As a parent, you always want the best for your child. The best of the surroundings, the best of healthy food, the best of education, the best of clothing and so on. And yet, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices that today’s world offers. As many are the categories of consumables and utilities nowadays, so more are the choices of options in those categories. Same goes when you hire a tutor, that’s what were here to teach you about.

online tutor for child

When looking to hire an online tutor for your child, you face the same dilemma. There are so many options to choose from!
How, then, do you hire a tutor that is perfect- suited to your as well as your child’s needs?

The pros and cons

Traditionally, what do the tutors do? They come to your house, or call the children to their homes, and help them with homework, assignments and test preparations. Studying with an online tutor is much the same, they are subject-matter experts who help your child with their homework and learning, but in a virtual world.
While online tutoring has its advantages – your child learns in the comfort of your home, at timings that are convenient to you, also at the same time saving time on commuting, there are certain cons to hiring an online tutor too. You do not personally meet the online tutor for once. There are some online tutors who prefer to work through online tutoring websites, while there are some who have their own independent coaching. Some might lean towards adopting a lenient slow learning approach, while other online tutors might prefer a more disciplined learning environment.

5 easy steps to hire the perfect online tutor

Before your child drives you crazy asking for help on Algebraic equations, Chemical formulae and rules of Grammar, here are 5 easy steps which will lead you to hire a tutor perfect for your needs:

1. Identify your child’s needs

hire online tutor for child

Online tutors will come in all personality-types, skills and with different levels of knowledge. Which of these would be the most useful for your child, is a decision you must take.

There are various tutoring websites, which provide online tutors.

  • If your child is smart enough and needs just that little push, they might require a tutor who will motivate and discipline them.
  • If, on the other hand, your child works very hard and is still unable to grasp subjects, you might be better preferring an online tutor who is able to explain concepts in an easy and fun manner.
  • Does your child need online tutoring help in Math or specific subjects, or all the subjects?
  • What is the learning style of your child? Do they study better in groups or alone with their tutor? Do they learn better through audio-visual tools or through reading and practising?

2. Identify options for online tutoring

Online tutoring can be of many different forms. It can be done in

  • One-on-one tutor student private tutoring
  • Group online tutoring
  • Peer-to-peer online tutoring

Also, there are innumerable online tutoring websites that offer online tutoring services in different ways. You need to do some research to find the best online tutoring websites and hire a tutor of your choice.
Another option can be to hire an online tutor who teaches independently, regardless of websites.

3. Ensure tutor qualifications and experiencehire online tutor for child

A good online tutoring website will always check the credentials of its tutors before enlisting them. And so, should you.
Once you know the goals for hiring an online tutor for your child, and you have picked a handful of online tutoring websites to choose from, find out the qualifications of the tutors that you are looking to hire. Go for their enlisted teaching credentials as well as their teaching experience.
You can also find out from current students about the subject-matter expertise of the tutor, the way he/she handles children, their teaching methods etc.
Hire a tutor who is apt for the subject, trained and qualified to teach, and has good work ethics too.

4. Get clarity on pay

You are already paying tuitions for your child at their high school apart from their various other expenses. You do not need another expense that might be too much on your back. So, be very clear from the beginning about the fees of the tutor that you are hiring online.

After you shortlist a few tutors, find out how much each of them charges. Of course, you must never make price a criterion for hiring an online tutor, but you cannot deny that the fees they charge does play an important role in making your choice. However, remember that expensive does not always mean good quality, and cheap doesn’t always have to be sub-standard.
Gain clarity from the tutors on their mode of payment that they prefer- whether through the websites, through PayPal or through bank transfers etc.

5. Set your child’s goals and learning schedule

hire tutor for child

Once the tougher task of choosing the online tutor is accomplished, you can now focus on how you are going to make this work.
Team up with your tutor and decide on a learning /tutoring schedule that is mutually comfortable for both sides.

Have your child take a couple of lessons and see whether he/she is gelling well with the tutor, and whether the online tutor can grasp the learning methods of your child.

Prepare a list of long and short-term goals for your child, that you would want him/her to achieve through the online tutoring sessions, for example- Being able to balance Chemical equations by the end of a week, or Being able to write a 500-words paragraph on their own by a fortnight etc. When you have tangible goals in front of you, it becomes that much easier for you to gauze the performance of your child and the efficiency of the tutor you hired.

Does the idea of hiring online tutors for your child appeal to you? Would you be willing to take that extra step? What would you look for the most in an online tutor? Do share your views with us.

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