The last time I checked on the news, the highest SAT score in 2017 was 1600. Yes, full score, though just around 5% of the students worldwide scored this much, but did you know that you can achieve the same with Online Tutoring? Let me show you how.

College admissions are dependent upon SAT scores, or the Scholastic Aptitude Test, as it was called earlier. Millions of students take the SAT, at any of the seven times during the year that it is scheduled, for admissions to colleges in the US. The test scores students on varied subjects according to the high school curriculum of the current year of test.

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Gearing up for SAT…

Preparing for SATs can give sleepless nights to students, because very few of those taking the test achieve the desired percentile to get admission to a good college or university. In a way, the prospects of a high school student depend in great part on his/her scores at the SAT exams. A good score means a good college, which in turn means a bright future.

While a student would pursue most probably a 93 or 94 percentile overall, achieving a score of 800 in Physics and Chemistry is a dream for many. And of course, as Spiderman would say, for great scores, one needs greater preparation.

SAT prep with an online tutor…

Online Tutoring

When students are taking lessons from online tutors for school work, college assignments and homework help, why not for the preparations during the months leading up to the SATs? Getting help from online tutoring sessions is one of the most effective ways of upping SAT scores for most students.

The weeks and months before the SATs are reasonably quite stressful for students. I have seen a few who start crying at the drop of a hat, such is their level of anxiety! Worry doesn’t help encounter problems, proper planning and execution does.
Some students are so motivated that they study for an exam like SAT on their own and still ace their subjects. This is not necessarily the cream crowd, but the late-bloomers who surprise everyone with their disciplined preparation for the exam. Most students, however, need external help. If you are looking to ace your SATs too, hiring an online tutor for the purpose would prove to be a fruitful investment.

Get the perfect SAT scores…

Online TutorWith an online tutor, you can study anytime, from anywhere on your laptop or device, with a qualified tutor coming from any corner of the world. There is such a wide platform for choice during online tutoring sessions, for knowledge gain, that is an immense plus point while preparing for a competitive exam like the SATs.

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  • The biggest benefit that a student who is preparing for their SAT exams gets from an online tutor is motivation. An online tutor is a great mentor. Online tutors put in a vast amount of effort and personal attention in their students. The success of their student is their success, the student’s failure is their failure.Online tutors continuously encourage their students to put in their best efforts and work very hard. They are there to guide you every step of the way- more in carving out daily study schedules and disciplinary time-tables for you than even in drilling knowledge into your brain.
  • An online tutor has a plethora of study resources at their disposal, that you can avail of at practically any time of the day or night. Your regular school textbooks, reference books, guide books, past years’ question papers, mock tests- you name it, they have it. And they will provide you with it within minutes of your putting up a question on your online tutoring website.

Online tutoring

  • You-Tube videos, demos, experiments, online quizzes, MCQs and interactive online learning sessions make online tutoring a fun experience for students. Interesting means of study keep the students motivated and interested in their lessons instead of leaving them yawning after hours of grueling preps.
  • An online tutor inculcates in you a sense of responsibility for your actions. You learn that if you want great scores, you are the one who must work hard for it, and no one else, not even your tutor, can do it for you. When you hire a qualified and certified online tutor, they are a person you come to look up to during your interactions during your study-hours together, and you would not want to disappoint a mentor such as them.
  • Online tutors give you a lot of practice in essay-writing, which is one of the most important components of the SAT exam.
  • Online tutors would teach you something, that you otherwise can learn only through a lot of practice and trial n error- the art of eliminating answers that are not correct. Learning this kind of strategy comes in handy when you are dealing with a time-bound examination like the SAT.
  • Your online tutor will set goals for you- not just for completing your syllabus, but goals for your scoring too. They will also prepare a detailed plan to chalk out those goals in small achievable steps.
  • Not all your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your SAT exam are known to you. But these are known to your tutor. And they will work hard to help you recognise these weaknesses and turn most of these into your strengths.
  • Online tutors help you to raise your scores on the subjects that you find particularly difficult, by making you commit to lesson-specific study.College Pirates connects students to expert, qualified and credible online tutors matching with their preferences for subject and time, for all the subjects and all levels of study, including SAT preparations. The online tutors at College Pirates use video chats and video calls to discuss the queries of students even in times of great urgency.Our tutors have proven track records of helping students improve their grades. Our students have aced their Math assignments, English tests, even the overall GPA. If you too are looking out for great online tutors to help you with your SAT preps, log on and hire an online tutor today with

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