Availing of online tutoring services is your best bet to get into the best schools in the world. Besides Oxford and Harvard, here are some of the top universities to study at in 2018:

  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Caltech
  • Stanford University
  • Cambridge University
  • University of Chicago

While we are in no way endorsing any of these, as a student, you might be dreaming of studying at one of these prestigious institutes at some time in your near future.

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What does it take to get admission into one of these Universities?

Hundreds of thousands of students apply each year to the top Universities of the world, out of which just 10% secure the acceptance letter. So, what is it that sets these students apart? Certainly, their grit, determination, hard work and discipline. These are the most important traits an individual, who wishes to succeed in any field, needs to have. Many of them also take help from online tutoring services.
Well, if you are studying well, putting in the required hours and efforts and are not living under a rock, you may well be aware of the latest trend in learning and home-work help. That is online tutoring help. And hiring an online Math tutor or an English tutor can be all the difference between you and your dream university.

How will online tutoring services help me?

You might be very keen on all the tips you can get to ace those University admission tests, and you might be taking extra classes, peer help and tuitions for the same too. Getting extra help with your studies is always a good idea. Online tutoring websites like College Pirates have come up to assist you exactly for this purpose.
However, you might feel, “When I can get tutoring help from tutors near me, then why should I hire an online tutor?”. Very legitimate argument indeed. Only, online tutoring services is quite different from traditional tutoring and has many advantages over it.
Getting online tutoring help during the crucial period when you prepare for admissions to Universities can be one of the best decisions you make.

Why? Well, here are a few points for starters:

  • Getting admission into top universities does not require just good GPA, but also a measured proficiency in life skills. A Math tutor might teach you well all the formulae, but it takes a very involved teacher to teach you skills such as discipline, hard work and leadership. That is something an online tutor will teach you, if you hire a qualified one.

Online Tutoring

  • When you have an important entrance exam coming up, you cannot wait for your local teachers to become available for you in case you did not enrol with them earlier. You may hire an online tutor from virtually any corner of the world. You do not have to wait for the availability of a tutor near you. Online tutoring services, hence, comes to your rescue the most in your time of need.
  • There are online tutoring websites that specialize in providing tutoring help for SATs, ACTs, GMAT and other University entrance examinations. You may hire some very competitive tutors from these websites, as they are extremely well-versed with the methodologies and scoring of these exams.

Online Tutoring

  • When you hire an online tutor, you study with them at timings that are convenient to you. The extra English lessons will not, then, encroach upon your Math preparations. You will also not miss out on subjects from tuitions that overlap, because you are in control of what subject you are learning at what time.
  • Since your travel and commuting time is saved, online tutoring services are one of the best ways to get tutoring help for your studies. It leaves you with that much extra time to revise.
  • When the online tutor whom you hire is from a region different from yours, you get that much extra information on how the students of that region might be attempting the questions. This is an added advantage. From all you know, you might get to know of some newer easier ways to solve Physics questions!
  • When taking on line tutoring services, you are not restricted to a tutor. You may hire separate tutors with expertise in separate subjects. You will still not need to travel to and for between them. Since your tutors will come to you!
  • Besides being subject-matter experts, online tutors are great at motivating their students. They understand that a little encouragement goes a long way in instilling that extra confidence into a student. since they do not meet you in person, they take it upon themselves as an extra responsibility to see that their students study on time and well.

online tutoring help

  • Doubts do not arise in your minds at a certain time while you are studying for getting into top universities. Your syllabus-related concerns can arise any time of the day or night. But, rest assured when you have hired an online tutor, as your tutoring help will be available to you when you want. Some online tutoring websites also offer 24*7 services so that your queries are answered satisfactorily and promptly.
  • All the credible online tutoring websites hire tutors who have the required certifications and expertise. Chances of your being dwindled by a sub-standard teacher on an online tutoring website are almost nil.

So, would you prefer to hire an online tutor while preparing for University admissions? I know I would! Get great online tutoring services now.

What study plans do you and your friends use while preparing for your tests, assignments or entrances to top universities? Do share with us and our readers.

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