High school grades are everything when it comes to college admissions. However good at extra-curricular activities your child might be, the one thing that will determine their prospects in the academic world is their high school grades. This is the reason why tutoring help is fundamental to you and your child.

We have all motivated our children innumerable times for improving their high school grades. There are the innumerable pins that we have saved on how to help with their homework and improve their school grades.

We have prepared study time-tables for maximum use of their time and been advised to get tutoring help for tough subjects.

After all, we do want our children to secure admissions into the best of universities to prepare for a bright future, don’t we?

Grades convert into dreams…

George is a remarkable student in many ways. He has been a consistently good performer at school exams from kindergarten onwards. Academic excellence apart, George also plays a lot of sports and indulges in the occasional Dramatics classes after school hours.

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He had always harboured a cherished ambition to become a well-established lawyer. Growing up, he had watched his aunt, a respectable lawyer, make a splendid place for herself amongst not just her family members and co-workers, but the prestigious professional circles of

Chicago as well. She was, undoubtedly, George’s inspiration. As his high school examinations drew nearer, his parents contemplated hiring a tutor for him, but since just a few days were now left, they did not look for one, or apply for one at any of the online tutoring websites.

However, a sad turn of events prevented George from excelling at his high school exams, and here he was- with average GPA scores, struggling to get admission to a decent college, let alone the dreams of getting into the top 5 like Harvard and Ivy League colleges. No matter how much his parents requested the authorities to consider his otherwise excellent academic record, it was the high school grades that were to be accounted for during college admissions. Because academic excellence always gets more merit than excellence in sports and other extra-curricular fields.

Why are high school grades so important?

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High school graduation day is a day most looked forward to, by students as well as their parents. The day is made even more memorable if your child scores well at their exams.

The excitement of moving towards a carefree college life mixes with the anxiety about the near future. We all know that butterfly feeling!

Well, a stress free and meaningful college life is possible for your child, when he/she gets admission into a college of their choice. This is possible only if they have good high school grades., those required for admissions by various reputed colleges. We at College Pirates get a lot of queries relating to college admissions and high school grades, which our online tutors are glad to answer. Our tutoring help can be the ticket to your child’s future.

High school grades are criteria for entrances

Most of the reputed colleges have as their admission criteria a certain cut-off of high school grades. So, if your child does not fit in the said cut-off, he would be refused admission straight away. This is precisely the reason studying for good SAT scores is also important, as these scores are vital for college admissions.

High school grades are criteria for scholarships

If you are looking towards the top tier colleges, chances are, often, your child will need a scholarship to get through the various expenses of the college education. Scholarships are also awarded to students who score well at their high school examinations.

How can I improve my child’s grades?

Any form of improvement takes time, commitment, discipline and effort. Invest in your child’s today to secure them a better tomorrow. An investment in education never goes to waste.

Here are some ways College Pirates recommends to parents to help their children in improving their high school grades:

The first and foremost thing to do is getting them some homework help through hiring a tutor. Tutoring help gives your children not just by explaining the syllabi better but also by encouraging and motivating them constantly to do better. When you hire a tutor for them, you can rest assured that the tutor will prepare their study-plans, plans of

  • action and detailed time-tables for them to follow according to their stamina.
  • Encourage them to discuss as much difficult topics from their coursework as possible directly with their school teachers. Their teachers can help them better as they are already aware about your child’s aptitude and strengths. Teach them to be attentive in the classroom and take an active interest in their syllabi and assignments yourselves.

They can also spend time after class hours with their teachers to understand a topic better and more deeply.

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  • Give them time to study as well as to rest. Help them manage their time such that they are not only studying all the time, but doing some recreational activities also, because, after all, All work and no play will make a dull boy out of your Jack!
  • As a parent, be by their side when they need it the most. Help them see things that they do not yet see. Help them to focus on the bigger picture. “ Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”, is a good question you keep asking them and letting them answer to. Tutoring help can be your solution when it comes to that.


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  • Enrol them for skill-workshops. The skills can be writing, sketching, Math or anything else that will help them crack their high school exams.


Hire an online tutor

Most parents are now hiring online tutors to help their children study and prepare for SATs and high school exams. An online tutor will let your child, study from the comfort of your home, at the hours convenient to you. He/she can be hired based on your specific preferences and your child’s learning style. Your child will be saved from spending precious time commuting to and from various classes when they study with an online tutor. Tutoring help is definitely something that will help you and your child in the long term.

What are some of the problems you have faced with your high-school attending child? How did you overcome them? Do share with us in the comments below.

Hire an online tutor at www.collegepirates.com and see the difference that makes to your child’s school grades.


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