According to Word Atlas, there are about 4,627 institutions which granted degrees in the USA alone, in year 2015!


With thousands of colleges in the country, most students have difficulty looking for the right colleges for them.  It is understandable as there are many factors to consider. But, college search wouldn’t be hard as they thought it would be if they have readily available information and guide that will help these students choose the one that is right for them.


Examining oneself is the first step every student should make.


The following tips below on how to choose a college would surely help the students examine what they really want and eventually help them decide the right college for them.


1. Ponder upon what you really want to be in the future.


College search


Everything starts with oneself. Know your strengths and weaknesses.


If you know what you’re good at, you can identify what major would fit you.  From there, you can find colleges that offer the course you want to major in.  


Once you have narrowed down the colleges offering the major of your choice, make a college comparison.  Compare the advantages of each school based on your own logistics, preferences, and characteristics. Check online the college review for the courses offered.


However, most students tend to ride the bandwagon.  They take what seems to be popular or what all other students are taking.  Avoid that.


2. Determine your financial status and make a college match based on it.


College scholarships save money


It’s always a misconception that one can’t go to college because they can’t afford it.


Indeed, going to college may not be an easy feat but it can still be done only with proper knowledge and planning ahead for it.  


Check out some links on how to choose college savings plans to guide you with your school financial needs.  There are also many student loans available which can help students achieve that much-needed college degree.


To avoid getting stressed on money, limit your list of colleges to those you can only afford.


So, you’ve decided a major and now have a list of colleges offering your major.  In choosing a college that’s right for you, investigate the tuition fees and other school fees for each school.


Visit each university and college website to gather as much financial information as you can.  Most high schools also conduct financial aid workshops in their local communities that can give students an overview of most colleges and its corresponding fees.


All these will give you more factors on how to choose a college that’s right for you. By the way, here’s a quick link for an exciting online part time job for college students that can help you pay for your college life and your lifestyle. It’s a College Pirates’ exclusive, so be sure to check it out!


3. Check on the college rankings and know what it can and can’t do in making a college choice.  


College choice advisor


While college rankings make a difference as far as the quality of education is concerned and what it might do to your future, don’t make it your top priority in your college selection. Instead, assess yourself and check your academic performance.  


Most of the time, students just focus on the reputation of the college or university overshadowing the fact that the college might not be the best college for their chosen academic program and academic performance.  To help you better choose; avail of the services of a college consultant.


Example, if you want to major in engineering, your college consultant can give you tips on how to choose a college for engineering based on your SAT and high school scores.


Your college consultant will also help you dig deeper about your academic program vis-à-vis what the college of your choice is doing in terms of the said academic program.  It is also important to know what other services the college is offering to match your interest. Knowing all these things will surely help you choose your college with ease and confidence.


4. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each college.


How to choose a college


Surely, your college search list is ready but you realize there are too many on your list. One way to narrow down your choices is to list the pros and cons of each school.  


You ask yourself, “What college is right for me?” Then note down the factors you want your college to have.  Check those factors from the list of your advantages and disadvantages. The one that has more advantages would definitely be a good choice for you.  


One factor from a list of college tips is the location.  Make a list of college names which are near your place and then evaluate each college.  Going to a nearer school would help you save energy, effort and longer time to spend studying or sleeping than commuting to and from the house. A study says that having an excellent health condition definitely produces quality and excellent academic performance.  


Take note also of the extra-curricular of the schools and a college advisor if it could help you land a job easily in the future.  If your major needs more studying than extra-curricular activities, such activities will just veer you away from studying. So, better not consider it.


5. Choose a college that has high graduation rates for 4-year academic programs.


College advice for freshmen


When choosing a school, graduation rate must be one to consider.  While it is not absolutely true, a higher graduation rate shows that the school is doing its job to help students succeed in their courses.  Best colleges for instance usually produce a high graduation rate every year.


It may be caused by the school itself or the students themselves create a certain level of competition pressuring them to graduate on time.  Whatever is the reason, being in this environment can help you achieve your dreams on time.


Get a college coach.  Your coach has plenty of information regarding the graduation rate. They know which college could match your potential and your academic records, thus, will guarantee a graduation on time.


6. Equip yourself with the right information.


College search websites


In everything, nothing beats preparation and knowledge.  


To prepare for your college life ahead, you have to pay attention to all aspects of your university life.  Yes, you might have made a mental note of your list of colleges but it shouldn’t end there.  Talk to the students of those colleges and ask around how well they adapt in school.


On the academic part, investigate the degree of difficulty of the academic program in that school and match your study habit with it.  Inquire more about the academic program of your choice offered by the schools in your list such as the books the school is using as well as their teaching styles.  


By doing this, you will be able to assess if those schools fit you or not or teach you how to choose college classes wisely.


Remember, your college choice shouldn’t always be the top colleges. Your compatibility with your college can make or break your college experience and eventually your future.  


Also, talk to a college counselor and know more about what colleges would match your interests, capabilities and even your study habits. 


7. Create a list of the colleges of your choice and make a short trip to each.


Best college campuses


Get an actual vibe of the schools in your list.  


It is important to note that once you have decided on your college, it will be your second home for the next 4-5 years of your life so your comfort should play a big role in choosing.  As it will be, checking it and getting a physical impression of it is a must. Visit the school so you can feel the environment of the school. Go around the school to check if you’re comfortable enough and know where you can hang out.  Check out how comfortable is their library.


Observe the environment and the attitude of the students.  Your answers to these queries will answer your questions on how to choose the college you wish to attend.


Remember that your comfort would contribute to your performance in school.


8. Look for personal recommendations


College admissions help


While a college finder mechanism is a big help, sometimes, you don’t need to go that far.  


You can start with your parents, friends, acquaintances and school advisors.  Every time you see a reliable person, pop the question “What college should I go to?”  These people around you basically have a comprehensive idea of what you are capable of.  Thus, their advice for college freshmen like you could go a long way in choosing your college.


You can also gather information about the school from the students.  Asking for some freshman advice can also be helpful as they are the ones who can give you an honest impression of their new school.  Attending a forum discussing college advice for freshmen would surely help.

However, don’t always think their advice is the best.  Use these pieces of advice to help you realize what is good and what is not – it may be on point or totally off.


9. Reach out to people who are already successful in your chosen academic program.


Hire a college advisor


Undeniably, there are many links online teaching students how to choose a college and the choices seem to be endless confusing the students on what to do.  One good way to avoid this is to approach people who have already become successful.


This could be a manager in a company or a student advisor who studied the same academic program in your chosen college.


Ask them tips on how to choose a college to apply for you finalize your list.  These people can surely help you identify your career path and teach how to pick a college based on your chosen academic program.   


10. Know your housing options.


Get college advice


More often than not, you will have to live far from your family and living alone in a big city is not only lonely but could be very costly as well.  Knowing what kind of housing you want is also another factor when you find colleges.


As early as now, you’d better learn the ropes on how to choose college housing that fits your style as well as your budget.  When looking for college search websites, look into the college accommodations each school provide their students.


Also look for housing around these colleges.  It would also help to ask from older college students how to choose college roommate as getting a roommate can be very tedious.  However, for every college student living on a tight budget, getting a roommate is a must.


11. Consider campus safety


College life


Staying in a place where you would probably be spending a year or more really needs to consider health and safety.


Some would say that schools are safe but you should also consider the places outside the school, the people surrounding the school and its facilities.


The more hang out places outside the school the more distraction you get that would also affect your studies.


Some doesn’t care about this but if you were a mother, you would really consider your child’s surrounding.


12. Check out scholarship offers (Study for free)


Find college scholarships


Who would not like a free college life?


I think everyone does if you ask me how? The answer will be scholarship. There are many types of scholarship.


It can be an academic scholarship, average academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, scholarships for monitories, scholarships for women, creative scholarship, unusual scholarship, community service scholarships and many more.


You just need to look for a scholarship that is best for you. Of course, attaining a scholarship is not easy, you also need to show that you are worthy of having one.


13. Choose a school where you can save money


Find an affordable college

 Do you like to save or do you like to spend?


Being a college student is not an easy task, some students have jobs just to maintain their titles as students, so these people usually hate spending the money they earn to something that is not an asset to them. Budgeting is really important.


So before you start the class, you better grab a pen and paper and start to write down how to save more money rather than spending it. You may not enjoy the parties and other kinds of stuff you miss because of saving but your pocket will.


In case of an emergency, you have a gun to pull.


P.S: Sometimes, earning money is equal to saving money in College. You should definitely check out the top 15 online jobs for college students if you’re interested in learning more about earning jobs while in college. Hope the article helps!


14. Choose a campus where you can build memories


Freshmen advice


There are many chapters in life to build and deposit in our memory banks and one of those is our life in high school or college. It is where we can meet new people and start a relationship that could never end.


School life is a long journey but just buckle up and embrace every moment of it because there is always an end to a tunnel. This part of life will also decide what you will be in the future.


Build a good foundation for your future and never forget to enjoy it.


15. Get help from top college advisors just like yourself!


Hire a college consultant


Information and guidance are what you need when deciding on what major to take.  As a student, the information you have is limited compared to what a college advisor has in mind and hiring one will surely pay off.


College advisors are experts in giving students college advice.  They are expert in conducting a college match based on the grade requirements of a particular major and the grades of each student.  


When talking to these advisors, be as honest as you can.


Tell your college counselor your short-term and long-term goals.  This way, the counselor can help you devise a plan for you to make a wise academic decision.


Get help from experts, hire a College Advisor today at College Pirates!


Student advisor


College Pirates wants to bring all the best for your future, and choosing the College is one of those! At College Pirates, you are able to get help from our experts from choosing your college major, housing, getting the right info to get the perfect school of choice.


When you hire a college advisor, you can have a personal college counselor who will clear your mind and answer all your questions about your chosen college. You will get help the college rankings as well as their facilities just like you have visited the school campus personally!


A big chunk of your success will surely come from choosing the right course! So hire a college advisor and learn how to choose college major wisely.


A college choice advisor at College Pirates would help you identify the strengths of each degree program and how it could help you land a job in the future. It will also be easier for you to determine the scholarships available in your chosen college if you have a college advisor!


Because of their past experiences and knowledge, they can also help you with budgeting and with your living expenses while you are studying.


College advisors are really a huge help to students nowadays. You have your personal access to any information from your college just right within your reach!


We all know that our end goal is to pave your way to a successful career path and college counselors are so right to help you out.


Everything can be done by your personal college advisors. All you have to do is sign up and start getting one today!


Before you make a decision, be sure to check out this video which will tell you more about what a College Advisor can help you with!



Hire a college advisor at College Pirates today and conquer your new college life, the right way!




With Love,

Team College Pirates

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