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The beginning is always the most exciting yet most excruciating part they say. This is as same as us starting as freshmen. College Vine shares how important freshman days are to students.


The transition may be heart-pounding for some and fun for the others but this is actually one of the best times when we are entitled and accepted for not knowing everything and for discovering a lot of things about ourselves and the society we live in.


So it’s better to get real and necessary pieces of advice before the journey starts right?


Here are top 20 pieces of advice for college freshmen on how to choose a college before you set foot to college!


1. GET TO KNOW YOUR COLLEGE (Is it a right fit for you?)


College advice


Find colleges and take some time to explore.


Have at least a visit to your chosen campus before school starts. You need to feel the vibe at least!


Know your school, the more you are familiar with your school the more interesting places you might discover.


The Best colleges or the Top colleges should be the first in your list.


2. Talking about best colleges, CHECK OUT COLLEGE RANKINGS


College admissions

Before you point out your college, check out some resources and get to know more about college rankings.


Learn the areas where they are good at and get to know their weaknesses so you should have at least a grasp on what to expect.


3. Too busy to research? GET A COLLEGE CONSULTANT!


College search


Hiring a college consultant or some may call college advisor is your easiest access to valuable information you need to in choosing a college and in staying in college.


A College consultant can give you access to campus information even before you set foot on your chosen school.


Do you want to choose the quality colleges without compromising your budget? College advisors can help you with this.


This is one of the top advice because a lot of students struggle in being independent of their parents and we know that even if you are already in college, you still need some help at least.


4.  Bored because you are away from home? GET TO KNOW MORE PEOPLE IN THE CAMPUS!


Campus life

It will be easier for you to adjust if you have a buddy or a companion while starting your first week in school. Aside from your college search, you may also need to search for friends or companion as early as you can.


Saying “Hi” to a stranger isn’t a pretty bad thing at all! This is also one of the advantages of having a college consultant near you. They can give you freshman advice and they can also spend time with you during your adjustment period!


5. FIND YOUR EQUILIBRIUM. Make sure to have FUN.


College life


While you are starting your way to college, it is always best for you to have time for yourself, for your passion and time to unwind.


You’ll only get know this by doing research if the school offers programs which will fit your hobbies and passion. Just like dancing programs, writing, playing instruments and other programs set by the school.  You should also consider your passion in your college selection.


Another important advice for college freshmen is to have a college coach to put you back in track always.




College search


Find a place where you can hang out or study in peace. You always need to refresh your mind in order to feel light in school.


Find a special place where you can vent out all the stress and negative energy you have in your College life.


Also, make sure that it is a cozy place where you can drink a hot cup of coffee while you are studying. A great advice for college freshmen right?




Scholarship help

The first step in saving money while you are studying is to know the living expenses and budget!


You should know the cost of living in the location you chose to stay. You should also be aware of the school fees and other expenses. A student advisor can really help you in giving you college tips and college advice for freshmen.




College search websites


If you want things to be easy on how to pick a college, use a website to do some college comparison. You can also do a college search by comparing colleges and their offers. This is way easier than visiting all the schools you want just to get what you need to know.


Just type in college names, college reviews or look for a college finder website.


Get the best college tip and choose a college that matches your passion and the career you want.

9. ATTEND YOUR CLASSES REGULARLY. Value your time and money.


Find a college

Attendance is a must!


It is one of the best advice for college freshmen.


Never miss anything.


If you want to know your school and instructors easily, make sure you don’t skip classes.


It does not sound fun, but it will help you get through your freshmen days.


10. AVOID DUES AND CRAMMING. Have fewer stress days!


College admission help

Answer all your home works and pass it on time.


Make sure you take some time to sit down and arrange your schedule.


You have to know which one Should you prioritize and we know that homework is one of those.




How to choose a college


Pressure from studies might be hard but it is also a part of your school life, so you better face it and accept it.


Things will be better each day. You have to embrace and consider freshmen challenges your fun times!


12. Join The team


Choosing a college

Join organizations that are useful for you and your studies and social life. You may also find a college coach to help you.


13. Learn many things


Looking for a college

Learn everything, especially from the things you will experience, you can look for a college choice advisor to ask them for their experiences.


14. Understand every situation


College finder app


Don’t just learn. You also must understand it. Every situation you have and every lesson you have to embrace.


15. Attract Positive Things in Life


College fun

Be with positive people.


It gives you positive energy!


A college advisor, a college consultant or a college counselor can help you. As long as they are positive people.


16. Update your Parents about what is Happening in your Life


College consultant

Tell your parents how are your studies or how is your college life.


They are the best people that can give advice for college freshmen.


17. Reward yourself


College parties

If you accomplish something, give yourself a reward.

18. Love what you Hate


College fun

If you hate a subject or a teacher learn how to love or like them.


You have to embrace the things which you hate. This will lighten you college days especially when you are a freshman.


Remember, you’re the only one who goes to school and attends your classes. This is also one big step for being independent.


19. Value your instructors, professors or teachers


College counselor

Love your teachers and respect them.


We know there will be times when you will find some instructors boring but you always have to remind yourself that they will help you improve from nothing to something.


20. Accept failures and Challenges


How to find top colleges

Failure is a part of life. Embrace your own chaos. Setting foot in your college will never be easy but you’ll get the hang of it.


If you fail, stand up and do it again until you succeed.


It is also the best advice for college freshmen.


Get Expert Advice for College Freshmen, Hire a College Advisor today!


College Pirates can help you choose your college right at your fingertips! Gone are the days when you need to set a schedule to have a trip to your chosen colleges just to know what they offer.


Hire a college advisor so you can have a personal and easy access to your chosen colleges, its offers, and environment! Let them know what you need and they will get it for you.


Hire a college advisor

The most important advice for college freshmen is to live your college life to the fullest!


Enjoy it and embrace it.

There you go!


You don’t need to have a hanging question of “What college is right for me?”. Choosing a college is fun, and these are the best and epic bits of advice for college freshmen. So, do your best and enjoy!


With Love
Team College Pirates

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