If you are, in any case, looking out to make some earning after college-hours, you have come just to the right place. College is a fun-life. Where else do you find the seriousness of studies, the fun-times with friends, the little anxiety for the future, competitiveness, naivety, new experiences all rolled into one?

I’m sure I do not need to lecture you on the importance of college days. Where on the one hand, it is a time of much-cherished independence, long awaited from the times we came into high school; on the other hand, it is the time of responsibility. It is the time when we will sow the seeds for our future. Not surprisingly then, the 21st-century college student is much aware about the competition he/she faces, the challenges of the world and is also reassured of his/her own talents and abilities.

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The best time for a part-time job

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Isn’t college life the best time of your life to get a part-time job? You are now not very little, to be dependent for your parents for each and everything, nor very mature to get into the workforce full-on and handle all your bills yourselves. You want to have hours for study, and you want to do a little something extra during the hours you get free from lectures. You are not yet bogged down with the responsibilities of real-life. and so, a little trial and error is allowed. This spare time can be utilized well with some thought and a bit of planning and research. If at first you don’t get it right, it’s all right- you can try again, and then some more. There is no one sitting on top of your head to reprimand you and make you feel guilty if things might go a little wrong even.

A part-time job…the road to independence

It is not the first time that many of us take up a part-time job during college. Many of us have been working for pay during our spare hours from the past few years- doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood to fund our pocket money. Not just the fact that a part-time job offers a sense of maturity and being responsible for our own selves, but also that it saves us from unnecessary whiling away of our time. As this is what usually young people do when they get a lot of free time on their hands.

Online Tutoring

Coming to the trend of having a part-time job when you are a college student, you might have done many kinds of small-time jobs previously in your life – delivering newspapers and pizzas, serving patrons in cafes, being a marketing agent for the products of a brand/company etc. No doubt, all these part-time jobs pay well, modestly if not very handsomely for a college student, did you ever think you might do better? Did it cross your mind that there might be a part-time job /occupation that would not only benefit you in terms of money, but also in terms of knowledge?

Why not tutor online?

Yes. An Online tutoring Job. That is what I am coming to. The latest trend in part-time jobs for college students- teaching other students online. Bet you’ve heard of it! Some of you might even be one currently. Every day hundreds of students around the world are logging on to hire an online tutor.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring involves teaching students (mostly of course in grades lower than you, preferably in high school, as you would not know as much to teach a senior now, would you?) in the virtual world, across the web, using technology like headphones, webcam, speakers, video conferencing etc. Cool way to teach, and be taught, right? So, if you are considering taking up a part-time job during your free college hours, go for becoming an online tutor. Set up and advertise your own online tutoring page, or enrol with a good online tutoring website. College Pirates is one of the best websites that offers online tutoring services

Why you will love it…

Online tutoring would fit in perfectly with your college life. it is a part-time option that would not require much changes to your regular schedule too. Making a teaching job a part of college life is one of the best arrangement a college student can do for themselves. Starting your part-time job as an online tutor should be easy. All you need is a laptop/desktop and technical attachments, which you might already be having in your room.

The benefits are many.

  • Teaching students online is a cool way to earn while you learn. The part-time job can go very well synced with the studies of a college student.
  • When you help another students’ study, how much is it that you learn yourself? A lot. You’ll be surprised at the incredible amount of knowledge you can gain while teaching another, about a different subject, from varying kinds of text materials. It gives you a different perspective on things.
  • Doing a part-time job is a great confidence-booster. You are master of your finances, though on a small scale. You are learning to fend for yourself. More so when the part-time job that you do is tutoring online, you are becoming the one you respect when you learn- a teacher! A different feel-good job it is. And not just feel-good, do-good, it gives you so much confidence in your own abilities, your learning resources, your wisdom and your knowledge.
  • As you teach online, you also learn how to deal with prospective clients, how to negotiate, how to deliver service and how to best showcase your skills. These are invaluable lessons that college textbooks will not teach you but will be the stepping stones for your future career.

According to the current statistics, 6 out of 10 students in the US opts for studying with an online tutor currently. That should be motivation enough. Enrol today on College Pirates to take up a tutoring job and change the way you perceive yourself. It’s easy to become a tutor with www.collegepirates.com

All you must do is log on and fill in your details. The rest will be taken care of by us.

With College Pirates Zaineb Team College Pirates

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