You have registered to become an online tutor. Or, you are currently taking on online teaching jobs. We have a few words of wisdom for you. No, we would not lecture you, considering you might already be on a good time-saving schedule. There is just some interesting information on teaching online when you will find yourself tutoring subjects to your students during the next few months.


Online Teaching on Favourate Subject


The subjects that you teach online would have a great deal of impact on your online tutoring job. It would not make sense if you study Accounting at college, and want to become a Math tutor now, would it? There is a plethora of tutoring subjects that you could choose from when you become an online tutor, but it is important to choose your subject wisely.
The subject you choose to teach during your online tutoring job should ideally be your core subject, or very close to the core subjects that you study at college. There are plenty of opportunities out there for teaching online all kinds of courses and subjects.
Here, we list out 5 of the most popular tutoring subjects, ones that you will find are most in-demand by students for teaching online:


5.Computer Science
Let’s have a bit more understanding as to what these subjects entail, and what makes them so popular-


1. Math


online teaching


If there is one subject that every parent wishes their child to ace, it is undoubtedly Mathematics. This brings out the utility of a Math tutor. Being proficient at Math opens the world of career opportunities to teenagers just about to appear for their competitive exams. An aptitude in Math also makes learning other subjects, such as the Sciences, much easier.


The scope of teaching Mathematics is immense. It includes not only logical reasoning and counting, but also study of measurements and shapes.


If calculus, statistics, Geometry, Differentiation, Arithmetic and Algebra excite you, and if these are your strong subjects, you must become a Math tutor if you decide to teach online. While teaching Math, make sure to use a lot of visuals and online assessments.


Math tutors get paid anywhere between 20-25$ an hour, making Math one of the most profitable online tutoring subjects.


2. English


Global language-Check.
Mandatory at all levels- Check
One of the official languages of the UN-Check
The language most subjects are taught in- Check


teaching online


The reasons to teach English online are many. English language tutors are high in demand not only in the US, but across the world. For online tutoring jobs, most tutoring websites give a lot of preference to native English-speaking tutors.


English is also an easy tutoring subject to teach online. If you have a good hold over the language, you know your “their”, “they’re” and “there” accurately, then you might well consider becoming an online tutor in the English language. Online tutors are paid as highly as Math tutors for teaching English. It would be a plus for your online tutoring job if you have a Cambridge qualification in English.


3. Science




Online Teaching on Favourate Subject


I might sound being partial to the subject, but trust me I’m not, when I say Science is one of the most popular and economically beneficial subjects to teach online. That is of course when you have an expansive knowledge of the subject when you become an online tutor.


Science is one of the best subjects to teach online. It encourages conceptual thinking not only among your students but also in yourself.


Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Biostatistics, Zoology, Entomology and their Applied versions- the choices are immense today in the subject of Science. You have a wide array of tutoring subjects from the field of Science to choose from for your online tutoring job.


Research shows there has been a remarkable increase in the number of students choosing to study Science even after their K-12. It is a compulsory subject for students in the UK till 16 years of age. The rules of Science education at different levels are different in the various countries of the world, providing a wide scope for online tutors.


4. Accounting


subject teaching online


Accounting is the language of business. As is evident from the name, involves measuring financial information about business houses and corporates. For the online tutoring job, you could choose Accounting as your subject to teach online if you have strong concepts in Audits, Financial and cost accounting and taxes.


The scope and field of Accounting as a tutoring subject is very wide. You might be able to become an online tutor for students who are taking Accounting at their Bachelor’s levels or for Chartered Accountant levels with the AICPA or other regional Associations.


5.Computer Science




teaching online subjects


When the design and theory of Computer systems fascinates you, decide to teach Computer Science to your students on becoming an online tutor. Unlike a Math tutor, the scope of a Computer tutor is more on a practical side rather than theoretical. You might need to give a lot of online practice when you teach online the subject of Computers.


As a computer tutor, you may teach programming, Algorithms, web designing, hardware systems, networking and computational sciences to students online. A sound knowledge of Mathematics would come in handy even if you are not a Math tutor, for this kind of online tutoring job.


Choose the subject that you want to teach online wisely, and that shall be half your battle won!




With Love,


Team College Pirates

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