College pirates is a community of online tutoring services, which we have emphasized enough; what we have not stated is the fact that tutoring help for any topic also includes English tutors who specialize in helping people improve English as a second language or ESL tutoring, for short. We’re going to throw some stats at you, ready? Here goes- more than 50 countries speak English, approximating to about 400 million people. English was the world’s most spoken second language, until Spanish beat it just over a decade ago. Nonetheless, English has been named the world’s most influential language. PAUSE FOR REACTION!


We don’t find it as much of a surprise, but still, these stats were merely an attempt to tell you the quintessential need to master English. You could master Spanish or French; but the focus of article will be to improve English.


Now that we have sold you the idea of learning the language or keep persevering if you were tired of not making as much progress as you wanted and were entertaining the idea of quitting, we’re now going to give you a list of tools which will help you. Yes, you can call us knights in shining armors; although we prefer a frat brother in sneakers and Nike shorts.
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● The magic of the WORLD WIDE WEB: there are multiple websites out there that help you master English or be able to provide online teaching service or private teaching of the language. There are basically four aspects to any language- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Some websites aid you in learning to write the language with proper syntax and semantics, some to read and pronounce; and, you follow us? Great!


These websites are designed to aid ESL learners specifically as well as teachers of ESL, so you can confidently browse knowing they are sensitive to the fact that you’re just not a regular English speaker. You can browse for yourself and find the ones which are free or which charge a nominal amount; for instance,, EverythingESL, Colorin Colorado, ESL Basics, ESL Gold; among others.


● CLICHÉ Corner: This isn’t a link or something. We’re absolutely nauseated to say this, but the cliché of practice makes perfect is true here *gagging sounds*. As unfortunate as it is, College pirates has proudly claimed the road less traveled so far; we have to for once accept the traditional. But hey, it’s not all bad. By practice we don’t mean that you have to study 16 hours a day to master the language and learn the basic protocols of the language; we would suggest a more learning-on-the- job method. What you have to do is simply surround yourself with the language;
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▪ Read bad literature ( by bad we mean something along the lines of excruciatingly indigestible like twilight*gags again* and not something that is badly written; language wise)
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▪ Watch movies where English is the spoken language (we mean to differentiate Hollywood movies from the Korean Rom-Coms with English subtitles; they are good we know. Stop trying to convince us, okay!)
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▪ Listen to and Sing songs in the language


Pretty much spent time doing everyday tasks like watching videos and news and reading articles; all via the mode of English than your native language. When you watch plot wise bad movies or read such books, the only risk you’re running is regret and a general hate for being part of species that has spawned and is responsible for wildly popularizing vampire romance. We can’t actually swear by the syntax, however, the speaking part would be fairly helpful for you.
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Welcome to the states: You don’t really have to relocate to a place where the primary language is English (you can try it if you want to or whatever) , you should, however attempt to find person(s) who can talk to you in the language. It is really an extension of the previous point, but when you learn a language by speaking it for everyday stuff like asking for directions or buying groceries. It is said that we learn faster when we involve our subject of learning with our routine. ( don’t question us; we SCIENCE-ed it)
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Keep a diary: This point is specifically for writing as well as improving vocabulary. You write your thoughts or what your day was like, like a regular journal, but you write it in English as part of the twist in the tale. You can write what you want and if you don’t know the word for a particular thing, you look it up and then you fill in the blank. You can write pretty words you come across or quotes that you like. And then you can browse what you stumbled across every time you go to write and BAM! It’ll be etched in your memory.
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Hire a tutor: College Pirates has always been encouraging of asking help without shame. If you feel that self-study isn’t your cup of tea, you can always hire an online tutor for helping you. You can even hire a personal tutor but we push online tutoring because you aren’t restricted by time- neither the hours nor the duration.


You can choose to apply for online tutoring services for whatever time you want; for instance, if you are comfortable to study at late night hours, you can specify that in your profile and we’d find the perfect match for you. A tutor who is helping you at your preferred terms can only better your experience of learning the language.


These are our recommendations to help out the learners of English as their second Language. You can always log on to College pirates and ask as many questions you want from our help section guys (They’re nice blokes and do not judge).


Let us know what difficulties you faced/or are currently facing in learning the language. Any personal experiences and doubts are always welcome. We love our little chats!


Happy Mastering!


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