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When searching for online tutoring jobs, you do not have to look far. A number of websites have been on the web for quite some time now that offer tutoring jobs suiting to your interests and subjects of expertise. Becoming a tutor is not only much sought after, but also a very fulfilling work to do for you.

Contrary to what many believe, to teach online you cannot just get a desktop, log in and get started. While many online tutoring websites do not require special teaching certifications to give out tutoring jobs, the good and reliable websites would always prefer you have the desired qualifications and expertise.

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What do I need to become a tutor online?

If you are a college student, look around yourself and you will find that many of your fellow classmates have a part-time tutoring job. Andrew, a sophomore year student, when asked how he would like to work in order to pay for his college tuitions, had this to say, “Since I would like to not invest too much time in commuting, and rather put that time in my work, I think it would be best if I become a tutor.”

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Well, if you wish to become a tutor online, the first requirement would be a passion for sharing your knowledge with others in a systematic way. A love for the subject you want to teach, time on hand, technical hardware like computer/laptop and teaching aids such as microphone, webcam etc. are basic infrastructural requirements for becoming an online tutor.

Many would-be tutors are often wondering what goes into getting an online tutoring job. Here we take you into a concise journey on how to go about becoming an online tutor.

This article guides you about the requirements for becoming an online tutor.

Online teaching jobs

Teaching Online

Registering on College Pirates for teaching Math online or teaching English online is a step by step, but easy and convenient process, as compared to teaching online on learning platforms like Udemy or Coursera. These websites offer a variety of courses for students to pursue at leisure from the comfort of their homes. Without doubt, these are some of the best self-learning website on the web today.

To teach online on Udemy or Coursera, you need to be a certified teacher in the particular subject. The teachers enrolled there just teach the students, but do not provide 1:1 mentoring that the online tutors at College Pirates do.

1. Apply to teach online

For getting an online teaching job on College Pirates, you need to first start your application process. Click here, for the application form to become an online tutor on College Pirates. The form is simple, requiring your latest and honest information about yourself and your teaching credentials.

If you do not have teaching certifications, do not worry, as we give credibility to exceptional and passionate individuals with expert subject matter knowledge too.

2. Get Verified

Get Verified

College Pirates will then validate your information and verify your application. Applications for online tutoring jobs may take up to 48 hours to get verified from our panel.

During verification, the team at College Pirates basically checks out all the info provided by you and judges whether you would be suitable for becoming an online tutor with us. We also provide guidance as to which subject you could teach online the best.

You will be intimidated via e-mail once your application goes through.

Online teaching is one of the best part-time jobs that professional teachers can take up to supplement their income. Read here to know why.

3. Begin teaching online

English or Math tutoring jobs on College Pirates do not begin right away with teaching online. Before you even get started with tutoring online, you can become a tutor by answering questions from students on our website. And, you get paid to do it!

To know more about how you can contribute more on College Pirates, click here.

3. Unique System for Online Tutor

The first online tutoring job that you land on College Pirates will start you earning up to about 21$ an hour on average. As you work more, you get more credit and ratings, and your earning opportunities increase considerably.

On College Pirates, we have a unique ratings system for our online tutors. According to the way you teach online, you receive ratings on your profile. And the more ratings you get, the more wok you can do as an online tutor.

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3. Earning as an online tutor

In the beginning, online tutoring offers a scope of earning around 15-20$ an hour. The pay increases steadily as you move ahead with more number of students and more questions that you answer. The average earnings per hour for anyone providing online Math tutoring or English tutoring on College Pirates is 22$ per hour.

be an Online Tutor

here is a list of some more subjects that you can teach online.

Not just online teaching, the tutoring job involves providing notes to students too. So, if you do not wish to teach online, you can still become an online tutor by answering student questions on our website and by providing them notes.

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College Pirates ( is a one stop solution for establishing yourself as an online tutor and making good use of the spare time you have on hand.

Have you worked as an online tutor? If you have a few hours free every day, and you want to make money in those, what options would you look for? Isn’t online tutoring a very fulfilling as well as rewarding option for part-time work? What kind of students would you prefer teaching online? Share with us in the comments below!

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