Like the SATs are used to monitor students for admissions to colleges in the US after high school, the GRE or the Graduate Record Examination tests graduate students for admissions to various post-graduate courses (significantly business management programs) in Universities and colleges across the United States and a few other countries as well. It is a standard test that aims at evaluating a candidate’s knowledge, thinking capabilities, language skills and reasoning methods to deem them fit to enrol in the post-graduate course of their choice.

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A common system has been designed to test eligible and aspiring students as millions of students from all regions of the world and all strata of society take the test each year. As the GRE dates approach, students get down to the task of preparing for GRE at a feverish pace.

GRE prep

For acing an exam of the level of the GRE, you need thorough preparations of your subjects if you are looking to score well and get admissions to some good colleges.

Unperturbed devotion, discipline, hard work and efforts are the indisputable qualities of a scholar preparing for GRE. Every student who has their eye on the most coveted of colleges in the world would tell you that apart from these obvious qualities for success, you need to have that extra something that will give you an edge over the other candidates during such a competitive examination as the GRE. These are, after all, of the most important of exams that will decide your future.

Online prep for GRE

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The thing with online resources is that you can make use of them while on the go. So, if there are online test papers, these can be solved as you commute to and from your classes. Online notes can be read and memorized while sitting outside your dentist’s clinic waiting for your turn. Online quizzes can be attempted while sitting idle in a corner while you attend that boring but necessary ceremony.

There is only so much you learn from cramming up your textbooks. The world of online tools is here to save our day.

There are a lot of online tutoring services that help students to prepare for various exams including high school exams, SATs, ACT and the GRE.  The following three sections of the GRE test are covered in detail by tutors at some of the best online tutoring websites such as College Pirates, viz:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Analytical writing

Getting extra help with your studies is always a good idea, whether in the form of extra classes, tutorials, or through hiring a tutor.                    

Even if you are not studying with a tutor, we at College Pirates have curated a list of helpful and the best online tools to help you master your GRE. So, use that smart phone not just for surfing through your friend’s Instagram posts, but for your GRE preps as well.

       1. Magoosh

If you are surfing for online tools to help you with GRE preps, Magoosh is probably the first website to turn up in your searches. It is one of the best online resources to prepare for the Math and verbal sections of the GRE. For $80-100, you can access all the helpful tools at Magoosh, and get real practice with real-time practice tests. Magoosh even has a Facebook group dedicated to assist in GRE preps. Although one drawback is that they have a limited question bank.

       2. Tyrannosaurus (

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Being mainly a vocabulary-based test, GRE attempts need thorough preparation in English vocabulary. Around 300 high frequency words make an appearance in the GRE test paper.

Tyrannosaurus has a plethora of these GRE words to boost your vocab. Hundreds of these words can be found on Tyrannosaurus.

Quizlet is another online tool that gives you word practice in as many as 1000 words popular on the GRE, in the form of flashcards.

ProProfs brain games ( is a cool website that gives you tests on words in the form of games and quizzes.

       3. Kaplan (

Kaplan is a website that explains in great detail the scoring process on the GRE. It gives hundreds of practice tests for GRE, and even offers private tutoring for GRE preps and for many other examinations. is solely dedicated to GRE test prep. However, this is a paid resource. Every student is different, and hence, varied are their goals, objectives, learning styles and test prep schedules. So, explore different online GRE prep tools before settling on one that suits you best.

       4. Manhattan GRE prep

The Manhattan GRE prep provides a wide number of practice tests that “emulate the real GRE”, in their own words. The website lets you take one test for free, to see how you are compatible with its prep methods. This is really very helpful in assessing yourself against the real deal, and helping you see where you stand. Additionally, it gives you a realistic approach towards what your GRE prep goals should be.

Manhattan also provides descriptions of all answers to practice questions in detail.

       5. Princeton Review

It is the best live online tool to prepare for the GRE. Princeton provides lessons on GRE that are easy to follow, added with instructor feedback during the lessons itself. The study tools provided are quite adaptive including eight practice tests. It is also less expensive that Kaplan.


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Even a little edge in your preps can make a huge difference to your overall score, and hence elevate your rankings in the GRE. The best resource for you, from among the variety of options available online, would be the one that gives a wide range of prep material, and helps you to align your study-time well. There are online tutoring websites that specialize in providing tutoring help for the GRE.  Hire a competitive online tutor to help you not just with the training, but also with explaining to you the methodologies and scoring at these exams.

Online tutoring websites like College Pirates ( assist all strata of students for preparations in a wide variety of courses through their expert and qualified online tutors. With  some of the most dedicated and qualified online tutors, we  help you with your Math , Science or English preparations in a very professional manner.

Hire a tutor with us today and see the difference it makes to your test preparations.


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Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming A Math Tutor Online

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming A Math Tutor Online

As a subject, Mathematics gives terrors to most students. Congruency of triangles is not something that everyone can understand and apply to geometry problems. The Pythagoras’ theorem is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are very few who have mastered the algebraic equations and trigonometry laws. So if you happen to know these, you should consider become a math tutor online. 

For more help on Math homework, click here.

“All this is quite fun to study and easy to apply to our everyday lives!”, says who? Says only that someone who likes the equations and who loves Math. Well, if you ask me, Math is one of the most interesting subjects -to learn as well as to teach.

Become a Math tutor online

You may want your love of something to turn into an earning opportunity for yourself. Just as the designer turns his love for Art into something productive, you can turn your love of Mathematics into a steady source of additional income– by teaching Math to other students. There’s plenty of opportunities when you become a math tutor online.

Hire a Tutor Online

Teaching takes many forms when you are living in the year 2018. A graduate qualification in teaching can get you a Math teaching job in a good school or college. Or, you can opt for becoming a Math tutor online. An online Math tutor teaches students across the web, in the digital world, using just a computer or another device logged on to the internet and some audio and video peripherals.

Click here to know more about how to become an online tutor.

Why become an online Math tutor?

While teaching full-time at a school is reputed, an online math tutoring job would be a sensible step for you to take if you love Math. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Time on hand:

If you are already in a full-time employment, enrolling at a school as a Math teacher is out of the question for you. Your job would not leave you enough time for it — that’s the advantage you get when you become a math tutor online. You can pursue your dream of teaching Math by enrolling to become an online Math tutor instead.

Become a tutor online

Same goes for college students. If you are a college student, you can remove only a certain amount of time for tutoring other students. Online tutoring services come in handy at such a time. When you tutor online, you need not impinge upon your regular college hours. online Math tutoring can be provided by you at the time that is free at your disposal.

The internet is teeming with some very good online tutoring websites that take on private tutors on hire for students who need tutoring help. Check out College Pirates for some very good options on online tutoring.

2. Additional Income


become a Math tutor online

The biggest draw for any initiative is the Vitamin M you get out of it! Yes, we mean the additional income that you may earn when you become a Math tutor online.

Whether you are a college student or already working in a job, online tutoring is something you can do as a part-time tutoring job, and earn a good steady income out of it. It is a great way to earn some extra cash and to fund your college expenses while utilizing your Math skills. Math tutors online earn as much as 20-30$ per hour. As you get accustomed and more experienced, your earnings increase. Math online tutors are highly in demand across the world, more than any other subject. You may even turn it into your full-time source of income. A course or a Diploma in teaching skills further boosts your chances of earning extremely well through online Math tutoring.

3. Your love of Math:

The rigors of life often make us sideline that which we love most. After finishing studies, many people just get into jobs and forget about their passions in the routine of things. You need not be that person.

Through online Math tutoring, you can keep your love of the subject alive. As online tutoring job requires just a few hours of your time, and you can remove that time on a weekend or any time that you have free, it can be done simultaneously along with your other life pursuits. The flexibility that online Math tutoring provides helps you to keep up with your schedule while doing something that you love.

You might be working at a job that is simply unrelated to the Math that you studied at school and university. Many college students feel the need to be in touch with their studies even during holidays. This is where you can share your knowledge of Math, as well as remain in touch with the Math syllabus. While tutoring Math online, you also learn and upgrade your Math skills.

4. The Satisfaction

Online Math tutors often report that they feel enormously good when they help a student overcome their fear of Math. The students look up to their private Math tutors for improving their grades and developing their confidence in the important but tough subject.

This non-monetary satisfaction alone is reason enough for many Math-lovers to become Math tutors online. As a Math tutor online, you will be challenged in new ways to develop creative ways to help solve difficult Math problems. There are times when the students give a new perspective to their Math tutor too!

The joy of watching your prodigy attain their study-goals and desired grades is unrivalled. Online tutoring websites provide the opportunity to interact with students from diverse backgrounds all around the world.

5. Qualification


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As a Math tutor online, your biggest qualification is your love of Math. It helps if you have a history of scoring A’s in Math from high school onwards. While you do not require additional qualifications to become an online Math tutor, a sound knowledge base always helps. A graduate degree and a master’s in mathematics goes a long way in helping you make a career out of private Math tutoring. It is also one of the best options of additional income for engineers, as they study Math for many years and are well-adept at the subject.

Read here to know more about why professional teachers too should become online tutors.

If you are a gifted Mathematician, it is time you gave a thought to taking up online Math tutoring as a part-time or full-time job. The experience shall be highly rewarding experience. College Pirates hosts some of the most dedicated and highly-qualified Math, Science, and English tutors online, and you too can become a part of this pool in a few easy steps.

For more information on how to become an online Math tutor, log on to today.

Are you also someone who loves Mathematical equations and formulae, and feel excited to share your knowledge? What is it that you love most about Math? Which branch of Mathematics excites you the most? Share with us in the comments below!


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When it comes to investing in your child, there can be no better investment than a sound education. Parents do all that they can, to provide a good education to their children. Apart from making sure they attend the right school and college, parents also hire a tutor for their children as and when required

And why not? Not all of us are born with genius minds that can handle all the geometric equations and Physics formulae all by ourselves. When studies get too tough to handle on your own, it is not an exaggeration to hire a tutor to help you with your learning.

hire a tutor

Is hiring a private tutor right for me?

Whether you have already hired a tutor for yourself or your child, or are in the process of hiring one, some sureshot signs can show you whether you have taken the correct decision or not. Online tutoring websites have fast become the norm for hiring online tutors in the current age. If you are uncertain whether hiring a tutor is the right way for you to go, judge your decision on the following parameters, to see if it was the correct one:

1. Insufficient tutoring at school

Hire a tutor online

Schools and colleges have resources that can be accessed for free by the students. However, these resources are not always sufficient if the student is trying to prepare for SATs or GREs or other competitive examinations. That is not to say that the teachers at school do not have the knowledge or the inclination to help the students for these examinations, but there is only so much that a regular teacher can do, given their salaries and the amount of time they get to spend teaching at schools.

If this is the scenario for you too, then hiring a private tutor is the right thing for you to do. A private tutor will provide you all the extra help that you need for your subjects, and expert one at that too. Good tutors can be hired from online tutoring websites on reasonable charges.

2. When you cannot prepare your study goals

Having a goal in life is everything. And the same goes for studies and exam preparation too. Tackling school assignments, completing homework or preparing for college-entrance examinations requires a strong commitment and a planned set of goals towards achieving that objective.

hire tutor online
If you find yourself wondering how to go about setting study goals for yourself, and how to use those goals to ultimately reach your objective of getting through assignments and exams, you would do well to hire a tutor.

A professional tutor will help you much better with this task than any of your friends and peers too. Online tutoring services have made the task of getting homework help much easier. College Pirates is one of the best online tutoring websites that lets you hire the tutor of your choice and your convenience.

3. A desire for improving grades

When your grades are falling considerably and consistently, it is time to hire a tutor. You may hire a tutor locally for private study classes, or you may go a step further and hire an online tutor from the many online tutoring websites available at this time on the internet.

Online tutors make the task of attending lectures and classes much easier as they do not involve commuting, saving you both time and cost of travel.

hire a private tutor

4. If it is financially rewarding for you

That is not to say that you earn money out of it, but hiring a tutor is an investment, and if you feel you are getting the worth of your money, then the decision you took about hiring a tutor is right for you.

For being certain on this criterion, you must see whether the tutoring services that you are taking are helping you attain the goals for which you hired the tutor. There are tutors who charge students as per the lessons, and some who charge them periodically. Online tutors usually charge their students on an hourly basis.

If you think you have the funds to afford a tutor, then by all means go ahead and hire one- from your neighbourhood resources or from an online tutoring service.

5. When the tutoring is saving you time

Students are not usually very good at managing their time. The hours are too few, and the tasks to be accomplished are too many. This is where a tutor comes in.

When you hire a tutor, they should be able to assist you not only on your Math and Grammar but also in managing your time more efficiently. A tutor is right for you when he/she removes you from unproductive tasks and focuses your attention on your studies. For this, tutors prepare carefully-studied time-tables for your routines.

Online tutoring:

Private tutors help students to better their study habits. No matter how hard one works, there are times when students need extra help. This can come from the school’s or college’s own study resources, local libraries, extra classes with teachers, online resources etc. But nothing can take the place of another expert and learned person, such as a tutor, helping you out.

Online tutors have extensive subject-matter knowledge and certifications in teaching. They are expertly trained in providing homework help to students and helping them improve their grades.

The tutors at College Pirates have a unique edge in that they motivate and encourage their students to bring out the best in them.

Sign up today at to connect with hundreds of expert tutors for the subjects and the timings that you desire and see a change in your study habits today.

What is your reason for hiring a tutor? What are the subjects you think you most need help in? Do tell us in the comments below.

With Love,
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How important are Your Child’s High School Grades for College Admissions? And Some Rocking Tips To Improve Them

How important are Your Child’s High School Grades for College Admissions? And Some Rocking Tips To Improve Them

High school grades are everything when it comes to college admissions. However good at extra-curricular activities your child might be, the one thing that will determine their prospects in the academic world is their high school grades. This is the reason why tutoring help is fundamental to you and your child.

We have all motivated our children innumerable times for improving their high school grades. There are the innumerable pins that we have saved on how to help with their homework and improve their school grades.

We have prepared study time-tables for maximum use of their time and been advised to get tutoring help for tough subjects.

After all, we do want our children to secure admissions into the best of universities to prepare for a bright future, don’t we?

Grades convert into dreams…

George is a remarkable student in many ways. He has been a consistently good performer at school exams from kindergarten onwards. Academic excellence apart, George also plays a lot of sports and indulges in the occasional Dramatics classes after school hours.

Online Tutoring, collage pirates, hiring a tutor, hiring online tutors, online tutor

He had always harboured a cherished ambition to become a well-established lawyer. Growing up, he had watched his aunt, a respectable lawyer, make a splendid place for herself amongst not just her family members and co-workers, but the prestigious professional circles of

Chicago as well. She was, undoubtedly, George’s inspiration. As his high school examinations drew nearer, his parents contemplated hiring a tutor for him, but since just a few days were now left, they did not look for one, or apply for one at any of the online tutoring websites.

However, a sad turn of events prevented George from excelling at his high school exams, and here he was- with average GPA scores, struggling to get admission to a decent college, let alone the dreams of getting into the top 5 like Harvard and Ivy League colleges. No matter how much his parents requested the authorities to consider his otherwise excellent academic record, it was the high school grades that were to be accounted for during college admissions. Because academic excellence always gets more merit than excellence in sports and other extra-curricular fields.

Why are high school grades so important?

online tutor, hiring a tutor, hiring tutor online, collagepirates

High school graduation day is a day most looked forward to, by students as well as their parents. The day is made even more memorable if your child scores well at their exams.

The excitement of moving towards a carefree college life mixes with the anxiety about the near future. We all know that butterfly feeling!

Well, a stress free and meaningful college life is possible for your child, when he/she gets admission into a college of their choice. This is possible only if they have good high school grades., those required for admissions by various reputed colleges. We at College Pirates get a lot of queries relating to college admissions and high school grades, which our online tutors are glad to answer. Our tutoring help can be the ticket to your child’s future.

High school grades are criteria for entrances

Most of the reputed colleges have as their admission criteria a certain cut-off of high school grades. So, if your child does not fit in the said cut-off, he would be refused admission straight away. This is precisely the reason studying for good SAT scores is also important, as these scores are vital for college admissions.

High school grades are criteria for scholarships

If you are looking towards the top tier colleges, chances are, often, your child will need a scholarship to get through the various expenses of the college education. Scholarships are also awarded to students who score well at their high school examinations.

How can I improve my child’s grades?

Any form of improvement takes time, commitment, discipline and effort. Invest in your child’s today to secure them a better tomorrow. An investment in education never goes to waste.

Here are some ways College Pirates recommends to parents to help their children in improving their high school grades:

The first and foremost thing to do is getting them some homework help through hiring a tutor. Tutoring help gives your children not just by explaining the syllabi better but also by encouraging and motivating them constantly to do better. When you hire a tutor for them, you can rest assured that the tutor will prepare their study-plans, plans of

  • action and detailed time-tables for them to follow according to their stamina.
  • Encourage them to discuss as much difficult topics from their coursework as possible directly with their school teachers. Their teachers can help them better as they are already aware about your child’s aptitude and strengths. Teach them to be attentive in the classroom and take an active interest in their syllabi and assignments yourselves.

They can also spend time after class hours with their teachers to understand a topic better and more deeply.

collage pirates, online tutor, hiring online tutor, hiring tutor

  • Give them time to study as well as to rest. Help them manage their time such that they are not only studying all the time, but doing some recreational activities also, because, after all, All work and no play will make a dull boy out of your Jack!
  • As a parent, be by their side when they need it the most. Help them see things that they do not yet see. Help them to focus on the bigger picture. “ Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”, is a good question you keep asking them and letting them answer to. Tutoring help can be your solution when it comes to that.


online tutor, hiring tutor online, collage pirates, hiring tutor

  • Enrol them for skill-workshops. The skills can be writing, sketching, Math or anything else that will help them crack their high school exams.


Hire an online tutor

Most parents are now hiring online tutors to help their children study and prepare for SATs and high school exams. An online tutor will let your child, study from the comfort of your home, at the hours convenient to you. He/she can be hired based on your specific preferences and your child’s learning style. Your child will be saved from spending precious time commuting to and from various classes when they study with an online tutor. Tutoring help is definitely something that will help you and your child in the long term.

What are some of the problems you have faced with your high-school attending child? How did you overcome them? Do share with us in the comments below.

Hire an online tutor at and see the difference that makes to your child’s school grades.


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Meet Jessica Who Studied With an Online Tutor

Meet Jessica Who Studied With an Online Tutor

“Hello, Mom!”, the sound of the voice was enough to tell Jessica’s mother that she was upset. Her day had not gone well at the school. This had become quite common these days Jessica would leave for school in the morning in a cheerful state, but by the time she got home, she would be a gloomy version of herself. At this point, she didn’t know she needed an online tutor.

Online Tutoring

Jessica had always been an average student. From an early age, she had been more inclined towards the sports. Soccer, badminton, tennis- you name it, she would play it! She had even got a place for herself on the school tennis team. Even after returning from school, she would just quickly finish off her homework and rush out to play sports with her friends and neighbours.

Homework is tough…

It was studies that she mostly struggled with. During the earlier years, when there wasn’t much load in terms of lessons from school, she would do quite well. Syllabus was easy to follow for her, and with a little practice, she used to manage to score good grades. She hardly ever required homework help.

However, as she climbed higher in grades at school, the classes started becoming tougher for her. She found that though she paid attention during classes, she could not follow what was being taught in Math. As much as she loved stories from Shakespeare, she was now not able to grasp meanings of entire paragraphs.

Search for a tutor…

become a tutor

Before long, Jessica’s mother had just the solution to her problem. After many discussions with many of her peers, friends and teachers, her mother concluded that a tutor would be the best solution to help her with her studies.

Many friends of Jessica took lessons from private tutors after school hours. These were one-on-one home tuitions – the students would go to the tutor’s house or the tutor would come to the student’s house for tutoring. It was a good arrangement for the students not only for their studies but also for meeting up and getting together after school, as many of them were attending the same tutor’s classes.

She hired an online tutor…

Jessica got a better option than all of these. She hired an online tutor with College Pirates (!

Since Jessica wanted time for her sports practice after school too, she did not want to waste time commuting to and from tutoring classes. And so, she hired an online tutor after some research. Her mother searched out some of the best online tutoring websites on the internet and found College Pirates to be one amongst them.

The hiring..

become a tutor online

The hiring process on College Pirates was quite a cakewalk. They just had to log on to the website, key in their preferences for an online tutor, select the subjects- whether they wanted to hire a Math tutor or an English tutor or further, an online tutor for most of the different subjects.

College Pirates connected Jessica to a stream of expert, qualified and credible online tutors matching with her preferences for subject-knowledge, timings, methods etc.


Soon, Jessica had planned out her study schedule with the tutors that she hired, and Viola! She was good to go! In the beginning, she put up her questions on the study forum, and within some time, she was assigned a qualified tutor. Her online tutoring started immediately after the sign-up process was complete.

The online tutors at College Pirates adopt different means for teaching the students. Apart from the usual one-on-one routine, there are chat windows where students can ask questions. Students can initiate video chats and video calls to discuss their queries and difficulties too.

What about the payments?

Payments on College Pirates are totally secure. Students pay only after they are assigned a tutor and they are satisfied with the goings-on. There is also the facility of 100% refund in cases where the tutoring sessions do not go as per the choice of the students.


The online tutoring sessions turned the tables for Jessica. Her studies became regular. Earlier where she used to not open her bags after returning from school, the online tutoring sessions instilled in her a habit of going through her lessons regularly.

There was regular Math practice during online tutoring sessions. The best part was that even if Jessica studied during late night hours, after her sports practice sessions, and encountered any difficulty concerned with her subjects, her online tutors at College Pirates were available to her at the tap of a key!

Finally, a bright student again…

The web is a treasure of educational and knowledge resources. and all these resources are at the disposal of our online tutors. You-Tube videos, demos, experiments, online quizzes, MCQs and interactive online learning sessions made online tutoring a fun experience for Jessica too- something that she looked forward to after school.

From the time Jessica has started taking lessons on College Pirates from an online tutor, her grades at school have improved dramatically. She scored extremely well on her Math assignments and tests, a thing which she had earlier believed impossible. Her recent score on her English test was a cool 55 on 60! Her overall GPA touched a higher ranking amongst her classmates. A clever student and an ardent sportsperson- Jessica has the best of both worlds as of now. It goes without saying, that the motivation and continued encouragement from our online tutors and her improved grades have filled her with a sense of self-confidence and higher self-esteem as well.

And you can have these too! According to the current statistics, 6 out of 10 students in the US opts for studying with an online tutor currently.

Excited with Jessica’s improved grades? Does her story inspire you? Are you struggling with the various demands made on you from the different arenas of student-life, and do you wish to ace them all? Well then, log on and hire an online tutor today with

Happy Tutoring!

With College Pirates
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Top 5 Ways You Can Make Money Online As a College Student

Top 5 Ways You Can Make Money Online As a College Student

As Judd Apatow rightly said,


“College is the reward for surviving high school.”


When you are grown-up enough, an adult, living your many responsibilities in life, there will be times when you will always look back fondly on your college life. “Make money online college student” could be one of the things on your search list. The memories you make during the time you were a student at college will stay with you forever, but at the same time you want to make sure to make ends meet. Such is the charm and challenge of our college days.


Where high school is a trying phase for many of us, our time as a college student is liberating. When at high school, there are innumerable pressures to go through- the pressure to look good, to perform well, to be amongst the cooler set, once you enter university, most of those stresses seem frivolous. We come to terms with our personalities, with the talents we have and those we cannot have, we are comfortable with our own set of friends. .


Online Tutoring


It is a time of freedom. We are at liberty to do as we want and live as we want. And of course, most of us would not like to take undue advantage of this fact. Therefore, 90% of college students start standing on their own feet as soon as possible.


Financial freedom in college


For college students, having control over their money is the ultimate independence. And it should be so. You are now grown-up. It reflects well on your personality and reputation if you start taking care of your finances now. Of course, this involves hard work. Many college students turn to become an online tutor for that added income.


Grades are another important aspect if you are a college student. Achieving good grades is extremely important in our demanding, increasingly competitive world. So, most college students would want a job that they can pursue after hours, without affecting their studies, and one that would help them support their expenses, outings, college materials expenditure and more.


Make money online

College students can take up any number of odd jobs available as part-time jobs after college hours. These not only add to their skill set and experience, but also help them make money enough to take care of their everyday expenses.


More than the usual kinds of jobs, like waitering, helping at local stores, working as marketing executives etc., college students these days are opting to take up online work to make money in their spare time. An Online tutoring Job is one of these jobs. Through online work, you can make money without as much as leaving your dorm!


Here, we share with you 5 of the most popular ways college students can make money online:


Become a Tutor


1. Make money blogging




The most popular option for making money online since many years now has been blogging. All you need for this job is a computer and some writing skills, and you are good to go.
Affiliate marketing is a big way to make money through online blogging. You get lots of ad revenue if your blog gets popular, and one of the ways to create a popular blog is to write about something specific that will help your readers, that is niche-writing.


2. Connect People




online tutoring
Earn up to 30$ an hour through the online job of connecting people to the right kind of employment. LinkedIn, Upwork, SimplyHired etc are all websites that hire freelance online recruiters.


So, in a way you will be acting as the recruiting agent for the company or firm that hires you virtually. This job will involve hunting people who need jobs and connect them to the right ones. You might also need to interview potential candidates and screen their resumes.


3. Online assistant




You can earn around 15$ an hour easily online if you are good at administrative and organizational activities. There are many websites like Zirtual which have a great demand for virtual freelancers. This online occupation will require you help companies and business organizations to organize and align their work.


Customer service, data entry, market research etc. are some of the things you will be doing when you become an online assistant.


4. Social Media Manager


become a tutor online


Social media is the big buzzword of 2018. It’s time to turn the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media websites into some cool earnings.


Almost all businesses require social media managers to advertise their services, market their products, and create an image of their brand among public. These jobs are available online, and you can make the most of it.


5. Become an online tutor




In your spare time, consider the job of tutoring students online. The most growing trend currently among college students for earning part-time income is to become an online tutor. Online tutors help to plan out their student’s study -time, motivate them and discipline them into a better-scoring student.


Apart from earning well, a tutoring job helps you to increase your subject-knowledge and expand your horizons.
When you become an online tutor, you teach subject matter to students over the web. You must take classes online rather than in a one-to-one traditional classroom format. Some of the best online tutoring websites like and can enroll you for becoming an online tutor in just a few easy steps.


6. What are you waiting for?




Go out there, pick an online job and live your dreams. There are several online tutoring services that offer personalized tutoring help. If you are someone who loves to gain as well as impart knowledge, and have a knack for online tutoring, contact us today!


College Pirates ( offers online tutoring services in a wide range of subjects- Math, Science, Languages, English, History, and many more. It is one of the best platforms to become a tutor.


Do you also work online to support your college expenditure? If so, what do you do? Do let us know in comments below, or write to us at






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