When it comes to investing in your child, there can be no better investment than a sound education. Parents do all that they can, to provide a good education to their children. Apart from making sure they attend the right school and college, parents also hire a tutor for their children as and when required

And why not? Not all of us are born with genius minds that can handle all the geometric equations and Physics formulae all by ourselves. When studies get too tough to handle on your own, it is not an exaggeration to hire a tutor to help you with your learning.

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Is hiring a private tutor right for me?

Whether you have already hired a tutor for yourself or your child, or are in the process of hiring one, some sureshot signs can show you whether you have taken the correct decision or not. Online tutoring websites have fast become the norm for hiring online tutors in the current age. If you are uncertain whether hiring a tutor is the right way for you to go, judge your decision on the following parameters, to see if it was the correct one:

1. Insufficient tutoring at school

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Schools and colleges have resources that can be accessed for free by the students. However, these resources are not always sufficient if the student is trying to prepare for SATs or GREs or other competitive examinations. That is not to say that the teachers at school do not have the knowledge or the inclination to help the students for these examinations, but there is only so much that a regular teacher can do, given their salaries and the amount of time they get to spend teaching at schools.

If this is the scenario for you too, then hiring a private tutor is the right thing for you to do. A private tutor will provide you all the extra help that you need for your subjects, and expert one at that too. Good tutors can be hired from online tutoring websites on reasonable charges.

2. When you cannot prepare your study goals

Having a goal in life is everything. And the same goes for studies and exam preparation too. Tackling school assignments, completing homework or preparing for college-entrance examinations requires a strong commitment and a planned set of goals towards achieving that objective.

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If you find yourself wondering how to go about setting study goals for yourself, and how to use those goals to ultimately reach your objective of getting through assignments and exams, you would do well to hire a tutor.

A professional tutor will help you much better with this task than any of your friends and peers too. Online tutoring services have made the task of getting homework help much easier. College Pirates is one of the best online tutoring websites that lets you hire the tutor of your choice and your convenience.

3. A desire for improving grades

When your grades are falling considerably and consistently, it is time to hire a tutor. You may hire a tutor locally for private study classes, or you may go a step further and hire an online tutor from the many online tutoring websites available at this time on the internet.

Online tutors make the task of attending lectures and classes much easier as they do not involve commuting, saving you both time and cost of travel.

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4. If it is financially rewarding for you

That is not to say that you earn money out of it, but hiring a tutor is an investment, and if you feel you are getting the worth of your money, then the decision you took about hiring a tutor is right for you.

For being certain on this criterion, you must see whether the tutoring services that you are taking are helping you attain the goals for which you hired the tutor. There are tutors who charge students as per the lessons, and some who charge them periodically. Online tutors usually charge their students on an hourly basis.

If you think you have the funds to afford a tutor, then by all means go ahead and hire one- from your neighbourhood resources or from an online tutoring service.

5. When the tutoring is saving you time

Students are not usually very good at managing their time. The hours are too few, and the tasks to be accomplished are too many. This is where a tutor comes in.

When you hire a tutor, they should be able to assist you not only on your Math and Grammar but also in managing your time more efficiently. A tutor is right for you when he/she removes you from unproductive tasks and focuses your attention on your studies. For this, tutors prepare carefully-studied time-tables for your routines.

Online tutoring:

Private tutors help students to better their study habits. No matter how hard one works, there are times when students need extra help. This can come from the school’s or college’s own study resources, local libraries, extra classes with teachers, online resources etc. But nothing can take the place of another expert and learned person, such as a tutor, helping you out.

Online tutors have extensive subject-matter knowledge and certifications in teaching. They are expertly trained in providing homework help to students and helping them improve their grades.

The tutors at College Pirates have a unique edge in that they motivate and encourage their students to bring out the best in them.

Sign up today at www.collegepirates.com to connect with hundreds of expert tutors for the subjects and the timings that you desire and see a change in your study habits today.

What is your reason for hiring a tutor? What are the subjects you think you most need help in? Do tell us in the comments below.

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Team College Pirates

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