Top 15 Online Jobs For College Students


(Your Complete 2018 Guide)


Table of contents



Introduction – Chapter 1



Getting Started – Chapter 2


Financial freedom in college


Make money online


Top 15 Online Jobs for College Students – Chapter 3


1. Make money blogging

2. Connect people

3. Online assistant

4. Social Media Manager

5. Write as a Freelancer

6. Earn by taking Surveys

7. Transcription Work and Data Entry

8. Become an Influencer

9. Online Bookkeeping

10. Get into Website Testing

11. Selling your Items Online

12. Video Editing

13. Designing Graphics

14. Become a College Advisor

15. Become an Online Tutor


Conclusion – Chapter 4


What are you waiting for?









Chapter 1 – Introduction




As Judd Apatow rightly said,


“College is the reward for surviving high school.”


When we grow and become adults, our responsibilities increase. We also tend to reminisce. You might look back into our college days and wonder why you didn’t look for online jobs for college students.




The memories you make during the time you were a student at college will stay with you forever and so does the experience and skills you gain. So make decisions you wouldn’t regret.




Where the high school is a trying phase for many of us, our time as a college student can be liberating. When in high school, there are innumerable pressures to look good, to perform well, to be amongst the cool ones.




But once you enter university, most of those stresses seem frivolous. We come to terms with our personalities, and realize that there are more important things in life than seeking validation, one of which is able to self-sustain.


It is a time that you should look for online jobs for college students. And of course, most of us would not like to take undue advantage of this time to do so.




Therefore, College students should start standing on their own feet as soon as possible.


Chapter 2 – Getting Started




Financial freedom in college




Earn money through online jobs for college students




For college students, having control over their money is the ultimate independence. And it should be so. You are now grown-up. It reflects well on your personality and reputation if you start taking care of your finances now.




Of course, this involves hard work. Many college students turn to tutoring jobs and a lot more look for online jobs for college students for added income.




Grades are also important for a college student. Achieving good grades is extremely crucial in our demanding, increasingly competitive world.




So, most college students would want a job that they can pursue after hours, without affecting their studies, and one that would help them support their expenses, outings, college materials expenditure and more.




Make money online




Make money online by jobs for students




College students can take up any number of odd jobs available for part-time jobs after college hours. These not only add to their skill set and experience but also help them make money enough to take care of their everyday expenses.




More than the usual kinds of jobs, like being a waiter, helping at local stores, working as marketing executives etc. college students these days are opting to take up online work to make money in their spare time.




Online tutoring Jobs are one of these jobs. But there’s really a lot of online jobs for college students you can take. Through online work, you can make money without having to leave your dorm!



Chapter 3 – Top 15 Online Jobs for College Students




Here, we share with you 15 of the most popular ways college students can make money online. So, let’s get started:




1.    Make money blogging




Blogging for earning


The most popular option for making money online for many years now has been blogging. All you need for this job is a computer and some writing skills, a blog hosting site and you are good to go.




Affiliate marketing is a big way to make money through online blogging. You get lots of ad revenue if your blog gets popular (Check out our blog as an example!), and one of the ways to create a popular blog is to write about something specific that will help your readers.




That’s what you call niche-writing! This is one of the many online jobs for college students that’s compatible with a lot of fields.


Recommended job boards for bloggers:





2.  Connecting people as an online recruiter




Become a recruiter


Earn up to 30$ an hour through the online job of connecting people to the right kind of employment. LinkedIn, Upwork, SimplyHired etc are all websites that hire freelance online recruiters. Helping other people who are looking for online jobs for college students is what’s going to make you money as well.




So, in a way, you will be acting as the recruiting agent for the company or firm that hires you virtually. This job will involve looking for people who need jobs and connect them to the right ones. You might also need to interview potential candidates and screen their resumes.



Recommended resources for recruiters:


  • LinkedIn is one of the most common sites that recruiters use to look for talent.
  • Indeed is also a good place to do job posting for recruiters.




3.  Online assistant




Become an online assistant




You can earn around 15$ an hour easily online if you are good at administrative and organizational activities.



There are many websites like Zirtual or sites which offer online jobs for college students that have a great demand for virtual freelancers. This online occupation will require you to help companies and business organizations to organize and align their work for them.


Customer service, data entry, market research etc. are some of the things you will be doing when you become an online assistant. This one falls under one of the many good online jobs for college students.



Recommended resources for Virtual Assistants:





4.  Social media manager




Become a social media manager




There’s no doubt that in 2018 social media is a big thing. That’s why it’s possible for you to turn the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media websites into an income generating activity.



Almost all businesses require social media managers to advertise their services, market their products, and create an image of their brand among the public.


It’s safe to say that out of all the online jobs for college students out there this one will feel more natural to you.



Companies know the value of social media presence and as a college student who is adept at navigating the digital landscape, you can make serious money out of this.



Recommended resources for Social Media Managers:





5. Write as a freelancer




Become a freelance writer




If you have a knack for writing, or if you’re enrolled in a course that involves a lot of writing, you can put those skills to good use.


You can try different forms of writing depending on your ability. The easiest one that can be learned is content writing. It involves a little bit of research, but if you know how to string together words effectively, you won’t have trouble with it.


If you’re knowledgeable at a particular subject or niche then you have more potential to earn a lot. This is one of the online jobs for college students who know how to write well.


Use what you know so far and get those fingers busy typing. Having experience as a freelance writer can also add to your credentials if you’re taking a literature related degree in college. Actually, having writing experience will benefit you in any degree. This is why writing is an option for online jobs for college students.




Recommend resources for Writers:


  • pays you to write essays about college it’s also a way for them to find writers.
  • MediaBistro is also a good place to go to online jobs for college students.




6.  Earn by taking Surveys




Earn by taking surveys


I bet you didn’t imagine you can earn money from filling out surveys. It’s easy and doesn’t take much skill. As long as you know how to answer or in some cases give out your opinion on a topic then you’ll be fine.


Admittedly it’s not among the most lucrative online jobs for college students, but it’s something worth your time if you have a lot to spare. (That time can also be used for effective studying. Here are some secrets to effective studying if you are interested.)


It doesn’t really take much to sign-up and most of the sites don’t require a hefty amount of personal information.



One notable thing to remember is that you shouldn’t have to pay anything to get into these sites. So stay away from a survey site that asks you for money upfront. Look only for legitimate online jobs for college students.


To make sure that a survey site is legitimate there are several things you can check. The most obvious indicator is if the site is promising something that is too good to be true.


Don’t expect to earn a hundred bucks a day for answering surveys. Always check if the website information is complete and if there is a privacy policy present on the site that you can read.


Overall, if you have time to spend on answering, taking surveys is a good way to earn a little bit of cash on the side. That’s what I call the epitome of online jobs for college students.


Resources recommended for Survey Takers:


  • Swagbucks has a variety of ways to earn aside from taking surveys.
  • InboxDollars is also a good option for this kind of work




7. Transcription work and Data Entry jobs




Transcription jobs for earning online




Are you fast with your hands when it comes to typing? If you are a college student reading this there’s a high chance that you are fairly speedy when it comes to inputting words on your keyboard.



Why is it relevant? Well, there are several online jobs for college students that pay well, and only requires to encode data. Data entry is one of them.


If you are particularly adept and speedy at typing, plus you have a great eye for detail then data entry is your go-to side hustle.


This type of job involves transferring written information from one form or media into a digital form. A good example would be to encode pictures of handwritten documents into a document file and similar formats.


Transcription on the other hand often involves listening to an audio file and encoding the dialogue from the file into digital form. Examples range from recorded phone calls to the recording of meetings.


This is one of those online jobs for college students wherein the faster you can get work done the better pay you get. Speed is the name of the game in data entry and transcription work.



Recommended resources for Data Entry jobs:





8. Become an Influencer




Become an influencer




When you hear about online jobs for college students, an influencer might not be on your mind. But true enough if you do it right it can make you some serious cash.


Of course, not everyone enjoys attention and a lot would rather work discreetly. But if you’re a person who basks in the glory of helping others and getting noticed here is one of the best online jobs for college students out there.


According to this Forbes article, an Instagram user with 100,000 followers can command $5,000 for a post made in partnership with a company or brand.


However, don’t make the mistake and think becoming an influencer can be done overnight. Nothing big can happen in the span of a short time unless you won the lotto, which also something highly improbable.


You have to be really dedicated and consistent in growing your personal brand. You have to put the effort into marketing yourself and create content for your social media sites.  


Fair warning. This job can get time to get going and also takes a lot of your time, so as a college student you should know how to balance your life so your studies won’t suffer.


An appropriate example of an influencer that thrives in the college niche is Thomas Frank. Similarly, you can be an influencer You can create content regarding online jobs for college students too.


This makes balancing college life and works easier. (Read more about improving college grades.)


People to follow for aspiring influencers:


  • Neil Patel knows how to effectively market and grow a brand.
  • Leonard Kim is another personal branding expert that I recommend you follow.


9. Online Bookkeeping




Become an online bookkeeper



Online jobs for college students can come at the benefit of being related to a degree they are currently taking. Bookkeeping jobs might help accountancy students get a step ahead of their career but this job is not exclusive to them alone.


More than knowing how to crunch numbers, this job also involves a lot of discipline and patience. Sites like are proof the remote bookkeeping is a legitimate market to get into.


Some specific tasks that online bookkeepers do are providing financial reports, monitoring individual accounts receivable, verifying and recording invoices from suppliers and many more.


In a nutshell, this is one of those online jobs for college students that involves recording a ton of financial transactions both for businesses and individual clients.


This is also a great avenue to get somewhat of an insight on how companies manage their finances and businesses.

Recommended resources for bookkeepers:




10. Get into Website Testing




Become a website tester




A website is a crucial part of a business. It’s basically a requirement nowadays if someone wants their business to go far and they want to reach a wide range of audience.


That being said it’s important for companies to receive feedback regarding how user-friendly and functional their site is. Now, although web-developers can test sites for themselves there is still a difference when a website is tested in the perspective of a user.


To avoid bias and to overcome certain blind spots website testers are hired to look into all the features pages of a specific site.


If you are good at providing detailed constructive criticism and know how to communicate it clearly and effectively, that’s a plus.


Also, it’s not just websites that need testing, Phone applications require testing too before they are released onto the market. It’s vital for these apps to work without a hitch or else bad customer experience will prevent the app from gaining traction and making much profit.


Surely if you are a creator you down want that to happen to your product. Games follow the same protocol, there is internal testing. Alpha and beta testing, and sometimes testers are specifically outsourced by the developers.


There is money in testing, try it out. This one proudly goes into our list of Online jobs for college students.



Resources for testers:


  • UserTesting is a good place to start getting testing jobs.
  • UserZoom is also a good platform to check out.



11. Selling your items online




Sell your stuff online




Some people have a lot of stuff in their hands both figuratively and literally. Although it can feel awesome to own a lot of stuff, it’s also really cumbersome to track and maintain all of these possessions. Chances are a lot of items you have are going to sit in a corner and collect dust.


So why not make a profit out of them, if you’re not using them? Of course, you have to make sure they are in good condition otherwise it would be a shame to sell used, and almost non-functional items.


Sites like Shopify offer the general public an opportunity to put their owned items for sale and earn money. All you have to do is sign up and list the items you have and take time to write accurate and honest descriptions of the state of the product.


The amount of money you will earn depends of course on how many items you can sell. So if you only have a few things to sell don’t expect much in return. Unless of course, you’re selling expensive brands and things like that.


If you’re really serious about online selling and making the most out of online jobs for college students then you can start flipping items. Meaning you buy something at an affordable price, preferably ones that are on sale, and sell them at a slightly higher price for profit.


If you do that, then you can be sure to have a sustainable of the way of earning while in college. As long as you put time and effort into it just like anything else.


So considering the amount of time college demands from you, listing items for sale won’t be much of a hassle and minimizes interference with your studies. This is certainly a good choice for online jobs for college students.


Sites, where you can sell your items online, are:


  • Shopify is a fast growing e-commerce platform that you should get into.
  • Ebay is also a classic place to sell items.



12. Video Editing




Become an online video editor




Visual stimulus is the defining marketing feature of the new generation. Basically what that means is that most people prefer watching videos or looking at info-graphics to absorb information.


Businesses and companies are aware of this. That’s why they take time to produce videos as part of their marketing materials. This where you can come in. Video editing is a serious contender among online jobs for college students.


You don’t have to be a film student to edit videos efficiently. Corporate firms aren’t looking for cinematic video editing — unless of course during rare occasions, when they need something like that.


Regardless of having common sense and basic video-editing knowledge is your bread and butter when it comes to a job like this. This is why this is a part of our list of online jobs for college students. The skill required to do this can be learned.


Consider yourself an asset if your enrolled in a degree that requires you to do similar tasks. This means you’ll be able to charge higher.


Word of advice, it’s best to be literate in different editing software to maximize your potential if you’re looking to continue with this career even after college. It’s a very useful proof in your portfolio if you can provide samples of videos you have worked on.


This is the wonderful thing about video editing, the more you do it, the more jobs you complete, and the more you’ll have evidence of your skills under your belt.


Fire up that editing software and start looking for clients! This is a gem among online jobs for college students out there! Check out the need for video editors on Fiverr.


Recommended tools for Video Editors:




13. Designing Graphics




Become a graphic designer




Most of what I’ve said above about video-editing also holds true for graphic designing as well. The power of the visual plays a huge role in marketing.


It’s hard looking for online jobs for college students. But for creative or artsy individuals, they have a huge potential for growth in this particular job. Once you also have the drive and passion to hone your craft and advertise your services you can have a huge head start in this industry.


When talking about part-time and online jobs for college students, graphic design is a viable way to make a profit. According to, the national average salary for a Part-time Graphic Designer is $48,256 in the United States.


If you play your cards right as a college student, you can definitely achieve that. Of course, you have to be realistic as well, this means you need to put time and effort into learning more about the fundamentals of graphic design to be an effective designer. If you’re already learning that in a college course, then go ahead and put it to good use!


Recommended resources for aspiring Graphic Designers:


  • Coroflot has thousands of available jobs for creatives.
  • Dribble is also a splendid site to check out.



14.  Become an Online tutor




Become an online tutor


In your spare time, consider the job of tutoring students online. The most growing trend currently among people looking for online jobs for college students and earning part-time income is to become an online tutor. Online tutoring jobs help to plan out their student’s study -time, motivate them and discipline them into a better-scoring student.


Apart from earning well, online tutoring helps you to increase your subject-knowledge and expand your horizons.


When you become an online tutor, you teach subject matter to students over the web. You must take classes online rather than in a one-to-one traditional classroom format. Some of the best online tutoring websites like and can enroll you for becoming an online tutor in just a few easy steps.


Check out how you can become an online tutor at College Pirates, in this video below:


15. Become a College Advisor




Become a college advisor




This probably one of the best suited online jobs for college students. A College advisor is someone who gives advice to upcoming college students about where to go and what degree to take, depending on the needs of the student.


Everything that the student needs to know about their upcoming college life, you will provide.



You will assess their readiness and give them instructions and advice on how they can become more ready for the path they are going to take.


The reality is, not everyone is ready to make major decisions in life. This is especially true for those who are planning to go to college. They have a lot of questions in their mind about what it will be like.


It’s going to be your job to reassure them of what to expect. Your college knowledge about scholarships, campus culture, and studying methods will be very useful for this particular task.


Any current college student with at least one year of college experience is eligible to become a college advisor. Even recent graduates and alumni with good information about the college can apply and earn up to $100 per consultation! Now, how’s that for the best part-time jobs for college students?


Do you think you’ve got what it takes to advise an upcoming college student?


Then check out how to become a college advisor here on College Pirates!


Also, here’s a quick video introduction of what responsibilities you’ll have as a college advisor:


Now that we are done listing the top 15 online jobs you’ll love, here’s a quick infographic to list down all the points in brief for you:


Top 15 online jobs for college students infographic


Chapter 4 – Conclusion




So, What are you waiting for?




Go out there, pick one of the many online jobs for college students and live your dreams. There are several online tutoring services that offer personalized tutoring help. If you are someone who loves to gain as well as impart knowledge and have a knack for online tutoring, contact us today!


College Pirates offers online tutoring services in a wide range of subjects- Math, Science, Languages, English, History, and many more. It is one of the best platforms to become an online tutor as well as a college advisor.


What do you think about our list of online jobs for college students?


Do you also work online to support your college expenditure? If so, what do you do?  Do let us know in comments below, or write to us at We’d love to hear. Cheers!




Team College Pirates


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