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The word “SAT” itself gives jitters to aspirants and horror flashbacks to those who have passed through it (more like IT passing through them). Although over 1.7 million children appear annually, only the top 300 bask in the glory of being the cream. (We love throwing numbers your way and scaring you). Not all of the big 300 are on the higher limits of the Intelligence Normal probability curve, some of them plan and study the right way. Hence, to help you or your children become successful in getting into their colleges,
College Pirates has brought you tricks to take the dreaded SATs.
(We will not be intentionally boring you with the usual- state goals, practice, balanced routine, etc.)
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  • Know your opponent

Look, we just like the phrase; it’s not a face-off between two cowboys. By opponent, we meant the exam. You can surf the internet to see how to attempt these, what guidelines to follow, download mock test papers for practice, find out test loopholes (how many questions you can afford to leave) or maybe hire an online tutor for just having someone walk you through the process of studying it and coming out victorious.
College Pirates can also provide you tutors to guide you through this process- it could be a weekly/monthly session or a one off, it’s your choice.

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  • Fine you strong spots

Generally, people ask you to get math help or English help or any kind of tutoring help really; for the subjects, you’re weak at. We do not agree; AT ALL. See, if you master something you’re struggling with, then you invest a lot of time in being good at just one new thing. On the other hand, if you choose something you’re already fairly or completely good at- you spend half the time practicing something that has a very high chance of getting you marks. Hence, we believe you make a list of things you know best in a descending order- the topic you know most to little and subjects that are alien to you in ascending order. The subject you know most will take less time and will be a check off your list of THINGS WHICH WILL HELP ME SCORE and as you move down the list, the time spent practicing will increase.
For the topics you don’t know, you spend time with the easiest to comprehend first rather than starting with trigonometry (we know all of you are afraid of mathematics; don’t lie, at least to our faces). This way, you can see if you can actually afford to leave a topic since you can know what all subjects will be fetching you marks.

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  • Beg, borrow, steal

Don’t actually steal; I mean we aren’t telling you how to live your life but don’t go snooping on encrypted government files claiming
College Pirates told you so. Okay, so if you’re a sucker for old-school style of hardcover books and the smell of old paper- we honestly FEEL you. But with the cost of real books skyrocketing, you can’t afford to study and excel by your principals. Ergo, you rummage the internet for sites that provide free material, websites providing notes and question papers. Ask that relative/ neighbour you despise for notes and tips, or get tutoring help of any kind-online or in flesh. Just think of yourself as a drowning sloth and work those limbs. Naturally, you have to leave your principals, poise and pride in a locked box on your nightstand. We promise you, this effort will not end in regret.
One more thing, always remember this juju- Quality over Quantity; never compromise with quality. (Unless you’re the guy who purchases several dozens of watermelons for half off before they go bad and later becomes a math book problem)

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  • Work smart, not hard

Now the official party line always reads WORK HARD AND YOU’LL ACHIEVE or something as gagging and old-fashioned as this. But College pirates has always been all about evolution (Yes, Darwin comes to mind; no, we are not biologists). It is quintessential that you know where you have no choice but to labor and where you can use shortcuts. Skimming over passages and trying to answer questions beforehand, using thumb rules for mathematics, applying process of elimination, attempting easy questions first, timing yourself beforehand to assess your speed and my personal favorite- ‘if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth’ (Do Not exclaim that that’s what Spock says; ill hurl a brick at you. I respect the nerd in you, but its Sherlock Holmes-yes, Cumberbatch, but there’s also a book; Nevermind); loosely translated, it implies that we always assume that if a question is too simple, there must be a trick or an answer can’t be so straightforward. Hence, the Conan Doyle quote. (he’s the writer of Sherlock Holmes’ original book; don’t you guys read?)

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  • Know thyself and Handle them

This is really a spin-off of stay relaxed, breathe and all, but what we really mean devising a plan or mantra which will help you. See, it’s natural that you’d be tired, overwhelmed, afraid and just irritable at times. What you have to do is acknowledge and accept all that you know, or don’t know and the fact that this prep tine will be testing mentally and physically. Ensure that you have a way out if you start losing it, your motivation flies away or you get over in your head during the actual test. Imagine you’re an adult who has a crying baby at their hands with no one to help. You’d freak out but eventually take up the task and eventually, find out what calms the baby. So, you’re the parent and you’re the baby you will have to coddle. Welcome to parenthood! I’m obligated to say it’s great.

We hope what we have shared through this article is not mundane and comforts/helps you during your prep time. If you feel this article is helpful, do share it with other suffering test takers and let us know your problems & queries for SAT prep.

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