Are you an incoming freshman who is confused about what school you should attend?


Are you asking yourself, “What college should I go to”? Or “What college is right for me”? Have you been asking for college tips? Getting confused is a normal reaction among incoming freshman as choosing a college can be a headache especially if you are aiming for the best colleges or top colleges. However, these challenges shouldn’t get in the way in choosing the right college for you.  With the right knowledge and professional help, choosing a college could be a breeze.  


For some good reasons, students use college search websites to search for college rankings and college comparison as these things can help a lot.


For more college tips, check out our page! Here, you’ll learn how to pick a college the right way from all the best college selection in your list or if you don’t have one yet, surely, our college tips will help you have your own list at the end of the day.  


Surely, with our list of college tips, you will know how to choose a college so the next thing you need to do is to look for college names and compare college reviews.  Take note of this list of college advice for freshmen.

1. Look for experienced people and ask for advice


Hire a college advisor


There’s no better way than asking help from people who have authority in choosing a college.  These people are college counselor, a college advisor, a college consultant or even a student advisor. Seeking their advice is one good step every freshman has to take because of their experience, expertise, and connections.


Your parents or your friends who already have graduated could also be the key. They already know the reality of this world. So they can give you some college tips that is very useful. By this, you will be able to know what is the best major you can choose because you know their experience.

2. Look for a part-time Job that can support your fees


Part time jobs for college students


Going to college can be financially challenging especially for those battling college life alone.  However, even if that’s the case, such a financial challenge shouldn’t bring you down as education is very important in today’s society.  


So, if you think you need money to support your schooling, find a part-time job that fits your schedule. While going to college and working at the same time can be challenging, it can always be defeated by hard work and determination.  One of the important college tips that you have to remember is that no amount of challenge can bring a determined person down.  Take it to heart and surely you’ll succeed.


P.S: Here’s a great article talking about the top 15 online jobs for college students. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested in taking up online part time jobs in your upcoming college life!

3. Look for a nearby apartment


College housing

Your distance from your college can make or break your college life. Having an apartment close to your campus will be your big advantage. This may not be a priority for college tips but it can help you big time especially when you have an early morning class or evening class or when you are juggling school and work.

4. Familiarize yourself with all the places in your chosen school


College life

For the next few years of your college life, your school will be your second home. This is why freshman students should go over college tips thoroughly.  If you know your school well, you will be able to prepare yourself what your school requires of you.   


As a advice for freshmen students, gather as much information as you can about your school and everything about it. Take note that graduating from college is equally difficult as getting admitted to college.  So, this shouldn’t be taken lightly.

5.  Get to know your teachers and be close to them


How to choose a college


Cliché as it may seem but teachers serve as second parents to their students.  They can be your college coach who can get you through college.  Being close with your teachers can save you a lot as you don’t need to hire a college advisor anymore. You can also ask for freshman advice and some college tips from them.

6. Know your seniors


Advice for college freshmen

Your seniors are also important to your college life because they have experienced many things that you have yet to experience.  Just like older siblings giving advice at home, your seniors can give you college tips that you surely need from time to time.  So, walking that extra mile of getting your seniors will surely go a long way for your college life.

7. Use a college finder in choosing colleges


Find a college

Living in a modern world, everything is just at the tip of our fingers.  Getting help from college finders is now easy as you can do research online. You can even search for a college choice advisor on the internet. All you need is a patient self in front of a computer and you can surely do an efficient college search online.

8. Learn how to budget your money


Find affordable colleges

Every time you search or ask people about college tips, budgeting will never come off the list.  Spending money in college is one challenging task every freshman has to take.  Living expenses on top of tuition fees and book expenses take a large percentage of your monthly budget. So, learning some budgeting skills is very important as everybody needs to save for emergency situations. The more you save the more you can do the things that you want.

9. Study in advance.


College academics

Give up that habit of cramming for exams.  If you are used to cramming for exams in high school, you’d better turn a new leaf as early as now.  Studying in advance is a common college advice to freshmen students. Studying in advance can be done gradually by studying every day.  


It would help you a lot if you review your lessons every after class and read in advance for the next class.  By doing this, you can save your time and effort when the examination period comes. It also helps you learn in advance and it can help you answer what your teacher’s questions.  


Lazy days may come from time to time, but this is one of the college tips you have to seriously take into consideration especially when classes have already started.

10. Finish all your homework on time


Choosing a college


Procrastinating is a big no-no when you have homework. Getting good grades in college can mean a lot when you are already applying for a job.  You can start your journey to getting good grades by finishing all the paper works your teacher has given. Diligently doing your homework will always be a part of the college tips list.

11. Stay away from bad peers


College campus life

There will be good peers and bad peers. Bad peers are the ones who will pressure you to do things that might affect your college life.  So choosing peers that can help you change for the better will greatly have an impact on your social and academic life. So, learn to discern is good and who is not.  Attract the good and stay away from the bad.

12. Join school organizations


College events

Joining organizations is fun! It helps you boost up your confidence, your social life, your skills, and helps you feel like you are really part of the school. You can also join activities like sports and many more! On top of that, you can also ask the people in your organization for college tips.

13. Avoid joining gangs and fraternities that are not helpful


Online college admissions


In as much as joining organizations can be helpful to a freshman and this is one freshman advice that we also want students to heed, you must also take note that not all organizations in school are helpful. Indeed, it be may be fun to join but always think about your decision thrice!  Do a background check by asking around about the organization or group you want to join. Then, analyze and weigh the information you have gathered before making a decision. Remember that the moment you start, it will be hard to back out.

14. Study hard and learn to face pressure with grace


College life pressure


One common ground in college tips is that pressure is inevitable in college life. Success is not called success for anything.  If you experience success without pressure or hardship, it won’t be a success anymore. There may be a lot of it in college but it is through it that you can be strong and learn many things.  When faced with pressure, face it with grace by taking a deep breath before thinking of a solution. Think over it a thousand times before executing your solution. You can also look for some college tips that are useful when you encounter pressure.

15. Never be satisfied with what you know and settle for mediocrity.


College fun

Learning is never-ending. Never settle with what you have in mind now. It’s always good if you always see things with an open mind. If you are satisfied with what you have right now, then you will never grow as you will never strive hard for better days. Growing is needed if you want success and if you want to finish your college life on time. Seeking for college tips from time to time can help you grow. Never stop learning.

16. Be friendly


Find the best colleges

Friends are treasures and can come in handy when faced with challenges in school.  Be friendly, the more friends you have the more memories you will have in school. College life is the time where you get to know people. The friends you meet in college are worth keeping as people get older. If you need help, you can run to your friends and ask for help.  


You can also share college tips with each other. Friendship is a very powerful thing in this world.   Apart from our families, we can get through life because of our friends who are always there for us.  So you need to cherish them. Make friends and love them.

17. Never be a bully to anybody


College bullying

If you are a freshman, never bully your classmates or schoolmates. You may be cool or you may be on top because people are afraid of you. But never remember that karma is everywhere and it can strike you more than you could ever imagine.

18. Always let your parents know about your situation


College problems

Your parents are the biggest reason why you reached this far. Communicating with them will always be good for you and for your parents as well. They have also experienced college life so they know the ups and downs of college life. They can help you with the things that you do not know. Ask them for some college tips because they know what is good for you and they will never put you to harm.

19. Have the best attendance in class


College attendance

Your class is very important in college. Attendance is also part of your grade so if your attendance is perfect, a higher the grade will be given to you. Perfect attendance simply shows that you are dedicated to your studies and that is what all the teachers want to see. Whatever school you are attending at, attendance will always be important. This is one of the college tips that you should keep in mind all the time.

20. Look for a spot where you can relax


College choice advisor

Studying and attending class are stressful, finding a good place to relax and vent out all the stress that you have can help you maintain sanity in school. Resting in a relaxing place helps your mind to relax. The more you relax your mind the more focus you can be.

21. Study with your friends


College friends

Set some time to study with your friends. It is fun as it reduces your stress and releases the pressure that you feel.  Even the busiest person in the world needs a friend he can laugh with and talk to.

22. Always stay positive


Out of college professions

Being positive will always be part of college tips. Positivity makes life easier as it drives the worries away. It also helps you handle problems easily.

23. Never get jealous


Find a college for me

Jealousy brings negativity in life. Never get jealous of happy-go-lucky people. They may be enjoying now but later they won’t. Finish your studies early and enjoy life after.

24. Prepare all the materials needed ahead


College admissions

Do your sanity a favor by preparing ahead. If you are prepared, you do not need to cram in school and will get you ahead of everybody.

25. Eat good food and stay fit


Healthy college life

To eat good food and to stay fit are two important college tips. You need to maintain a good body because staying in good shape even after college will always make a good impression when you start getting a job. Follow a proper diet and avoid eating too much fat.

26. Be healthy


College fitness

Being healthy is part of our college tips. You won’t finish college with flying colors with a weak body. Never forget your vitamins and exercise to maintain good health.

27. Stop all Vices


College bad habits

Smoking, drinking and other forms of vices may be fun at first, but when you start it will hard to stop. Focus on your studies and think of happy thoughts to drive all the vices away.

28. Make a plan for your future


Future career opportunities

Plan ahead while still young.  By doing this, so can have your future organized and you will thank yourself when the right time comes.

29. Time efficiency is very important


Save time in college


Being efficient means being able to save time and effort. It is a good method to avoid being stressed. Try finishing the activities that are given to you in an efficient way.

30. Don’t be just smart, be wise


College selection

Being smart is good, but being smart and wise is better. Experience and knowledge used the right way can make a person wise.   Exert effort to be both.

31. Spoil yourself on weekends only


Student advisor

You also need to manage your time. Time management is one of the common college tips that you will hear from people. There is time for fun and time for studies. You need to balance your college life. Focus on your studies on weekdays and spoil yourself on weekends.  Balance is the key to a healthy life.

32. Look for motivation


Choosing a college

Look for motivation. If something is motivating you, nothing can stop you from the things that you want to do.

33. Participate in all the activities


How to pick a college


Participating in all the activities may be tiring but it can give you good experience which will be useful in the future.

34. Follow school regulations and policy


Freshman advice

Follow the rules of your school.  There is no harm in doing so. Doing this can help you avoid expulsion and hatred from school officials.  You don’t want to be an eyesore in school, do you?

35. Balance school life, family life, and life with your friends


Going to college

Balance is the key to a happy college life. There are a lot of college tips to follow, that is why it is important to balance school life, family life, and life so that you can gain more experience and you can build a deeper relationship with them.

36. Focus on your studies and not with your gadgets and games


College match

Now that we are in the modern world, there are many things that can distract us from our studies and gadget is one of these. It is okay to play with our gadgets but never get addicted to it.  

37. Try to join some sports activities


College sports

Sports activities can help you be active in school and can even make you fit and healthy.  

38. Try to obtain a scholarship


College counselor


A scholarship may be hard to obtain but it can help your college life easier especially if you are the one paying for your tuition fee. Try talking to a college coach and ask advice on how to obtain these scholarships.  Before entering, it would also be good to undergo a college match to check to assess your ability to obtain a scholarship in your college.

39. Be responsible for your actions


College search

Always remember that for every action there is a corresponding reaction or consequence. Be careful of the things that you do. Make sure that the actions you do will give you positive results.  Get some college advice.

40. Keep your relationship with people for future reference


College advisor

Save every contact you have with the people you meet because in the future you might be able to use it.  You will always see this reminder in the list of college tips for students.

41. Always dream big


College coach

Your major may be hard but you need to keep on dreaming about your graduation and holding on to your diploma. It helps you a lot.

42. Write down your Goals


College goals

Write down your goals. Every time you hit a goal, mark it down. This will give you the sense of accomplishment that will make you accomplish more in the future.

43. Don’t be bored, school life is temporary


College finder


Studying and school life may be boring but it is only temporary.  Hang in there and set your eyes on the prize.

44. Have a break


College break


If you feel so tired have a break. Rest if you must. It helps you recover from all the difficult things that you encountered.  Never take tiredness for granted. These are some college tips you need to remember.

45. Make the subject you hate the subject you love


How to decide a college


Hating a subject will only make the subject harder. Learn to love it and learn to master it.

46. Be mature and independent


College finder


College tips would be nothing if you don’t see follow them.  Being a college student means that you are now a grown up. Be responsible for everything that you do. Be mature and be independent.

47. Treat your minor subjects like a major subject


College life

Even if your subject is a minor subject, you still need to do your best to finish the subject. That is why it is good to treat it as a major subject.  Always remember these college tips.

48. Capture the moments


College advice

Bring a camera and capture every moment that is important to you.  This one tip is always found in college tips from students.  College life happens only once. Treasure it.

49. Do not get too techy


Picking a college


You may have the money to buy the latest gadgets or even things or any items. But always know the difference between an asset and a liability. College can be a very appealing place to have the latest iMacs and the iPhones, but I recommend you to only buy stuff that matters. Stuff that helps you out in a positive way. Thank me later!

50. Trust your instinct


College search


If you think what you are doing is good for you. Do it. Do not hesitate. A good idea comes from thousands of what ifs.

51. BONUS TIP – Hire a College Advisor with College Pirates!


Just when you thought we’re out of tips, here’s the hottest one for you!


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If you’re about to begin your college life, you have to be sure that the particular college life is right for you and for your future career opportunities. A college advisor helps you in knowing just that!


To learn more, here’s a quick link to get started.


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There you go! These are the college tips that you need. Just search the school that you want and if you get a college match you, go for it.

Never forget to share what you learn. If someone tells you to “Find a college for me” or what are “the best college tips” you now have 50 college tips to share.




With Love,

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