“Hello, Mom!”, the sound of the voice was enough to tell Jessica’s mother that she was upset. Her day had not gone well at the school. This had become quite common these days Jessica would leave for school in the morning in a cheerful state, but by the time she got home, she would be a gloomy version of herself.

Online Tutoring

Jessica had always been an average student. From an early age, she had been more inclined towards the sports. Soccer, badminton, tennis- you name it, she would play it! She had even got a place for herself on the school tennis team. Even after returning from school, she would just quickly finish off her homework and rush out to play sports with her friends and neighbours.

Homework is tough…

It was studies that she mostly struggled with. During the earlier years, when there wasn’t much load in terms of lessons from school, she would do quite well. Syllabus was easy to follow for her, and with a little practice, she used to manage to score good grades. She hardly ever required homework help.

However, as she climbed higher in grades at school, the classes started becoming tougher for her. She found that though she paid attention during classes, she could not follow what was being taught in Math. As much as she loved stories from Shakespeare, she was now not able to grasp meanings of entire paragraphs.

Search for a tutor…

become a tutor

Before long, Jessica’s mother had just the solution to her problem. After many discussions with many of her peers, friends and teachers, her mother concluded that a tutor would be the best solution to help her with her studies.

Many friends of Jessica took lessons from private tutors after school hours. These were one-on-one home tuitions – the students would go to the tutor’s house or the tutor would come to the student’s house for tutoring. It was a good arrangement for the students not only for their studies but also for meeting up and getting together after school, as many of them were attending the same tutor’s classes.

She hired an online tutor…

Jessica got a better option than all of these. She hired an online tutor with College Pirates (www.collegepirates.com)!

Since Jessica wanted time for her sports practice after school too, she did not want to waste time commuting to and from tutoring classes. And so, she hired an online tutor after some research. Her mother searched out some of the best online tutoring websites on the internet and found College Pirates to be one amongst them.

The hiring..

become a tutor online

The hiring process on College Pirates was quite a cakewalk. They just had to log on to the website, key in their preferences for an online tutor, select the subjects- whether they wanted to hire a Math tutor or an English tutor or further, an online tutor for most of the different subjects.

College Pirates connected Jessica to a stream of expert, qualified and credible online tutors matching with her preferences for subject-knowledge, timings, methods etc.


Soon, Jessica had planned out her study schedule with the tutors that she hired, and Viola! She was good to go! In the beginning, she put up her questions on the study forum, and within some time, she was assigned a qualified tutor. Her online tutoring started immediately after the sign-up process was complete.

The online tutors at College Pirates adopt different means for teaching the students. Apart from the usual one-on-one routine, there are chat windows where students can ask questions. Students can initiate video chats and video calls to discuss their queries and difficulties too.

What about the payments?

Payments on College Pirates are totally secure. Students pay only after they are assigned a tutor and they are satisfied with the goings-on. There is also the facility of 100% refund in cases where the tutoring sessions do not go as per the choice of the students.


The online tutoring sessions turned the tables for Jessica. Her studies became regular. Earlier where she used to not open her bags after returning from school, the online tutoring sessions instilled in her a habit of going through her lessons regularly.

There was regular Math practice during online tutoring sessions. The best part was that even if Jessica studied during late night hours, after her sports practice sessions, and encountered any difficulty concerned with her subjects, her online tutors at College Pirates were available to her at the tap of a key!

Finally, a bright student again…

The web is a treasure of educational and knowledge resources. and all these resources are at the disposal of our online tutors. You-Tube videos, demos, experiments, online quizzes, MCQs and interactive online learning sessions made online tutoring a fun experience for Jessica too- something that she looked forward to after school.

From the time Jessica has started taking lessons on College Pirates from an online tutor, her grades at school have improved dramatically. She scored extremely well on her Math assignments and tests, a thing which she had earlier believed impossible. Her recent score on her English test was a cool 55 on 60! Her overall GPA touched a higher ranking amongst her classmates. A clever student and an ardent sportsperson- Jessica has the best of both worlds as of now. It goes without saying, that the motivation and continued encouragement from our online tutors and her improved grades have filled her with a sense of self-confidence and higher self-esteem as well.

And you can have these too! According to the current statistics, 6 out of 10 students in the US opts for studying with an online tutor currently.

Excited with Jessica’s improved grades? Does her story inspire you? Are you struggling with the various demands made on you from the different arenas of student-life, and do you wish to ace them all? Well then, log on and hire an online tutor today with www.collegepirates.com

Happy Tutoring!

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