There are undoubted, an umpteen number of factors have to be taken into play if one is planning to hire a tutor for their children or ward. The number of people practicing tutoring is unimaginably high, thus making it easy to find someone to barely scratch the surface of what is being expected to be done. But if one wants to find the perfect hire a tutor, taking into mind the mentality and interest of their ward, a list of factors has to be considered and followed through.

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The commitment, qualifications, experience and the personality of the tutor must be keenly observed and investigated. Hiring a tutor involves a lot of work on the parents’ part too, which many people fail to realize. Also, the student must recognize the efforts of the tutor and must feel that they have learned something if the class has been productive enough.

A set of parameters have to be made in order to ensure the rightness of the choice made in selecting the most proper tutor at your doorstep.

Choosing the Right Fit: Hire a Tutor 

The process of hiring a tutor must be unbiased and should be done unencumbered with the thought of leaving the ward into unsuitable hands. All tutors are seemingly exemplary in their own way of tutoring. Thus the only thing to be concerned about is if the ward finds his/her teaching enjoyable and appropriate. Given below are a list of things to be kept in mind and asked about to the candidate. Having a check on these will ensure you get quick help at the right time.

Early profession/ History

It is mandatory to keep in the knowledge the history of the teacher to obtain a rough idea of how efficient he/she had been in coping with the students and also to know if his way of teaching is pertaining to modern methods and techniques. It is also required of him to be presented with a letter of recommendation that shines explicitly on the candidate’s capability as a teacher, with complete details about the person making the recommendation.

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The tutor should be allowed to illustrate his teaching method with the student and assessed based on it. She/he should be made to mingle with the student and guide him through a small part of the lesson. The tutor should also be assessed on his patience towards the ward, or if he/she offers motivation to the ward sincerely when needed, or does he/she corrects the ward upon any mistake being made without losing his composure.


The tutor should be enquired upon about the fees expected by him/her and the appropriate structure of payment with time. The number of sessions per day, and the number of days per week and the cost of each session must all be elucidated upon, as clearly as possible.


The qualifications and credentials of the tutor are quintessentially required in order to assess his/her experience and method of work. Depending upon the age of the ward, the credentials can be narrowed down to the required criteria. The tutoring certification and other teaching certificates must be asked for, mandatorily.

Background of work

If he/she is not a private tutor, the institution of affiliation must be known and background checked. The tutor should be asked to provide his professional liability insurance at the time of joining.


The location of tuitions must be discussed and must be kept at a convenient distance to both tutor and the student. Undoubtedly, it is safe to have the location as somewhere public and open, with a more customary vibe to instill a poignant sense of responsibility in the student. This will ensure your kids get study notes from the extra classes too that’d enhance his stability in the subject.

Other queries/questions

The tutor can be asked other personal questions in order to get to know each other better, like how he/she deals with exasperating students, how he/she came into this line of work. What they think their role as a tutor is, literally defines him/her as a teacher as well as a mentor to the student. How he/she deals with slow-learning students and their ceiling of tolerance for frustrations regarding the students’ behavior says everything about them as a person and the connection the student makes with them.

Choosing a tutor among a hundred worthy ones does not depend on how adept and qualified they are, alone. The important thing is for them to connect with the students at a personal level without sacrificing their sense of duty as a teacher. Thus, the tutor should know to manage both the aspects without any compromise on either of them. They should know what would invoke the intellectuality of the student and what would motivate their student to push farther past their self-limits.

The role of a teacher does not only involve imparting education and knowledge into the student as commonly misconceived but should also awaken a sense of responsibility on their part that should invariably reflect in the students’ progress.

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