Algebraic equations and Geometrical Theorems are for the elite, goes the general perception. True, Math is not for the faint-hearted! It makes us struggle, it makes us lose our sleep before exams, it makes us look for frantic ways to complete our assignments.

Hire Math Tutor

Most of the students now prefer hiring a tutor to help them with the more difficult portions of their coursework. A Math tutor or an English tutor is always a good and reliable person to turn to when you really want to understand your subject well.
There are many tools out there that you can use at home too, to solve your Math homework. So, if we tell you we have got Math homework help right here for you, wouldn’t you be ecstatic! Just so you know, we curated this list of some trendy tools specially to help you with your Math homework. But first things first-

What are tools?
In our digital era, tools are not some axe and chisel that will make your task easier. No. Tools are some very sophisticated features that are currently very much in vogue, and that assist you in various ways. Math homework tools comprise not only learning methods, keys, easy tables etc, but also the latest applications that not only help you understand Math better and finish up your homework quicker, but also these make Math fun for you.
Have a look at the following ways to make the times you do your Math homework not just stress-free but also full of learning, understanding, interest and fun: –

1. Mathway

One of the most popular tools that could help you with your Math homework is the website Thousands of students over the world currently use this learning website to get homework help for Math.

Online Math Tutoring

Struggling with a particularly confusing Calculus problem? Put it up on Mathway, and the website will solve it for you and reveal the answer. This is a very easy-to-use website, with easy tabs for the different branches of Math like –

The website is available as a web application and a mobile website too and is currently the trendiest way to get help with your Math homework. Well, most of the features are free, but you might have to pay for some of them.

2. Dragon Box

This web tool is specifically for teaching Math to students in lower grades, up till the 6th grade. The website is amongst the most popular ones for Math homework help. It offers a wide range of fun resources, which can be used by parents, students as well as teachers.

The high point of DragonBox is the series of apps it offers. Apart from explaining everyday Math in an easy way, the inbuilt apps offer fun quizzes, tests and every-day tasks that make Math very relatable.

3. Meta Calculator

Never again frown on seeing that impossible-looking calculation on your worksheet. Help is at hand in the form of one of the most intriguing and unique web inventions- the meta calculator.

math tutor online

It is essentially a scientific calculator that makes Math almost like a piece of cake. With meta calculator, you can study equations, perform and store your scientific calculations, make graphs and study related data, calculate statistical deviations and regressions, and a lot more.

Meta calculator also has many more features, just check on it to find out which one suits you best! You can get it at Since calculations are the most integral part of any Math assignment, this web calculator might just be the tool you were looking for!

4. Wolfram Alpha

It is a free website that offers homework help for Math in the form of complete solutions to problems, ranging from elementary level to college-level. You just must feed in the Math problem and the website will display all the steps needed to solve it as well as the answer.

The advantage with this tool is that it can be used by younger students and advanced students alike. It even has a mobile app by the same name, so you can use it on the go.

5. Flocabulary

FlocabularyFlocabulary is a learning website that helps with homework for all subjects, and not just Math. The web interface is highly interactive, vibrant and user-friendly for students and parents.

The highlight of this tool is that it is one of a kind – making learning fun through audio-visuals and songs. Ever tried learning Math formulae by singing them? Go ahead, you can do it now with this amazing tool at

6. Hire an online Math Tutor

One of the most effective tools for completing your Math homework on time, finish up assignments before deadline, and stay on top of your formulae and coursework is to hire a Math tutor who is qualified and trained to guide you constantly. Besides being your go-to person whenever you are stuck with a p

articularly daunting equation, a Math tutor will also be your mentor, consistently encouraging you and motivating you to do well at Math.

While tutors near you can be hired easily if you have references, online tutoring services are one of your best and safest means to hire a tutor. An efficient online tutor can change not only your Math scores but your entire perception towards this difficult subject.

Look out on the web and you will find innumerable websites offering online tutoring services. To avoid getting in a fix, however, always do your own research and take reviews from people who have used these online tutoring services.

College Pirates ( is one of the most promising upcoming online tutoring website, on which you can find certified and expert Math tutors for hire. It is easy to hire an online tutor on College Pirates- just log on to the homepage, key in your requirements, and College Pirates will match you with exactly the online tutor that you are looking for. So, what’s stopping you? Try it out now!

If you are a college student with expert subject-matter knowledge, looking to make good use of your extra time, you can enrol to become an online tutor at College Pirates in easy steps, and make good earnings too !

What tips do you use when you are stuck with a Math problem? Is there any specific concern about your Math homework that is troubling you? Share with us and our readers and we might be able to help you out with it!

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