College Pirates has been going on and on about improving grades and getting tutoring help in our articles but when we said we’re here to make this an easy journey for you- we meant it. We are aware that life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine and just studying hard won’t get you in your preferred college; there are other factors at play here- negative ones. We’d like to reach out to the parents via this article who have teens on their hand; or head. So, you might end up searching for things like, “improve child grades high school” or “how to help my child in school” It’s really a classic story- a child is nice and obeying, hormones hit child, child rebels and the parent a constantly tensed about it. Nothing new, perfectly normal.

However, sometimes what we are asked to dismiss as typical adolescent behavior could be collateral damages of a bigger fight. Again, as we always say, school education isn’t the same as it used to be, there’s a lot of competition, the work load is the size of Titanic’s iceberg etcetra. Mostly, it is the hormones; but sometimes, ITS NOT.
So in the interest of the requests of a lot of anxiety stricken parents, we give you these telltale signs that your teen is not just hormonal but under a lot of stress:

  • Physiological Changes

All you mummies and daddies are aware when your child has changes in his biological routine; still, to cover it all, we’re laying it down-
“Changes in sleeping habits- too much or too less; eating habits- eats a lot or nothing at all; suffers from bowel issues- is constantly constipated or diarrheic or both; suffers from frequent headaches, fevers, breathing problems, etc. And changes in menstrual cycles- duration, intensity and consistency are also indicative- FOR GIRLS (seriously?!)”
Most of these signs could be very mild- sleeping an hour more/less or could be due to some temporary stress such as performance in a school rally or sports event; however, the duration and the severity are the main facets that are to be noted. If your child has prolonged symptom(s) which don’t seem to go away, then you should consider that your child could be under pressure.
Additionally, Sometimes your child seems to appear normal and has constant complains of pain in a particular area (head, back, neck) and the doctor cannot seem to find a cause. Yes, that’s also a sign of severe stress. These symptoms famously called PSYCHOSOMATIC, mean a mental problem causing bodily symptoms.

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  • Behavioural Changes

While you may believe that your child may be acting out due to his identity crisis and the only reason he/she isn’t able to cope with their school work is this; you could be right. Or you could be very very wrong. You feel you can hire a tutor and your job is sorted. It is important to understand that not being able to get the proper educational aid is only a part of the matter. Another side of this coin is the fact that the work is so much that it overwhelms your child. Changes in behavior such as irritability, anger issues, isolation, social withdrawal, concentration problems, mood swings, etc. are standard symptoms you should look out for.

Behavioural Changes

  • Avoidance

We actually don’t mean the usual temper tantrums or getting sick in the mornings before school- this is a thing for middle or preschoolers (parents should also take these signs seriously); teens, however, tend to react to school stress entirely differently. They may skip school/classes, hang with friends of different classes (usually older students) or indulge in drugs. Most parents soil their pants over the fact that bad company is the cause of substance abuse in children; it is more of an escape than a recreation.
Strictly speaking, look out for avoidance behavior n your child- refusal to go out to social gatherings or meeting relatives or discussing school routine or school work with you. Simply, observe what length your child goes to avoid aspects pertaining to his education.

Telltale signs

  • Isolation

We’ve already sort of covered this point previously but it’s a major sign of hyper stress which has earned its place as a separate symptom category. Isolation can be loosely translated as refusal to socialize with relatives and friends- even the ones the child prefers and immediate family (mother or father or sibling or all) and most importantly- isolation refers to SHUTTING DOWN. Your child doesn’t seem like themselves and have been either odd or rebellious in their behavior. They refuse to leave their room and may even be a nervous wreck. Of course, these could be a sign of teenage LET ME LIVE MY LIFE syndrome or it could be something serious. A parent should be receptive to all possibilities.


  • Harm Inflicting Behaviour

This includes anything from pulling hair to wrist cutting or hurting other people- physically or psychologically; masochism and sadism, if you understand those terms (please don’t take them as referring to sexual lifestyle). Children who tend to have bullying tendencies or tendency to cut their hands or legs can be claimed to be suffering from school pressure. A research by National institute of health in San Francisco revealed up to 30% students are flirting with the lines of suicide risk.

There you go parents! These are the top notch signs to look out for in your youth if you want to detect school phobia (the proper word is DIDASKALEINOPHOBIA; no we did not Google it).
The main goal of publishing this article is to ensure that you can come to your child’s aid in time so that they don’t drown themselves under the workload which will eventually ruin their chances of making it to their dream college or YOUR dream college; you get the drill.
College Pirates always works to make sure that our students don’t suffer from the hands of online tutors as well and we’re here to solve any of your worries or queries; just let us know in the comments below if you have any doubts or share your troubles with your teen.

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