Online Tutoring Jobs:

Your Complete 2018 Guide


Table of Contents

Introduction – Chapter 1

The demand for private tutoring and why it’s important for your child

Why Should You Take up Online Tutoring Jobs? – Chapter 2

You’re the boss

Sense of fulfillment

New friendships

Improve your skills

Remove monotony from your life

Make money while doing what you love

Steps to get started with your online tutoring job – Chapter 3

Identify your goal

Decide your schedule

Pick 3 topics you can focus on

Prepare yourself

Choose the right platform


Qualities required for taking up online tutoring jobs- Chapter 4

Subject-matter expertise

Adaptation to teaching methods

Experience with teaching

Real-life teaching knowledge

Motivation and enthusiasm

How to choose the perfect platform and options available – Chapter 5

Course creation

One on one online teaching

How to apply for online tutoring jobs on various platforms – Chapter 6

Apply to teach online

Get verified and accepted

Start teaching your students

Build a long-term relationship with your students and their parents

Maintain a good quality score and rating for ultimate success

Benefits of taking up an online tutoring job at College Pirates – Chapter 7

1 – Earn up to $60/hr or more according to your experience

2 – New tutors are never left out in this high-demand economy

3 – We offer online tutoring as well as offline tutoring

4 – We listen to both sides in case of any dispute

5 – We have an elite premium tutoring club only a few can join!

In Conclusion – Chapter 8

Act now!





Chapter 1 – Introduction


The world has seen a lot of change. Can you imagine that only a few years ago, most people in the industrial age were working jobs that forced them to work mundane repetitive tasks for long hours?


Fortunately now, we see a shift: the increase of people who simply do their work online, and have control of their own time. There is an increase in work you can do remotely such as online accounting jobs, website making, and one of the most impactful of them all: online tutoring jobs.


According to this article from, by 2020, about 40% of the entire American workforce will be into freelancing. Meaning, more and more people are taking on these online jobs.


The reason why we see this shift is mainly due to the benefits that come with working remotely. Having a little part-time job for that extra earning is what everyone is looking for these days. It is not always enough that one is happy and satisfied with their full-time career.


Whether for monetary gains or just to fulfill a passion inside of you, if you are a professional teacher looking for a part-time tutoring job and if you’ve wondered, “Are there any tutoring jobs near me?”, becoming an online tutor would be one of the best options for you.



Chapter 2 – Why take up online tutoring jobs in the first place?

Benefits of becoming an online tutor infographic

If there is one thing missing in the life of a professional teacher, it is the satisfaction of adequate monetary compensation. Teachers, the world over would agree unanimously on the fact that they get paid quite inadequately for the huge amount of efforts that they put in their teaching work.


All that is set to change with the onset of online tutoring jobs for teachers like you.


Going in tune with the times, if you are a teacher with professional teaching certifications, you would have thought about becoming an online tutor sometimes too.


However, there are specific benefits that you can only get when you start to become a tutor online. These benefits will definitely motivate you enough to become online tutors and start helping students!


Let’s run down some of the most important benefits:


You’re the Boss


Online tutoring business


Tell me, how does earning while being on a Caribbean cruise sound to you? How about earning while being on a beautiful tropical island?


If that sounded appealing to you, then working an online instructor job will definitely be great for you. When you’re working online, you get to choose when and where you want to work, even who you want to work with.


You get the flexibility to work at a time that is most convenient for you, even if you want to do it right at the comforts of your own home. You’re the CEO of your own tutoring business.


Sense of Fulfillment


Freedom with online tutoring jobs


There’s a magic that comes from helping others reach their success.


That’s the reason why online education jobs remain to be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. When you help others succeed, you live a life of impact. Becoming an online tutor just makes this so much easier by granting you access to people around the world who need your help.



New Friendships


New friends with online tutoring jobs


Your access to many kinds of students from all walks of life will open the opportunity for you to create the most memorable of friendships. For instance, when you become a math tutor, you don’t just teach math, but you teach someone the ability to work on their weaknesses. They’ll forever be grateful for you. (Read more here about why you should become an online math tutor)


Improve Your Skills


Professional tutoring jobs


When you teach people something you know about, you usually need to tell explain to them the principles and the concepts.


This means that you will have the opportunity to sharpen your skills and take them to the next level.


Your ability to teach someone is a great indication of how competent you are as well, so that means that to become private tutors is a great way for you to truly improve yourself.


Remove monotony from your life


Boring work


The best benefit that you get from taking up online tutoring jobs on online tutoring websites is that it removes the much-avoidable monotony in your professional life.


When you are teaching at a school or an institution, the biggest danger to your creativity is the boredom that sets in once you settle in your routine. Same curriculum, same students year after year dampen the spark. Taking up online tutoring jobs will change all that.


On online tutoring websites, you can associate with different kinds of students from all cultures and regions from around the world, from school tutoring to college tutoring. You can teach a variety of subjects as per your time permits, use many creative kinds of online tutoring tools while teaching too. The possibilities online are just limitless!


Make money while doing what you love


Make money through online tutoring jobs


Of course, the extra earnings that you get from tutoring online as a part-time tutoring job must be motivation enough!


Within a few clicks, you can set up your tutoring accounts on some of the best online tutoring websites, start teaching and making money in your spare time.


This doesn’t even involve commuting, saving you both time and money on traveling. The websites pay quite well for online tutoring jobs, and when you are experienced enough, you may host your own online tutoring services too.


The pay on various tutoring websites like or usually start from $10 per hour and can go as high as you can imagine. College Pirates pays up to $60 per hour for your tutoring services!


Now that you know about the benefits that come with online teaching jobs, you must be wondering how you can get started. Yes, although online tutoring jobs have become increasingly prevalent, you need to be discerning of how you will invest your time online and know what is needed in the market.


Chapter 3 – Steps to get started with your online tutoring job


There are various platforms to choose from, but how do you begin to choose? What are your next steps? Just follow these simple five steps to help you get started on how to become a tutor:

How to become a tutor online infographic


Identify Your Goal


Goal setting for tutoring jobs


Like in any endeavor you choose to pursue, the first step is to identify your goal. What is it that you want to accomplish with your online tutoring jobs? Are you aiming to work part-time and earn so you can leave your 9-5? Are you planning to earn some extra income so you can travel somewhere?


Identifying what your objectives are will help you make better decisions once you start pursuing your online career in tutoring. Also, it will help you stay focused and motivated to accomplish your goal.


Decide Your Schedule


Online tutoring job schedule


It is wise to set a plan ahead for when you want to work. When you start to work online, you’ll realize that you have the opportunity to be in control of your time.


However, if you don’t plan ahead how many hours you are willing to put in a day, you’ll find that time controls you.


It is easy to lose track of your time when you are working online. If you don’t monitor how much time you spend, you’ll have the tendency of being incapable of appreciating how much you are really earning.


So, determine ahead if you’re only going to become an online tutor on weekends, or maybe you’d want to start with 3 hours a day and increase your hours thereafter. Whatever it is, make sure you find a fit for it in your schedule.


The good news is that being an online tutor is flexible it’s just a matter of deciding what is best for you. (Read this article if you want more reasons to become a math tutor online)


Pick 3 Topics You Can Focus On

Subjects for tutoring jobs


Yes, you may be well-versed in a wide variety of topics, but it is wise to choose your specific specialties. What is it that you are truly good at among all topics? Are you confident you can become an English tutor? What are your main proficiencies if you decide to take on online math tutoring jobs?


List down the three of your own preference.


This is important so you’ll know which topics, in particular, you can focus on and enriching your knowledge about. Picking out the top three topics you want to teach will give you the right combination of flexibility to choose from a lot of online tutoring jobs, and strength in specific topics.


Moreover, choosing a few amounts of topics you can be an expert on could really enhance your profile. This is necessary for establishing a reputation. You’ll position yourself as the go-to person when it comes to that subject. Soon enough, you won’t have to keep looking for teaching jobs near you, the jobs will come looking for you.


Remember that you are not going to be limited to these three topics that you choose to specialize in. You are always free to take on other tutoring jobs online


Prepare Yourself for Online teaching positions


Preparing oneself for online teaching positions


Keep note that once you begin an exciting journey to take up online tutoring jobs, there are a few other things that you need to pack before you go.


Among the things that you need to prepare are the following: your computer, your knowledge, and a good internet connection.


You do not need the fanciest computer you can find on the market. Just have one that you can rely on while you are in one of your tutoring sessions. This will help you establish a good reputation as a tutor — easy to communicate with.


Moreover, as you teach any student, you need to be equipped with extra learning materials to get the job done quicker. Perhaps you can bring out your old book on English grammar if you plan to take up online English tutoring jobs for elementary students or review laws of motion if you plan to become an online Physics tutor.


Think ahead of other tools and resources you can utilize to improve your student’s learning experience.


Lastly, a good internet connection will be your best friend in this entire process. You can make sure you have a good connection at home if you’re planning to work there, or perhaps make sure there’s a secure connection in a good cafe nearby.


Whatever it is, you’ll need a good internet connection to make communication more seamless between you and your students. Whether its SAT tutoring, or Biology tutoring, communication conquers all!


Choose the Right tutoring Platform


Best online tutoring platforms


Having a good platform where you can become an online tutor is like having a pair of wings that will really help your tutoring career take off, and bringing it to new heights.


However, choosing the wrong platform will quickly discourage you from being the best tutor that you can be. That’s why choosing the right one is so critical.


From all the platforms that are available online, make sure you pick one that gives you the freedom to emphasize your own skill set and not limit you. Make sure that this platform pays great care to their tutors by giving benefits. Websites like College Pirates allow their tutors to earn more the longer that they continue to teach.


Also, make sure that the platform select has the features you need to help you explain Lastly, make sure its a platform that has the passion for teaching at its core. When you start to become a tutor, you also become a mentor.  That’s how you’ll be able to make the most meaningful of tutoring sessions.


Chapter 3 – Qualities required for taking up online tutoring jobs:



Qualities required for teaching online

The demand for teachers to teach online increases every day because professional teachers bring with them the top 5 following qualities to the online tutoring services:


  • They have deep and extensive subject-matter knowledge


  • They understand how to work with different types of students with different needs and wants.


  • They come with certifications or experience in teaching and explaining subjects to students such that they understand it well.


  • They are expertly trained in how to provide homework help to students and help them improve their examination grades, one step at a time.


  • Motivating and encouraging their online students at all times comes naturally to them.


Most online tutoring jobs demand that you possess some, if not all of the listed skills above. The simple reason is that this set of skills is a sure-fire way to get ahead in your online tutoring career, and also get ahead of your peers involved in the same field.


So, make sure you follow them to get found on the internet when people search for online tutoring at any time.

Chapter 5 – Choosing the perfect platform and assessing the options available


So, which online platform is best for you?


Best tutoring platforms


When searching for online tutoring jobs, you do not have to look that far. A number of websites have been on the web for quite some time now that offer teaching jobs suiting to your interests and subjects of expertise.


Becoming a tutor is not only much sought after but also a very fulfilling work to do for you.


Now that you know concrete and actionable steps to get you started on being a tutor, you are now free to choose which tutoring platform is best for you.

The answer here will depend greatly on your current position. The way I see it, there are two main different ways you can earn while teaching online: through course creation or through the traditional one on one online teaching.


Course Creation


Course creation tutoring job


Course creation is great for those who don’t mind spending a lot of time preparing all the information in a course.


From preparing infographics for creating the video itself. Sites like are great for non-teaching professionals while sites like Coursera are perfect for those who are currently professors in one of their partner institutions.


When you do create a course, the bulk of your work is at the beginning.


You can be reaping the benefits by earning even while you are asleep! However, do remember that you will have to do some of the marketing legwork yourself.

In summary, these are the top 3 websites that can help you with course creation:




One on One Online Teaching


One to one online teaching jobs


The second type of online professor jobs is the traditional way. Meeting with your students virtually has been around for a while, and it has helped a lot of new tutors connect with students, and build an audience base.


Online one on one teaching is great for the mere fact that you can earn a lot right away up front.


Here, you don’t need much preparation just as long as you are well-versed in a particular subject, and if you have a computer and a wifi connection, you’re good to go.


You can actually get the best out of both worlds by combining both tutoring methods. Let’s say you wanted to become an online math tutor, but you are just starting out. So, you sign up for a platform that will do all the student-hunting for you.


You continue doing your online English tutor job, until such time that you’ve developed a strong base of students who constantly want your help, and you’ve gotten recommendations as well.


Note that only a small number of websites will truly help you reach as many students possible, be sure to select the right platform.


Then, you should start thinking about creating your own online course. From your first step as an online tutor, you enrich your knowledge more so you can share more information of value once you start creating an online course.


Be sure to gather all the common questions asked by your students so you can create a very helpful and comprehensive online course or tutoring. Soon enough, you’re on your way to earning while travel anywhere in the world!


To summarize, here are the top 5 websites that you can use to take up an online tutoring job:




With all that said, you now might have an idea on what you should be doing next. Always remember that it pays to select the right kind of platform to suit your needs.

Best online tutoring jobs

Chapter 6 – How to apply for online tutoring jobs on various platforms


Applying for online tutoring jobs, in most cases, is very easy. Getting accepted is the hard part!


Most platforms who already have a great supply of teachers like coursera will most probably only consider tutors where their supply lacks.


Contrary to what many believe, to teach English online or any other subject, you cannot just get a desktop or a laptop, log in and get started.


While many online tutoring websites do not require special teaching certifications to give out online tutoring jobs, the good and reliable websites would always prefer you have the desired qualifications and expertise. (Read here for more information on the benefits of taking up online tutoring jobs)


For example, Here’s how taking up online tutoring jobs on College Pirates work:

How do online teaching jobs work

Below we list the general process all tutors must and should go through to have a successful and satisfying tutoring career:


Step 1: Apply to teach online

Apply for tutoring jobs online


For getting any kind of online tutoring jobs, you need to first start your application process. The form is usually simple, requiring your latest and honest information about yourself and your teaching credentials.

If you do not have teaching certifications, do not worry, as most good platforms like College Pirates give credibility to exceptional and passionate individuals with expert subject matter knowledge too, and without a degree.


Step 2: Get verified and accepted


Get accepted as an online tutor


The teaching platform will then validate your information and verify your application. Applications for online tutoring jobs may take anywhere from 2 hours to a week or more to get verified/accepted on most platforms, where waiting time generally depends on the volume of applications platforms receive. (We have a waiting time of 24 hours, for example.)

During verification, the team basically checks out all the info provided by you and judges whether you would be a suitable candidate for the online tutoring jobs or not. Most platforms also provide guidance as to which subject you could teach online the best. (Here is a list of the top subjects that you can teach online, which are in most demand)

You will be intimidated via e-mail once your application goes through.

We believe that online tutoring jobs are one of the best part-time jobs that professional teachers can take up to supplement their income. Read here to know why.


Step 3: Begin with your online tutoring job once accepted


Get starting teaching online


The first online tutoring job that you land on most platforms will start you earning up to about $10 an hour on average. As you work more, you get more credit and ratings, and your earning opportunities increase considerably.

At College Pirates, most of our tutors earn about $15 on an average as they start, and the earnings can go as high as $100/hr if the tutor is good enough and has a good reputation on the platform! (Yes, parents do spend $100 on good tutors to help their children succeed.)

Here are the top 15 online jobs for you if you are a college student or someone who is looking for a part-time job on the internet. We thought we’d mention it here if you do not get accepted to the tutoring platform you wanted to!


Step 4: Build a long-term relationship with your students and their parents


Online tutoring jobs long-term relationship


The main key to success in the online tutoring business is building a long-term relationship with your students and their parents!


After all, there’s no continuous influx of cash and experience if you cannot retain your students. (Check out our “Become a College Advisor” program if you want multiple streams of income other than taking up online tutoring jobs)


Always, remember, tutoring is a long-term thing and professionals who know how to work with their students in the best way possible succeed more than their fellow tutors.


College Pirates also offers several benefits for tutors who can retain their students, which includes higher commission levels, more topics to tutor, promotions, better search rankings, and a chance to join the elite tutoring club! (More on this later)


Step 5: Maintain a good quality score and rating for ultimate success


High rating online tutoring jobs


Again, in order to get continuous tutoring business from any tutoring service, you need to maintain a good reputation among your current students and new potential students.


Your rating is the single-most important factor that lets students and their parents judge your performance. Most parents find a tutor that’s best in their field.


It only takes one bad review to ruin your reputation, so I would highly advise you to protect it with all you have, and never accept tutoring requests that you cannot deliver on. Parents are generally not ready to compromise with their children’s academics and want good results.


So, make sure you keep that in mind while working with your students. This single point can help you make tens of thousands of dollars in your tutoring business!


Chapter 7 – Benefits of taking up online tutoring jobs at College Pirates


If you are looking for long-term and satisfying online tutoring jobs, then College Pirates is a great place to start off your tutoring career!


College Pirates online tutoring jobs

When you take up online tutoring jobs on College Pirates, you’ll have access to students from anywhere around the world, who are just waiting for you!


Across over a hundred topics, surely, there is something that you can offer.


Learn more about how easy it is to get started on College Pirates by watching this short video:


Earning has never been this convenient and fun. Your tutoring career is waiting for you, so now become the change that you wish to see. Become a tutor online at College Pirates today!


Here’s a short video on how you can apply for an online tutoring job at College Pirates:


So, what are the benefits of online tutoring jobs that you can enjoy only on College Pirates, and not other tutoring/teaching platforms?


Many online tutoring job platforms guarantee you good pay, security, and continuous demand from students, but fail to deliver on it.


On an average, most tutoring platforms let you earn about $15 per hour for your contribution. This doesn’t make sense at all, especially when you have an experience that demands twice or thrice more than that!


College Pirates has listened to tutors from all over the world, and have made sure the best practices are followed to keep tutors happy and satisfied. (Read this article about online tutoring as a part-time job if you’re a college student)


After all, this is not a one-way street!


So, let’s begin with the top 3 benefits that only College Pirates can provide you for taking up online tutoring jobs. Here they are:


1 – Earn up to $60/hr or more according to your experience


Earn money on college pirates


Apart from letting you choose your own hours, working at your own pace, with the students you prefer, and the type of tutoring you would like to provide; there’s one thing that College Pirates stands out with, and that’s the amount you can earn here per student!


In the beginning, online tutoring jobs at College Pirates offers a scope of earning around 15-20$ an hour. (Learn more about our online teaching jobs here)


The pay increases steadily as you move ahead with more number of students and more questions that you answer. The average earnings per hour for anyone providing online Math tutoring or English tutoring on College Pirates is 42$ per hour! (Need more motivation to teach online? Read here for more reasons to become an online tutor.)


We have a very good and steady promotion system based on your performance, put in place to make sure you are highly rewarded for keeping up a long-term relationship with us as well as the students you find here.


On your best level, you can earn up to $60/hr currently! (Minus the fees that’s comparatively lesser than other tutoring companies)


2 – New tutors are never left out in this high-demand economy


Beginner online tutoring jobs


College Pirates has a unique tutoring system, which allows students to search for you as well as submit their request so that anyone who is available and can help, is able to accept it and start off their career.


Unlike most online tutoring services, we make sure that a new tutor has enough opportunities to compete in this market where high-experienced professionals have the advantage.


We make sure you get a chance once in a while with your students. The rest depends on how you handle the situation and persuade them to choose you.


Therefore, make sure you follow all our points mentioned above that tell how to be a great online teacher and also make sure your tutoring profile is always professional, updated, and clean at all times!


3 – We offer online tutoring as well as offline tutoring


Online and offline tutoring platform


Most tutoring companies either offer online tutoring jobs (,, or just private tutoring jobs ( Whether people are searching for, “Are there any good tutors near me?” or, “Are there any good online tutors for my child?”, we have a solution for both!


College Pirates has online tutoring jobs for both niches to help you maximize your earning potential, and get you the one-stop tutoring job solution from which you will never get bored!


Feel lazy sometimes? Don’t want to go out and still earn money? Take up online tutoring jobs with us!


Feeling bored at home? Want to interact with people and help them succeed? Take up virtual teaching jobs here.


With College Pirates, the possibilities are limitless!


4 – We listen to both sides in case of any dispute


Online tutoring jobs disputes


In case of any professional issues between you and your student, or if sometimes students are not satisfied with your tutoring method, most tutoring websites put the blame on you and let the student enjoy the benefits.

This results in a disastrous effect on your overall ratings, and literally ruins your future chances of getting students!


College Pirates does not let this happen. (Check our the College Pirates blog to learn more about our online tutoring program)


We make sure that in case of any discrepancy, both parties are given chance to explain their situation to us. We make sure that the best justice is done to both parties, and never let our tutors get into a situation from which they can’t come out. You can count on us anytime if you’re not the one at fault!


5 – We have an elite premium tutoring club only a few can join!


College Pirates premium tutor club


Once you reach the highest level of tutoring with us, you are eligible to become a premium tutor at College Pirates.


This tutoring club is only exclusive to the best of the best tutors, and allows you to enjoy several benefits like higher commissions, ability to set your own rates, receiving tutoring requests before others to take advantage, better search rankings, and much much more! (We can only reveal everything once you are a tutor, so apply here if you are really interested)


No other tutoring platform in the world can offer you the liberty and earnings that comes with College Pirates’ Online tutoring jobs!


We deliver on quality. Everything else is secondary…

Chapter 8 – In Conclusion

Act Now!

Do not be limited by your means, income, and timings. Do more. Be more.


So, what are you waiting for?


There is this whole world of online tutoring jobs waiting for you to explore. Sign up at today to connect with thousands of students waiting to learn from you across the world and see your horizons expanding!


Have you worked as an online tutor? If you have a few hours free every day, and you want to make money in those, what options would you look for?


Aren’t online tutoring jobs a very fulfilling as well as a rewarding option for part-time work? What kind of students would you prefer teaching online? Share with us in the comments below or mail to us directly at for any questions. Cheers!


Happy Tutoring!



Team College Pirates


P.S: If you are a parent of a high school student who’s about to get into college, you should definitely check out our “Hire a College Advisor” program. We’re sure it is a goldmine for your child!


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