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Table of Contents

Introduction – Chapter 1

Why become an online teacher?

How To Get Started With Online Teaching Jobs – Chapter 2

Get a computer

Digital accessories

Teaching accessories

Set your schedule and quote

Be present

9 Skills You Must Have If You Want To Become An Effective Online Teacher – Chapter 3

Subject-matter expertise

Relevant documents showing your said expertise


Virtual communication skills

Coaching and assessing skills

Time management skills




6 Reasons Why You Should Take up Online Teaching Jobs – Chapter 4

Additional earnings

Keep in touch with your knowledge


Your interests

Additional skills

Open a teaching business

Top 5 Benefits of taking up Online Teaching Jobs– Chapter 5

The money

No travel

Ease of work hours

More students, more profit

Expands your knowledge obviously

In Conclusion – Chapter 6

College Pirates’ Online Teaching Jobs Program



Chapter 1 – Introduction

The world constitutes about 18% of youth population; meaning 1.1 billion people are school/college going humans. The shortcoming of education systems of most countries is a well-established fact- it SUCKS! And that’s where best Online teaching jobs have the most potential!

Well, it doesn’t if you study in the land of the midnight sun; but everywhere else is pretty much the same. And assuming that most students are actually aware that their educational requirements aren’t being met at their respective institutes, they would forage for additional aid.

This aid could be a study group, the internet or drumrolls!!! – A professional teacher.

Chapter 2 – How To Get Started With Online Teaching Jobs

Since College Pirates specializes in teachers of the online kind; here’s a step by step on how to become one of the people who are successful in their online teaching endeavors amongst hoards of people fighting for the attention of this 1.1 billion younglings. (Relax, we’re not trying to scare you!!)

STEP ONE – Get a computer (duuuuhhhhh!)


Online teaching jobs from computer

This one is pretty obvious but just for the sake of it, we’re mentioning this. It is preferable that you have a laptop or another portable device when you’re planning to teach online for the ease of moving around and connecting to potential students in a few seconds.

With desktops, you’re more likely to have a fixed time when you’ll be able to sit in for your online teaching jobs, and not have any family member or cat or both disturb you.

With a portable device, you can choose to change your ambience when you like; stroll in a park and teach math online, or go to a wedding and teach English online. Actually, do not do the latter; but you get the gist.

STEP TWO- Digital Accessories

Online teaching through technology

These basically include a working pair of headphones, a microphone, and a good resolution camera. All laptops presently come with a good enough camera but we’re NOT talking about that. Neither do we mean the earplugs that you got with your iPhone.

If you’re going to take up professional online teaching jobs, you need to invest in some good quality recording devices- a camera with high pixel quality, microphone and headphones of the corporate kind; all it takes is a blurry image with screechy sounds for a listener to find another person for the job.

STEP THREE- Teaching accessories


Traditional teaching

We have been one of those people who sound like they’re badmouthing traditional online teaching methods, but we assure you; College Pirates is old school and just believes a little up-gradation is in order. And nothing, absolutely nothing beats the effect of chalkboard/whiteboard and old-fashioned notes taking.

Ergo, in that interest, we suggest you invest in an actual whiteboard or simply use an online one. Once you have thought of taking up online teaching positions by yourself or becoming a tutor for one of the brilliant online teaching sites out there, you also have to find a portal where you can send heavy files with ease. Dropbox, Gmail drives, and a few others are commonly in use.

If this all is too difficult to understand, College Pirates has a help section for its teachers to ask questions or simply get aid in sending heavy notes or arranging whiteboards online for your online teaching jobs – it’s like an admin section of a school where tutors get all sorts of queries resolved.

STEP FOUR- Set your schedule and quote

Save time from online teaching jobs

This would include your timings of availability, what kind of notes or material you’d be providing if you’d be providing any; how many students you’d be entertaining, how many questions are permitted in your query session or regular class, how much do you charge for your online tutoring jobs for teachers, and most importantly, not very stringent, but a vague idea of your quote. (Find out how College Pirates tutoring works here- Hire Tutor Online)

Becoming an online teacher entails a lot of students calling you at ungodly hours or students not being available for their sessions, so, you need to set a fixed time of your online teaching jobs at all times!

And lastly, most new teachers are flexible with their fee; however, you should evaluate what amount you demand for your service and set higher-lower limits of flexibility.

STEP FIVE- Be present

Be patient with online teaching

This one is more subjective in nature. By being present we mean that you actually make the teaching process a step ahead than classroom education.

To conclude, online teaching jobs are one of the best means of working in your spare time when you have some extra time.

It gives you not only the freedom of working at your convenient hours with the people you are comfortable with but also that satisfaction of teaching online to students that need your help!

So, you have decided to take up a virtual teaching job. What next?

Chapter 3 – 9 Skills You Must Have If You Want To Become An Effective Online Teacher


Well, for a start, online teaching jobs are quite a bit different from regular traditional teaching jobs.

Where traditional methods of teaching involve you meeting face-to-face with your student, armed with textbooks, at a specific time, online teaching is done more at a time convenient to you, from the privacy of your space, in the virtual world.

You must have, no doubt thought things through before you decided to become an online teacher.

It is not like such ideas just pop in your head and you act on it on a whim. So, by far, you must be prepared to take up the best tutoring jobs available. Yet for your convenience, we made a list of 7 skills that are a must-have for anyone who wishes to take up online teaching jobs. Here they are:

Subject-matter expertise                       

Online teaching expertise

 If you are pursuing a graduation in History, you cannot hope to take up online English teaching jobs to your online students.

Deep extensive knowledge of your subject is mandatory to successfully take up online teaching jobs.

Whatever subject you decide to teach online, get your basics and concepts right, read on it and prepare your lessons well. You don’t want to be a one-lesson wonder, after which no one would want to hire you.

Relevant documents showing your said expertise

Online teaching credentials

While most websites ask for certificates for obvious reasons, it is also for the students &/or parents who are browsing the list for a good teacher; there’s no better sweet to attract your potential flies than a list of good qualifications for your online teaching jobs.


tech-savvy online teacher

Since you’ve chosen to become an online tutor in lieu of becoming an actual teacher, you must have a steady understanding of how things work in the virtual world.

If not that, you need to be open to change and learning the ways of the INTERNET GENERATION.

Being the grumpy old teacher who fights the winds of novelty whilst holding their calculator helps no one- neither your students nor your unpaid bills.

Change is the mother of the creation of aspiring teachers; embrace it.

Virtual communication skills


Virtual communication teaching skills


Online education jobs are an out-n-out digital profession. Your work is not done

if you just own a laptop/desktop, microphones and/or webcams. To teach online,

you need to know how to communicate with your students in an effective

manner over the computer.

You must learn to prepare your lessons on the screen, take online tests and

give online assignments.

Harvey, one of our online teachers, makes effective use of Information technology

for his online teaching classes. His students love the interactive online quizzes and

the you-tube videos he incorporates in his online teaching sessions.


Coaching and assessing skills

Teaching coach


A good online teacher must be a good coach as well. It is one thing to know your subjects, and quite another to be able to explain that content to students.

There is no point in taking up online teaching jobs if you are unable to put across your knowledge, views, and opinions to your students in an easy-to-understand manner.

Time-management skills

Time management teaching


It is said a person who has learned to manage time, has learned to manage life. Everyone has the same 24 hours available to themselves in a day. Successful people are the ones who make each moment of these hours fruitful and productive. To take up online teaching jobs successfully, manage your time well. Carefully assess your college hours, study hours, leisure hours, and then prepare a doable schedule for yourself. Most importantly, no matter what you are pursuing online teaching jobs from home, always be punctual for your online teaching jobs.



Teaching jobs


“She would be bent on assessing me through tests that I found too difficult. Moreover, there were these 2-3 times when she refused to teach online lessons in the morning as per my schedule”, this is what Linda, one of the online students of Nancy, has to say about her.

To become a successful online teacher, you must be flexible in your approach- regarding the time-schedules, study methods, assessment methods etc. What suits one student might not necessarily suit the other.

Linda is now, obviously, coaching with a different online teacher.



Good online teacher

This is a big one. Classrooms, being full of students; causes the teachers to vomit out their knowledge without the understanding or caring for individual learning styles and speed.

So, in addition to understanding that each of your students has a different pace; you need to pay attention to what they are thinking when you’re asking them to.


Patient online teacher

 This skill is a little difficult to come by when you are teaching online a variety of students from different regions or even different countries and ethnicities, but patience is a quality worth having if you want to excel at becoming an online tutor in the long run.

 When you take up online teaching jobs, there will be times when the system crashes down, when your student does not get the hang of a word you say even after many explanations, or when you might be pre-occupied with your own pending personal work.

 Hold on…

 Don’t let that feeling of quitting the online teaching job get the better of you.

 Be patient. Easier said than done. If your student is unable to grasp a specific concept say, skip it for that day and move on to the next topic.

 Even if there is little age-gap between you as an online teacher and your student, watching you being patient and understanding will be a lesson for them too, not to mention it might just alleviate your status as an exceptional online teacher.

 Mentoring capabilities


Teacher mentor


A good teacher is first and foremost a good mentor. Just like you, many of your students will also be using the online teaching jobs opening platform for the first time, as this fad is just catching on.


  Mentor your students while you teach them online. Provide them with constructive feedback regularly. A popular online teacher is one who encourages his /her students to give in their best and to aim higher for excellence always.


These skills will hold you in good stead when you take up online teaching jobs.


“What about if I don’t have some of these qualities such as being patient and managing my time well”, you might ask. Well, some of these skills are inherent, though all of them can be learned and imbibed with regular practice.


       Having said that, it’s time to move on to tell you more about why I think you should definitely sign up for online teaching jobs in this digital world, where all things are slowly getting connected, and traditional methods of teaching are being beaten down day by day.


So let’s start…


Chapter 4 – 6 Reasons Why You Should Take up Online Teaching Jobs:

There was a time when teaching was considered a noble profession. However, the process of imparting knowledge has lost its charm…

Multiple reasons can be cited for this- The internet has all the information, the vacancies are lower than the applicants, students like to self-educate and most importantly, pursuing a NOBLE PATH doesn’t pay the bills in the present world.

Be that as it may, no computer application or AV file can replace the all-inclusive learning experience as a teacher can. There is a little snag of the work paying off as much as the effort, but it is all well and fixed with the era of ONLINE TEACHING.

Any individual, possessing expertise in any field, with or without a qualifying certificate of NET or B.Ed. can apply for online teaching jobs. The premise is simple, for anyone who is willing to teach, there is always someone who is willing to learn. And in the interest of maintaining the nobility of the profession and synchronizing it with the dystopian reality; we present you with reasons for taking up online teaching jobs in this digital world:

Additional Earnings


Make money online

This is the same as doing part-time teaching jobs for some extra cash, but instead, you do something requiring brain work-out rather than mindless procedural work.

It is a great way for teachers, students, or anyone, really to make some income while helping a fellow student out. Multiple university students teach online as a way to earn a little extra. School teachers have upgraded their home or private tuitions to online teaching platforms.

Keep In Touch With Your Knowledge

Teach online

As is often seen with professional courses, the theoretical knowledge stays strictly outside the employment zones, where practical knowledge greets the aspirant.

Online teaching jobs are a great way to maintain and effectively practice your knowledge as well as learn something new in the process. It is not an unknown fact that big Corporations, while successful, leave fundamentals of work behind.

Hence, online instructor jobs are a great way to be in the stronghold of the practical and the basic.


Teach online flexible

Gone are the days of nine to five jobs which require you to punch your cards not a second later or a minute sooner…

This is why online teaching jobs are so great. You get to decide what your working hours will be or when you need time off. Some online teaching sites, like College Pirates, lets you change your schedule according to your convenience.

There is absolutely no prerequisite to change your slots except that you wanted to.

Your Interests


Online teaching jobs from home


It’s hardly a state secret that whenever we see ads about online teaching jobs or teaching online commercials, they always represent the interest of the student accessing the websites. However, maximum online teaching position facilities have both the students’ and the teachers’ interests at consideration.

While the student can choose what he wishes to study or when or by whom; teachers have that exact same luxury as well. As an online teacher, you can decide if your frequency matches with the student, if a student’s time is a good fit for you or if the student is worth the kind of knowledge you wish to impart.

Some websites are more student-oriented, whilst some like College Pirates, understand that online teaching has a giving and receiving end.

Additional Skills

Teaching jobs benefits

Although teaching isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, nonetheless, those who enjoy it have a little something extra on their experience section in the résumé.

What’s more fulfilling than doing something you find joy in, helping someone in the process while gaining experience and money? Nothing can sell itself better.

Another plus is the tactical skills you acquire while meeting all sorts of varied and curious students.

Open A Teaching Business


Open a teaching business


Another selling point for online teaching jobs is the fact that you can be the employed or the employer.

Many newbies start by joining websites that offer positions of online teaching jobs whilst others attempt their own hand at online teaching as a business. There is no harm or shame in either path.

Once you acquire experience as an online teacher, you can go independent and serve as a private teacher, like the ones that used to come to our homes to teach.

One last and most important factor would be the rewarding experience of teaching itself.

Those who have taught or want to teach are well aware of the ecstasy that is the job of passing on the baton of knowledge to younglings who reflect your past.

So if you wish to take up online English teaching jobs, Online math teaching jobs, teach physics online, or whichever subject, join College Pirates and turn your dream into a virtual reality.

Now that you have a few good reasons to take up online teaching jobs, let’s finally move on to the top 5 benefits of becoming an online teacher.

Although some of these points might be recurring or already understood, they will definitely help you decide if you want to pursue this path of online teaching, or you’re better off without it.

So let’s start!

Chapter 5 – Top 5 Benefits of taking up Online Teaching Jobs

Earn, share your knowledge and gain lots more while teaching online.

Taking online classes as part of online teaching jobs is no piece of cake. Whether done full-time or part-time, teaching students online takes up one’s time and effort on a good scale.

What, then, is it about online teaching jobs that makes it one of the best avenues of work today for college-going students and professionals?

If you decide to take up good online teaching jobs, you will experience a lot of positive gains. Check out here 5 major benefits of acquiring online professor jobs:

The money


High paying online teaching jobs


This, of course, is the major drawing force for professionals and college students. Earn while you learn – what better way to do this than to teach online?

E-teaching is a field that’s ever-gaining popularity. Teaching student online gets you paid anywhere between $30 an hour while starting out. As you gain experience, you may charge your learners up to $60 or even $100 an hour!

Like, that is serious money. A little extra earning never hurts, does it?

There are various online teaching websites, which provide some high-paying online teaching jobs.

By the way, you also save on expenditures that come with a regular job since you are working from home essentially if you are an online teacher.

The ease of work hours


Flexible working hours teaching


“Is this the time to report for work?”

“Oh, Mr. Celebrity! Please try to be on time for your weekend shift.”

“Next time you miss work, please remember, you’re fired!”

Heard too many of these things from your employer? Well, not if you take up some good online tutoring jobs.

Online classes can be scheduled at a time which is convenient for you and your student. If you have morning classes, you can take your online teaching batches during the evenings. You can teach at the time you want.

A great flexible work schedule is what we would all want!

There is no better feeling than to be your own boss and work when you feel like. Online teaching jobs help you achieve just that!

No travel!

No traveling in online teaching jobs


Teaching students online require you to just log in to your computer system, open your e-teaching account and get going. No getting dressed for work, no transit, no riding your bike to your workplace or hiring cabs like for traditional teaching.

This sounds super appealing, I bet!

Take your laptop wherever you feel comfortable and start your work from the comfort of your own surroundings. Saves you a lot of travel time as well as travel expenditure. That’s the power of top online teaching jobs!

More students, more profit


Profitable online teaching jobs


As a traditional teacher, there are only as many students in your local area that you can teach.

That is not the case with taking up online teaching jobs though!

Over the internet, you can take a mix of students from around the world to teach. You can teach English online, or take up online college teaching jobs. The possibilities are limitless!

If you are someone who enjoys interacting with people from diverse regions and backgrounds, this is a great plus for you.


You might teach children, teenagers, or even adults. You meet an array of interesting people who might become both your students and your friends!

Online teachers can take students in batches too, thus more enrolments resulting in a very good profit.


Expands your knowledge obviously

               Learn from online teaching jobs


The web is a treasure of educational and knowledge resources…


And all these resources are at your disposal while you teach online as an online tutor. The modern-day child enjoys learning through You-Tube videos, demos, experiments, online quizzes, MCQs and interactive online learning sessions.

When pursuing online teaching jobs, you learn to use these resources and benefit from them too.


It is a great avenue to increase your subject-matter knowledge, involve your students as well as to become a popular online teacher of choice!


There. I wish I could do all of that too. Sounds extremely interesting, exciting, novel and of course beneficial to my pocket.


Chapter 6: Conclusion


If that convinces you enough, you might want to take up some amazing online teaching jobs with College Pirates

It is sufficiently easy to enroll as an online teacher on College Pirates.

Once you sign up on College Pirates, you get a steady stream of online students whom you can teach online according to your subject-expertise at mutually comfortable timings and attractive remuneration.

Here’s a quick overview video on how to become a teacher on College Pirates:




Just go ahead and join us, and leave the hassles of timely payments, marketing students, continuous work, and other issues to us!

Do you have something about your teaching experience that you would like to share with our readers? Do you think there is something important we have not covered in this article?

Please do let us know in the comments section below!

Or simply mail us on We usually reply within 12 hours. We look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!




Team College Pirates

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