you assess these things?


You can spot these during an interview session or a free consultation with a potential tutor. Observe the way they reply or respond to you. If you notice unprofessionalism in their response, you can report them to the respective site they are signed up at, or just ignore and move forward to the next one.

Look for that perfect blend of attitude and knowledge!

Find out the teaching method they use.

Teaching methods of private tutors


As I’ve discussed before it is vital to be able to create tutoring plans and goals that cater to the need of different tutees.

Before hiring a private tutor, you should always ask them about what teaching plans they have in their arsenal. It’s important for a parent to be aware of these methods, so you can add input or collaborate as to what can be adjusted as well. (Check out this article on top methods for effective studying for your child, if interested.)

Since you as the parent, you clearly know the learning capacity of your child. That’s why you should constantly communicate with the prospect tutor regarding teaching methods.

In this way, even during times away from sessions, you can assist in your youngster’s studies.


If you have free time to be part of the sessions, that’s another way of adding variety to the teaching process especially if the child is pretty young.

For college students, you can request particular methods of your liking if applicable to the subject at hand. However, some students like to be challenged by different approaches to tutoring too.

Whatever the reason is, it is best if tutors are transparent about their teaching plans. Most teaching jobs require tutors to be flexible with their teaching methods according to the situation, and the tutee’s academic needs.


Other Questions

Online teaching jobs


The private tutor can be asked other personal questions in order to get to know each other better, like how she deals with exasperating students, how she came into this line of work, and more.


What they think their role as a tutor is, literally defines them as teachers as well as mentors to the student. How they deal with slow-learning students, and their ceiling of tolerance for frustrations regarding the students’ behavior says everything about them as a person, and the connection the student makes with them.


The role of a private teacher does not only involve imparting education and knowledge into the student as commonly misconceived but should also awaken a sense of responsibility on their part that should invariably reflect in the students’ progress. Check out here how hiring a private teacher can help your child get into top universities.

Chapter 5 – Where is the best place to look for private tutors?


Now that we’ve covered the basic of how to get started and what to look for. Here comes the most important part.

Where do you look for private tutors to contact and hire?

Is there a different place for college tutors compared to personal tutors? Do you ask yourself “are there tutors near me”?

Are you wondering if Spanish tutors, university tutors, chemistry tutors, etc. are found at one place? And in one website?


Well, the answer is not a simple yes or no.


You can choose to go with all the trouble of finding an agency that will link you up with available tutors for your child. You can go and search on individual sites of tutors, open a ton of tabs on your computer and spend hours sifting through all of them.

I understand that you want to make sure you get the best fit for your child that’s why you want to go through all that effort. But really you don’t have to!

There are tons of online tutoring sites out there that offer the same value but with less hassle. You shouldn’t have to go through multiple sites in search of tutors for different subjects.

I’ll tell you what… we’ll save you the trouble of searching for tutoring centers and looking through a number of sites.  

You no longer need to ask so many questions on where to look and what to look for because we at College Pirates got you covered!

Choose College Pirates!

College Pirates private tutor


Choose among hundreds of verified and proven experts on our site. College Pirates makes sure our tutors are 100% real, authentic and skilled. They can only become an online tutor here if they are qualified enough to handle the toughest problems your child can face.

We want what’s best for you, your child and for the sake of education and learning. We even have multiskilled tutors capable of teaching different subjects, or you can choose specialists as well. With tutors having expertise in over 117 topics, the possibilities are limitless!


Learn more about our College Pirates’ private tutoring program here:

Here are the top 7 benefits you get when you hire a private tutor with College Pirates:


5% Cash-back on every successful private tutoring session


College Pirates cashback


After every successful tutoring session you’ve paid for; you get 5% cash back.

What’s better than getting the perfect school tutoring, and cash back at the same time!?

Over time, one month of tutoring will automatically pay for the next month without costing you anything. That’s the power of cash-back compounding!


Rollover remaining tutoring minutes: Don’t waste time you’ve paid for!


College Pirates rollover plan


Each of your successful tutoring sessions rollover your previously unused minutes of tutoring (If any!) to the next session with the same tutor, so that wastage of your time and money and minimalized.


The more minutes and sessions you pay for, the more you can take advantage of.


We value every minute and what each second means for your child’s learning.


Find another tutor if you’re not satisfied (At No Additional Costs!)


College Pirates find another tutor program


We understand that different people have different preferences when it comes to hiring private home tutors.


That’s why we guarantee that you have the freedom to choose another tutor that’s better suited for your needs, at no additional costs than what you paid for initially.


It’s unlikely that you’ll be unsatisfied with the first tutor we recommended, but for any reason you like, we are always willing to serve you better, even if it means replacing the tutor for you.


Free 30 minutes consultation/trial tutoring before you commit


College Pirates free tutoring consultation


To make sure that you’re making the right decision, and also to make sure the private tutor we recommend matches your needs, you can go ahead and have a 30-minutes of FREE consultation/trial tutoring period free of charge.


We know how much assurance matters, especially for the education of your children. Get to know your private tutors first, and then decide if you want to commit. There are no compulsions here at College Pirates!


100% Refund Guarantee, if our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Ever Fails


College Pirates refund program


Nobody else would risk such an offer.


This means we trust and believe in the capacity of our tutors to provide quality services and to satisfy your tutoring needs.


With tutors having experience of more than 4-5 years on an average, you simply can’t go wrong. We understand that the money you invest in tutoring is something which should repay itself at least two folds over.


And that’s where we step in. If there are no results involved, there is no money involved. It’s that simple!


Payment Is Always Secondary


College Pirates payment plan


We at College Pirates consider finding the best home tutor match for you our first priority.


You find a home tutor that best suits your needs and only once you are sure that you want to continue with the recommended tutor, you pay for the tutoring services.


At College Pirates, results are primary. Everything else can wait.


Save your time! We suggest the top 5 tutors for your child


College Pirates tutor assigning system


Not only have we saved your time of verifying private home tutors, we also help you look for the most compatible private tutor for your child. With the necessary information about your need, we’ll assign the top private tutors for you, or your child.


So, there’s no more banging your head on the wall browsing through 1000’s of tutors to find the right fit. (Although you can also do that at College Pirates)


We find what’s best for you!


Chapter 6 – Conclusion


Take action now!


Hire a private tutor on College Pirates


Ask yourself how badly do you want your child to achieve their educational goals? Are you willing to put in the effort for your child to have a good future?

Are you willing to trust the experts and private tutors to help you out? This one is pretty obvious. So what will it be?


Take action now and contact us. (Or read our College Pirates blog to learn more about online and private tutoring if you haven’t made up your mind yet).

Tell us what you think. What kind of tutor do you want for your child? What do you want from them to achieve in terms of learning? Comment and let us know.


You can also mail us at if there’s anything on your mind you would like to ask or discuss. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.





Team College Pirates

College Pirates

How To Find The Perfect Online Tutor For Your Child (2018 Guide)


How To Find The Perfect Online Tutor For Your Child

(Your Complete 2018 Guide)



Find an online tutor

Table of Contents

Introduction – Chapter 1

What is an online tutor?

Why consider hiring online tutors? (The top benefits)

Getting Started – Chapter 2

What type of online tutor are you looking for?

Consider your budget

Define your learning goals

Connecting with an Online Tutor – Chapter 3

Choosing a platform

Get a tutor assigned to you

Tutoring sessions

More options to know – Chapter 4

You can extend a session

Follow up chat


Reporting a tutor

Meet Jessica, who studied with an Online Tutor on College Pirates – Chapter 5

Homework has been tough for her

Jessica’s search for the perfect tutor

She instead found an online tutor

The hiring process

The tutoring method

What about payments?

Finally, A bright student again!

In Conclusion – Chapter 6


Act now!

Chapter 1 – Introduction

What is online tutoring exactly?

What is online tutoring


Remote workers have been around for a while now in the gig economy, and several industries have already normalized the practice of remote work. The education industry is no different. Online tutors are individuals — who have a background in teaching or is capable of teaching–that can and will teach online using websites or online tools to connect with tutees from around the world.

Online tutors are everywhere and are ready to take on the increasing demand of students to learn and pass their next exam or get the best grades they can.

If you look at the job listings on for online tutors in the United States alone there are twenty-nine thousand available jobs. There’s no denying the huge demand for these remote educators.

Also according to an article at The global K-12 online tutoring market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.75 percent from 2017-2021. This just shows how abundant online tutors are!

Why consider hiring online tutors? (The top benefits)

Benefits of online tutoring


The main selling point of online school tutoring is the convenience it provides to parents and students alike.

The most obvious benefit of hiring one is circumventing geographic obstacles. You won’t have to worry about your tutor getting stuck in traffic or waiting for them to come even in a bad weather.


Online tutoring companies can serve as a standalone method of educating your child or for those who prefer homeschooling. Yet it can also serve as a supplementary aid for your children’s education.

Scheduling won’t be a hassle since there are a ton of online tutors available at any given time, you have absolute time customization and freedom. Perfect for busy parents or tutees who have a hectic schedule to juggle.

Aside from academic support, online tutoring services can provide students with a boost in morale and can foster a relationship with a role-model in their academic life.


This can vary per tutor but, it all comes down to gaining additional experience beyond academic learning. Our online tutoring jobs make sure that we select the perfect online tutors that your child deserves!


There are various benefits of hiring an online tutor apart from the ones previously mentioned above.


If you’re still having second thoughts on whether or not to hire one here are more benefits that are worth the mention. Let’s begin:

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning with online tutor


One major flaw in the education system is standardization and how it affects students.


Not everyone learns at the same pace and in the same way. Each individual has unique trait and characteristic that should be taken into consideration when educating them.


Online tutors know this and they know how to adjust to personal circumstances and preferences.

You can tell them upfront the weaknesses and strength of your child when it comes to learning, so they can anticipate what it’s going to be like tutoring them.


Another important thing to take note of is tutoring for special needs kids. Although there are schools dedicated specifically for this, there are also tutors who can handle such cases.


Does your kid have a speech defect? Does your child’s attention seem to wander off very quickly? No worries! Just tell your online tutor and she’ll handle it like a champ. We make sure only the best of the best can become an online tutor at College Pirates!

Optimal Convenience

Online tutors at your convenience

As I mentioned earlier, geographical differences and obstacles will not be a problem since everything is done online. You won’t have to go through the trouble of paying for transportation and other additional fees that come with hiring a private tutor.


Online tutoring also means that there won’t be much paper scattered around since activities, tasks, and assignments can all be done digitally. All you have to do is make sure your internet connection is stable and your child pays enough attention to the online tutor.

Providing Moral Support

Online tutors for your child


I’m sure you’re familiar with how exams and project deadlines can be a major source of stress and anxiety for a lot of students.


Even in the early levels of education, there’s a significant pressure–depending on the school and home environment–that students will go through.


To survive through this period of stress, it’s helpful if everyone around us,  especially our family members will give moral support.


It’s a great addition to the child’s support system if their tutor also gives them the appropriate form of encouragement while they are being tutored.


Most tutors have the prerogative to this because they know how valuable empowerment is. We, at College Pirates, especially take care of this while providing tutoring jobs for our online tutors.


An article on explains ways how stress can affect students and some good ways to overcome this.


Resource Variety

Resourceful online tutors


When in school, every student in the same class gets the same resource material that the teacher provides. This means your child is probably studying the same textbook that other students in their class are.


Having an online tutor means your child has access to a variety of teaching materials that aren’t given out by the class teacher. That’s why while hiring teachers for online teaching jobs, we make sure the teacher is 100% capable of helping you become unique and resourceful.


That’s a huge advantage for your child!


Comparing that to those students who are solely being taught by the class teacher, you can easily leverage the difference not only in teaching style but teaching materials as well.


You will have your kid come to class with more examples to recite, and most likely, advance knowledge on the subject matter that his classmates don’t have–unless of course they also have hired private tutors.


There are also some major differences to consider between online tutors and private tutors. Check out this infographic to learn more:

Difference between online tutoring and private tutoring

There are certain risks for students when it comes to private home tutoring according to an article by schools So, if you’re specifically concerned about this, then online tutoring is your best alternative.

Chapter 2 – Getting Started

What type of online tutor are you looking for?

Find your best online tutor


In order to get started with your journey of finding a tutor you need, you have to ask yourself first what type of tutor do you want for your child.

Take time to evaluate what subject your child needs a tutor in. Online English tutors have a different way of teaching compared to online physics tutors. Yet they have similarities with online language tutors.

Online math tutors and similar ones tend to use problem solving and demonstration as a way of teaching their specialized subject.

Online college tutoring also carries different methods and teaching approach for advanced subjects, considering either they are college students themselves, or they might be college professors with tons of experience.

There’s a significant difference that can be observed between online tutors of the sciences compared to the arts. Moreover, the tutor’s age and experience can also contribute to the variance of teaching style.

Attitude also contributes significantly to learning and discipline, so ask yourself…

Do you want a firm assertive tutor?

Or a more generous and kind-hearted one?

It’s best to imagine an expected ideal online tutor before you start looking for one. This article at explains the three different teaching styles. Consider these too.

Consider your budget

How much do online tutors charge

Hiring tutoring services online are considerably cheaper than private tutors where-in you also pay for their transportation and any other extra fees.

When it comes to online tutoring sessions you have the option to pay for 1 or 2 sessions if you want to. However, if you think about it, is that really enough for long-term development?

I understand how hard it is to balance budgets, especially in a financially challenged household. Yet I also believe that anything you invest for your kid’s education is never really wasted.

Bill Gates, also believe education is a worthy investment, and he’s doubling down investing in this industry according to this article on business insider.

With that said, don’t you think it’s better to set aside a budget for extended tutoring sessions? (More on this later).

At the end of the day, if we talk about quality tutoring you must be prepared to spend what is necessary for the good of your child. Take time to plan your budget for tutoring before you get started.

Define your learning goals

Online tutoring learning goals

There are different reasons why people hire tutors online. Let me break those reasons down for you, so you no longer have to wonder, “Are there any good tutors near me?”. This way you can identify if your goal for your child falls into these categories. Here they are:

Better High School Grades

Most colleges require a certain grade standard for an aspiring student to be admitted to college. For many, college is a good way to ensure your child’s academic future.

That means it’s crucial for your kid to have a tutor who helps them prepare for the SAT or TOEFL giving them a better chance to get admitted to a college of their choice. (For more emphasis on how important these grades are, check out this article.)

Catching up on lagging subjects

Admittedly, not everyone in a school can catch-up with all their subjects because of how unique each one is. Also considering the fact the kids have different learning abilities sometimes you’ll require a tutor to help your kid catch-up.

Most students also want to graduate college on time and having back-subjects is not an option. With online college tutors, it’s now possible to get help with those difficult subjects. (Having trouble with your math homework? Read this article.)

Additional Knowledge on your way

Tutors are not exclusive to tutee and students who are currently enrolled in a school or college.

There are also people out there who want to learn a new skill or knowledge that’s why they take initiative to hire tutors on the internet. It’s safe to say that Online language tutors are in demand when it comes to this particular goal.

Are one of these your, or your child’s learning goal?

Do you have any other goal in mind?

College Pirates offers FREE 30-minutes of a video call with any tutor of your choice. This allows you to assess them and discuss your goals!

Chapter 3 – Connecting with an Online Tutor

Choosing a platform

Online tutoring platform


There are many ways to get a tutor. The traditional way is to contact a local school and have them connect with you as a professional teacher to hire. There are also agencies that do that offer professional tutoring services.

These are all viable options but if you want quick and hassle free transaction compared to the traditional methods then you need to look into online tutoring platforms.

You can go and review different sites for yourself and check what works for you and your child. Or, since you’re already reading this article, you can save your time, and check out more about College Pirates!

We are a tutoring site with hundreds of verified tutors that can cover over 3 hundred topics.

No need for you to go through all those different websites to find the perfect tutor.

Get a tutor assigned to you

College pirates online tutors


It’s easy to set-up your tutoring sessions, just like what is written so far, tell us what you need. What type of tutoring and which tutor, we’ll assign for you. Choose from a multitude of skilled individuals.


Keep in mind that this where all that I’ve said in chapter two comes to play. You’ll be asked to input a question that our tutors will definitely answer. Once you’ve prepared everything you need to, then this process will be as smooth as possible.

If you don’t like the tutor assigned to you for any reason at all, you can be free to choose among other skilled online instructors we have.

Fortunately, you won’t need to be very picky because most of the tutors we have that fit your qualification are likely to deliver satisfactory sessions.

You won’t have to worry about running out of tutors because our waitlist system makes sure that there are always backup tutors ready to step in.

Most importantly, our search and ranking system allows you rest easy and be assured that the tutor you are selecting is experienced and credible. Tutors on our site have helped thousands of students, have a lot of good reviews, and can surely help you out with all your tutoring needs!

Tutoring sessions  

Online tutoring services


Once you get into a tutoring session. Here’s what you can expect:

Live Chat

Once you get connected to one of our tutors, you’ll be redirected to a live chat tutoring session. In these live chat sessions, you have the option to engage in conversations, send files and initiate a video chat. The validity of the session lasts until you and your tutor agree to end it.

Video Call

You both can accept and initiate video calls. Different features like screen sharing, document transfer, text editors, and whiteboards are also available.  You can choose to extend the session by 10,20, or even 30 minutes, paid of course if you feel there’s a lot more to learn from the current session. Your tutor can only pause the video call for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Chapter 4 – Important things to know about our Online Tutoring Platform

Extend A Session

College pirates extend session


As already mentioned above you have the power to extend a tutoring session by a set amount of time as long as you’re willing to pay for it.

Let me explain why this is important and why you should highly consider extensions.

Our tutors can maximize the minutes they have to teach everything you need to do. They are skilled enough to do that. Yet several factors can affect how much you can get out of single session.

Take, learning capacity for example. Everybody has different learning capabilities and for those who need a little more time to absorb everything, you should consider an extension.

Another valid reason to extend a session is for complicated subjects that need a follow-up session in order for you to fully grasp it.

If you’re looking for online SAT tutoring as preparation for taking the SAT, then that’s something you need longer sessions for.


Follow-up chat

College Pirates follow-up session


The beauty of this feature is that it allows you to get more of what you paid for even if it’s just one session. If you have any follow up questions to ask your tutor then you can do so valid for about 24 hours after.

You have time to list down everything you need to clarify and ask. Of course, if you really need more time and help, then you can always pay for another session.

Rescheduling A Session

College pirates tutoring reschedule session


If you feel comfortable with the tutor you have studied with, you can schedule another session with them. They’ll have the freedom to accept or decline as well.

This is a perfect opportunity not only to continue your learning journey but also to build rapport with someone that can help you out in the future as well. People tend to work with someone who they can already trust. Don’t hesitate to reschedule.

Reporting a tutor

College pirates reporting a tutor


On the other side of the coin, if there are tutors — although this is very unlikely on our site–that will behave in ways they should not, you have the ability to report them. College Pirates reviews these reports and takes both sides into consideration.

We do not tolerate any unruly behaviors and take action as quickly as possible. This is how we maintain our pool of tutors who are not only well equipped but also, well-mannered.

To avoid any unwanted incident with a tutor, check out this article as well.

We highly recommend you go through this video to understand more about College Pirates’ Hire an Online tutor Program:


Chapter 5 – Meet Jessica, who studied with an Online Tutor at College Pirates


Online tutor Jessica student

“Hello, Mom!”, the sound of the voice was enough to tell Jessica’s mother that she was upset.

Her day had not gone well at the school. This had become quite common these days Jessica would leave for school in the morning in a cheerful state, but by the time she got home, she would be a gloomy version of herself.


Jessica had always been an average student.

From an early age, she had been more inclined towards the sports. Soccer, badminton, tennis- you name it, she would play it! She had even got a place for herself on the school tennis team.

Even after returning from school, she would just quickly finish off her homework and rush out to play sports with her friends and neighbors.

Homework Has Been Tough For Her

Online homework help

It was her studies that she mostly struggled with. During the earlier years, when there wasn’t much load in terms of lessons from school, she would do quite well.

The syllabus was easy to follow for her, and with a little practice, she used to manage to score good grades. She hardly ever required homework help.

However, as she climbed higher in grades at school, the classes started becoming tougher for her…

She found that though she paid attention during classes, she could not follow what was being taught in Math. As much as she loved stories from Shakespeare, she was now not able to grasp meanings of entire paragraphs.

Her Search For The Perfect Online Tutor

Find the perfect online tutor

Before long, Jessica’s mother had just the solution to her problem. After many discussions with many of her peers, friends, and teachers, her mother concluded that a tutor would be the best solution to help her with her studies.

Many friends of Jessica took lessons from private tutors after school hours. These were one-on-one home tuitions – the students would go to the tutor’s house, or the tutor would come to the student’s house for tutoring.

It was a good arrangement for the students not only for their studies but also for meeting up and getting together after school, as many of them were attending the same tutor’s classes.

She Instead Found An Online Tutor

                      Find the best online tutor available                           

Jessica got a better option than all of these. She hired an online tutor with College Pirates!

Since Jessica wanted time for her sports practice after school too, she did not want to waste time commuting to and from tutoring classes.

And so, she hired an online tutor after some research. Her mother searched out some of the best online tutoring websites on the internet and found College Pirates to be one of the tops amongst them.

The Hiring Process

Online tutor hiring process


The hiring process on College Pirates was quite a cakewalk. They just had to log on to the website, key in their preferences for an online tutor, select the subjects- whether they wanted to hire a Math tutor or an English tutor or further, an online tutor for most of the different subjects.

College Pirates connected Jessica to a stream of expert, qualified and credible online tutors matching with her preferences for subject-knowledge, timings, methods etc.

The Tutoring Method

Best tutoring method for my child


Soon, Jessica had planned out her study schedule with the tutors that she hired, and Viola! She was good to go!


In the beginning, she put up her questions on the study forum, and within some time, she was assigned a qualified tutor. Her online tutoring started immediately after the sign-up process was complete.

The online tutors at College Pirates adopt different means for teaching the students. Apart from the usual one-on-one routine, there are chat windows where students can ask questions. Students can initiate video chats and video calls to discuss their queries and difficulties too.

What About Payments?

How do online tutors charge

Payments on College Pirates are totally secure, and above all, they are secondary. Quality comes first.

Students pay only after they are assigned a tutor, and they are satisfied with the goings-on. There is also the facility of 100% refund in cases where the tutoring sessions do not go as per the choice of the students. We even help you find another tutor at ZERO cost if the earlier one doesn’t work. (Although that is very rare!)

Finally, A Bright Student Again!

Better grades with an online tutor


The online tutoring sessions turned the tables for Jessica.


Her studies became regular. Earlier where she used to not open her bags after returning from school, the online tutoring sessions instilled in her a habit of going through her lessons regularly.

There was regular Math practice during online tutoring sessions. The best part was that even if Jessica studied during late night hours, after her sports practice sessions, and encountered any difficulty concerned with her subjects, her online tutors at College Pirates were available to her at the tap of a key!

The web is a treasure of educational and knowledge resources. and all these resources are at the disposal of our online tutors.


You-Tube videos, demos, experiments, online quizzes, MCQs and interactive online learning sessions made online tutoring a fun experience for Jessica too- something that she looked forward to after school.

From the time Jessica has started taking lessons on College Pirates from an online tutor, her grades at school have improved dramatically. She scored extremely well on her Math assignments and tests, a thing which she had earlier believed impossible.


Her recent score on her English test was a cool 55 on 60!


Her overall GPA touched a higher ranking amongst her classmates. A clever student and an ardent sportsperson – Jessica has the best of both worlds as of now.


It goes without saying, that the motivation and continued encouragement from our online tutors and her improved grades have filled her with a sense of self-confidence and higher self-esteem as well.

And you can have these too! According to the current statistics, 6 out of 10 students in the US opt for studying with an online tutor currently.


Chapter 6 – In Conclusion

If you want you or your child to have the best grades they can ever get, finding an online tutor for them is just the start–which is also probably the easiest.

Hard work, consistency, and dedication is still a key ingredient for anyone who wants to get good grades, and our tutors at College Pirates can help you with just that. Here’s how our online tutoring program can help you:

The finding part is only the start, and we’ve made that easier for you. Take initiative and connect with our online tutors now to get started achieving the learning goals you’ve set for your child!

So, What are you waiting for? Go hire an online tutor at College Pirates or whichever tutoring services you find the best fit! (Go read our blog for more information on hiring and finding good tutors if you haven’t made up your mind yet.)

Is there anything you want to ask? Do you have any particular need for a tutor? What else do you think should be included in this guide? Let us know in the comments, or mail us at We would love to hear from you.





Team College Pirates



List of state universities in the United States

List of state universities in the United States

In the United States, a state college or state university is one of the public colleges or universities funded by or associated with the state government. In some cases, these institutions of higher learning are part of a state university system, while in other cases they are not. Several U.S. territories also administer public colleges and universities. The U.S. federal government does not run colleges or universities except for the service academies, the Community College of the Air Force, the Naval Postgraduate School, the Air Force Institute of Technology, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, military war colleges and staff colleges, and Haskell Indian Nations University. Additionally, Georgetown University, Gallaudet University, Howard University, and American University are private universities that are federally chartered. However, the federal government does make grants to state universities.

These state, as well as private, universities are accredited by different regional, not national, accreditation agencies, including the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, depending on which region of the United States the university is located in. These accreditation agencies’ approvals are critical to a university’s operations and public reputation. If a university loses accreditation or is not accredited in the first place, students will be reluctant to either continue or enroll at the school because the degree will be seen as being worthless. In a worst-case scenario, a university can shut down completely. The aforementioned agencies are all recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Most state universities receive at least part of their funding from the state, although many have substantial income from tuition and fees, endowment proceeds, donations (such as from alumni or philanthropists), and revenue from royalties. State universities usually offer lower tuition costs to in-state residents. According to the College Board, public four-year colleges charge on average $7,605 per year in tuition and fees for full-time in-state students and $11,990 for out-of-state students.

In some states, e.g. Maryland, Tennessee, Indiana, and Washington, there is a campus designated as the “flagship” campus in the state’s university system, which generally is the most prestigious campus and the largest campus in student population, e.g. the University of Maryland College Park campus in the University System of Maryland, the Indiana University Bloomington campus in the Indiana University System, the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus in the University of Tennessee System, and the University of Washington’s Seattle campus in the University of Washington System.
However, in some other states, the state universities are treated as equal partners; therefore there is no officially recognized flagship campus in the state’s university system.

There are a number of states that have more than one university system, e.g. California with 2; Colorado with 2; New York with 2; and Texas with 6.

Top Secrets of Effective Studying for Students

Top Secrets of Effective Studying for Students

In every class in every educational institution, there are three categories of students – the toppers, the average ones and the poor performing ones. The Toppers are the ones everybody looks up to. They generally sit on the front benches, take down notes diligently, are attentive in class, are doted on by the teachers, and to no one’s surprise, always ace the exams. The average students merely manage to get by, while the poor performers struggle with avoiding failure in the exams.

titor for students

Many students feel demotivated when they see these toppers thriving and feel as though they lack the skills required to match them. However, the learning ability of brilliant students cannot be simply attributed to good genetics. It’s more likely that they are using better study strategies than the average students. Psychological research studies done in schools from junior high to the university level have uncovered many previously unknown facts about learning. Finally, the secret is out! There are strategies that even average to poor performing students can apply to give the usual toppers a run for their money! Here are the Top Secrets of Effective Studying for Students:

Study from Online Tutor
  1. Goal Setting

‘Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare’ – Japanese proverb.

There is great wisdom in the above words. If one doesn’t have a clear goal, he is bound to fail. This seems like a complete no-brainer, yet many students miss this crucial step. Additionally, the goal needs to be SMART – Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Setting too high a goal is setting oneself up for failure and disappointment. For example, a student getting 35% in one exam cannot hope to jump up to 95% in the next one. He must aim to become average first, then good, and finally great.

  1. Having a Study Plan

‘He who fails to plan plans to fail’

All successful people, be it athletes, businessmen, artists, etc. have one thing in common –they plan. Not having a study plan will make any student feel disoriented and overwhelmed with the amount of work to be completed. It is also possible that she/he may miss out on important study topics if there is no proper plan in place. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Similarly, any study subject needs to be broken down into smaller pieces. Next, a detailed plan needs to be drawn, with timelines, in order to tackle these small pieces.

  1. Making one’s own notes

It is very tempting to simply borrow and copy the notes of the topper students. This is the easy path, and almost always leads to poor performance in the exams. There is nothing like creating, reviewing and studying from notes made by oneself. This is because writing is one of the best ways to ingrain new knowledge, according to psychology. Additionally, creating the notes serves as one instance of studying in itself. When the notes are read later, it’s like a revision round. One way to improve one’s notes is to Get Study Notes from students who have aced the exam in the past. However, it is always advisable to write one’s own notes.

  1. Using study groups effectively

The phrase ‘Two heads are better than one’ can be very true when it comes to studying. Working in groups enables one to Get quick help from others when struggling to understand a concept as well as teach others, thereby helping both the other student and oneself to become an expert on the subject matter. However, caution needs to be taken with study groups. If they’re not structured and if groups members come unprepared or are not serious about studies, study groups can prove to be counter-productive.

  1. Testing Regularly

Creating practice quizzes and mock tests is another way to ensure top performance in the examinations. These tests should replicate exam-time conditions so that the student gets a real feel of what to expect during the actual exams.

  1. Repetition

Cramming is something that a top student never does. Reviewing study material regularly ensures that information is stored in the memory over the long-term, and is easy to recall on the all-important day of the exam. Many top students use this spaced-repetition concept to optimise their study efficiency.

  1. Professional Guidance

If a student requires help with a particular subject, he/she should not hesitate to Hire a tutor. When one goes to the gym, there are physical instructors available to help him out with his training. Similarly, in today’s times, it is extremely simple to find a study tutor using the internet. Group tuitions in classes or look out for apps to have a private tutor at your doorstep are both options.

effective online tutor
  1. Rest

And last but not the least, students must not forget the importance of study breaks and a good night’s sleep. Exhaustion is the enemy of performance. Proper sleep ensures that the mind retains all the knowledge inculcated.

Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Private Home Tutor

Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Private Home Tutor

There are undoubted, an umpteen number of factors have to be taken into play if one is planning to hire a private tutor for their children or ward. The number of people practicing tutoring is unimaginably high, thus making it easy to find someone to barely scratch the surface of what is being expected to be done. But if one wants to find the perfect hire a private tutor, taking into mind the mentality and interest of their ward, a list of factors has to be considered and followed through.

hiring online tutor

The commitment, qualifications, experience and the personality of the tutor must be keenly observed and investigated. Hiring a tutor involves a lot of work on the parents’ part too, which many people fail to realize. Also, the student must recognize the efforts of the tutor and must feel that they have learned something if the class has been productive enough.

A set of parameters have to be made in order to ensure the rightness of the choice made in selecting the most proper tutor at your doorstep.

Choosing the Right Fit: Hire a Private Tutor 

The process of hiring a tutor must be unbiased and should be done unencumbered with the thought of leaving the ward into unsuitable hands. All tutors are seemingly exemplary in their own way of tutoring. Thus the only thing to be concerned about is if the ward finds his/her teaching enjoyable and appropriate. Given below are a list of things to be kept in mind and asked about to the candidate. Having a check on these will ensure you get quick help at the right time.

Early profession/ History

It is mandatory to keep in the knowledge the history of the teacher to obtain a rough idea of how efficient he/she had been in coping with the students and also to know if his way of teaching is pertaining to modern methods and techniques. It is also required of him to be presented with a letter of recommendation that shines explicitly on the candidate’s capability as a teacher, with complete details about the person making the recommendation.

Hire Tutor


The tutor should be allowed to illustrate his teaching method with the student and assessed based on it. She/he should be made to mingle with the student and guide him through a small part of the lesson. The tutor should also be assessed on his patience towards the ward, or if he/she offers motivation to the ward sincerely when needed, or does he/she corrects the ward upon any mistake being made without losing his composure.


The tutor should be enquired upon about the fees expected by him/her and the appropriate structure of payment with time. The number of sessions per day, and the number of days per week and the cost of each session must all be elucidated upon, as clearly as possible.


The qualifications and credentials of the tutor are quintessentially required in order to assess his/her experience and method of work. Depending upon the age of the ward, the credentials can be narrowed down to the required criteria. The tutoring certification and other teaching certificates must be asked for, mandatorily.

Background of work

If he/she is not a private tutor, the institution of affiliation must be known and background checked. The tutor should be asked to provide his professional liability insurance at the time of joining.


The location of tuitions must be discussed and must be kept at a convenient distance to both tutor and the student. Undoubtedly, it is safe to have the location as somewhere public and open, with a more customary vibe to instill a poignant sense of responsibility in the student. This will ensure your kids get study notes from the extra classes too that’d enhance his stability in the subject.

Other queries/questions

The tutor can be asked other personal questions in order to get to know each other better, like how he/she deals with exasperating students, how he/she came into this line of work. What they think their role as a tutor is, literally defines him/her as a teacher as well as a mentor to the student. How he/she deals with slow-learning students and their ceiling of tolerance for frustrations regarding the students’ behavior says everything about them as a person and the connection the student makes with them.

Choosing a private tutor among a hundred worthy ones does not depend on how adept and qualified they are, alone. The important thing is for them to connect with the students at a personal level without sacrificing their sense of duty as a teacher. Thus, the tutor should know to manage both the aspects without any compromise on either of them. They should know what would invoke the intellectuality of the student and what would motivate their student to push farther past their self-limits.

The role of a teacher does not only involve imparting education and knowledge into the student as commonly misconceived but should also awaken a sense of responsibility on their part that should invariably reflect in the students’ progress.

hire a tutor
How to Help Make a Student’s Transition to College the Easiest Thing Possible

How to Help Make a Student’s Transition to College the Easiest Thing Possible

The transition from high school to college is perhaps one of the most important and one of the steepest transitions that a teenager goes through hiring a tutor. From having to ask permission for everything to having to figure out college and life all by your own, responsibilities sometimes end up seeming like all too much in the moment. That is because college is usually the first time that people go off away from their home city and family to a city they barely know among people that aren’t like them in any way. And that is very difficult. Not everyone gels with others in the same way and for introverts, the problem only increases manifold.

But one another way which makes the transition to college difficult is the way classes are held and the way academics are done. The syllabus, the way of teaching changes unexpectedly and that’s a task for a person who isn’t a fast learner. To help this, one can hire a tutor. On many websites online, you can easily get a tutor at your doors.

college tutor online

How can a hiring a tutor help in making College Easier? 

When you have a tutor with you, it can make college a tad bit easier since you have someone experienced with you. This would ensure that you get quick help, which is very necessary for one’s first time in college to make sure they’re doing well. But while hiring a tutor, there are certain things that one should keep in mind. You have to realize whether you need a tutor who is specializing in a particular course/field or does you need a tutor who can help you in all the subjects equally.

The tutor’s availability, the price charged, experience, as well as their personality, should be taken well into consideration to make the best of the tutoring. For a student who is shy or does not easily open up or show their qualities, a tutor can act like a support system and help them strategize and overcome all the obstacles that they might be facing which are hindering them for reaching up to their highest potential.

In fact, it would be best if a tutor is hired right during high school so that by the time the student comes to college, the tutor would know the student well enough and help them in choosing a course or specialization that would be the best for them and bring out their inner passion and potential.

It can help them strengthen their foundation about the subject or the course one is undertaking. Since real learning takes time, a student would certainly be better off if he has already gained some knowledge before he/she joins college and enters a whole new real world.

Is having a Private Tutor a better Idea? Why?

Having a private tutor is better since one-to-one evaluations, attention and feedbacks are much more productive and all tutoring can be customized to suit what would work best for the student. It also helps in developing a positive student-tutor relationship. A tutor can be very helpful to one’s college life since not only would they help with academics, they can also play the role of a mentor and guide you every step of the way or bring you back to your path when you lose track. They can help a student clearly understand how academics in college are different from that in high school.

Hiring a tutor can also help get an idea of what skill sets would be required to excel in whatever field you’re pursuing and settle well in their new surroundings. A student would be able to get constant feedback on how they’re doing which is better than getting a mediocre result at the end, which would eventually build up confidence in them. With a tutor by their side, a student will be accountable for doing all their assignments.

college tutoring online

Students often prefer a tutor during their transition to college as opposed to their own parents since they believe that a tutor would provide the unbiased view and wouldn’t cause an emotional baggage for them. This can push them to be more honest about themselves and develop a bond with the tutor which would be very beneficial in the long run since only a tutor can recognize and enhance the qualities of the student and make sure it shows in their work.

That said, it is always preferable to start tutoring early so that they can have a competitive advantage over others and understand how colleges would be like from an experienced person himself. A tutor plays a very crucial role in shaping up not only the personality but also the future of the student. And a tutor would be just the right person to get help with that since even they have been through it first hand and would thus be the suitable people to help one get through it as well. To sum up, hiring a tutor is one of the best ways in which a parent or guardian help their kid while sending them off to college.

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