How many times has the standard teaching experience left you dissatisfied – be the material, the method or manner? If you could give an approximate ratio of class learning to internet help, would you be willing to say it out loud? Yeah, we know what you feel. It’s hardly a state secret. We’re not here to tell you the time you’ve spent, past or present, in your classroom is a waste; but you have to admit that there are only a few among you who can confidently swear by your teacher’s notes. It’s time to hire a tutor online  who can help you.

There is no question that students these days want to stay a step ahead, what with the High Achievement Syndrome (don’t worry, it’s a made up word), wanting the best of the best and cut-throat competition; the average student life is spent assimilating information from all sources available. While schools provide the tag of the educated, internet being more of a supportive sibling and private tutors akin to mama birds vomiting food for you to swallow; there is something amiss. Rejoice Schoolers! For we are here to inform you of the revolutionary idea of the INTERNET and how it can be aportal of career enhancement with online tutoring instead of last minute clarification or online games. (You know you do it!)


Hiring an online tutor has a multitude of benefits. For instance, when you join a private institution or a hire a private tutor, you’re either in a horde of students where a shepherd is leading you to green lands; or you have to have a monthly or weekly subscription before you can even begin. In the first case, well, no one is going to approach you to see if you have actually grass-ped anything (apologies for the pun) and the second case, whilst giving you a personal edge, also brings the danger of money well wasted.


Hire Tutor Online


So, here’s where hiring an online tutor a better option. You can pay per session; meaning you attend a class and decide whether the tutor is a good fit for you. In case you didn’t like them, you move on. In case the tutor is good but the fee isn’t appropriate for your wallet, you move on. In case you want to try some other tutor, YOU MOVE ON. That’s the best bit about online tutoring; it’s personalized in every way. At College Pirates you can choose from an array of different tutors, with different subject specialty, different quotes, at different times. It is a custom made system.


Hire tutor online


The second facet to getting tutoring help is the added charm of reduced risk. When you hire a tutor online, you increase the probability of your child to succeed. For any regular school or institute, there is much of finance involved; with of course, your precious time. With online tutoring websites such as College Pirates, you can invest as much time and money as you want. Like we said, you can pay for however many sessions you want; additionally, you can end a session mid-way and pay only for the half session you attended. Your time and money is yours to give.


Hire Tutor Online


The third facet is the immediate results part. If you ever felt the need to Google TUTORS NEAR ME and regretted going to a nice enough fellow who actually didn’t help your grade; then we understand your dilemma for choosing online tutoring. You see, that’s where online tutoring beats in person tutoring. The moment you feel that a tutor isn’t helping you up your grade; you fire them (or something less dramatic like replacing them). The basis for this method is the results you see then and there. If your learned something new- a way to remember the chemical reactions of glucose or the names of your spinal bones; you know they’re your Moses.


Hire Tutor Online


The fourth facet is the independency. As a student in a classroom full of people, you might have had nerves to answer a question you can bet your life on. You might be less likely to volunteer for a role play, be scared of teacher calling on you or entering the class after everyone else. Those of you who agree, I commend them for nodding and those who feel that’s not true- who are you kidding? It’s just something about the words PUBLIC and EMBARASSING that shakes you from the inside. As a student of an online tutor, you outrun this fear and embrace the curiosity kicking you to ask your questions. One-on-one tutoring opens up avenues that are never possible in group education. You get to ask all questions and every question- even the most basic or dumb one, because hey!, who’s judging you. You can collaborate with your tutor to devise a study method adapting to your needs, and likes and comfort.


Hire Tutor Online


Another aspect to add here, is crucial; is the facet of building a strong base. We all agree that none of us are really sure what in the world DENSITY means; not in the MASS PER UNIT VOLUME way but what it actually means. And let’s not forget the THEIR/THERE/THEY’RE dilemma we’ve all been hiding like red in our ledgers. School education has been slipping out of our hands with us making soupy noodles of our brains to understand concepts that have their principles adrift. With online tutoring, however, since you’re paying for a one man show for a one man audience; you can ask of the beginning of man without the teacher mocking you or screaming his lungs out. You only have to loose, well, nothing really; it’s all gain.


You have a clear base of knowledge and confidence in your skills- you get good grades; these grades will help you when you apply to yourdream college or job and ultimately, give you a future you want and especially deserve. And that’s how the tale should end. We at College Piratesfirmly believe that education is a stronghold of a well-rounded life and we’re here making it a little more friendly, easy and accessible. Hire a tutor online with us now.

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