With the advancement of technology, especially the internet, everything went online. From shopping to the management of bank accounts, people do not have to travel long distances or depend on someone else. Thus, has technology helped us. Now, students rely on eLearning or online learning courses to complete their studies. These are all good sources, but what are the best online studying resources?


eLearning is just like having a tutor at your doorstep. Numerous interesting courses are offered online by different universities; thus, it helps students living in remote areas to complete their education from the desired universities without being physically present at the campus. There are also websites which provide you resources freely and you just have to find the right site and time to avail it.

It is often said that when you opt to study online one should get comfortable but not too comfortable. People are not ready to hire a tutor. So, when you start to learn online, you are no more being forced or compelled by your teachers to study the chapters and there are chances that the tests offered by the websites may not be taken in the right way by the students. Thus, self-governance is a must when you choose to learn online. Here are some tricks which can actually help you to have an efficient and effective learning habit while learning online or while accessing online resources for learning.

1. Choosing the required resources


There are numerous study materials and resources available online to aid your learning process. Even if you enroll in a distant course online, the university will only provide you with an online version of the prescribed textbook. It then becomes your duty to google and find out the required information or resources by yourself. It is essential that you are through with your lesson plan and syllabus. This is your key to identifying relevant online studying resources.


2. Identify your learning


It is very important that one should identify the learning style. i.e. some people are visual learners. They can easily if they watch the video related to the subject or topic they want to learn. While others may be a good listener and can grasp easily whatever they hear. While the rest may be able to learn only with the hard copy of study material, only then can you decide which are the right online studying resources for you.

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3. Relax your mind with the educational games

An ideal mind is a devil’s workshop. If you feel bored, then it’s better that you start playing some games related to the topic of your study. Psychologists say that this is the best way to relax as well as learn at the same time. Numerous sites provide educational games for all categories. There are also websites which provide educational games and help you win prizes. Thus, the learning process happens without your knowledge in such a way that you are not being stressed.

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4. Gather information

While accessing study materials online, try to acquire information or materials from different sites and then combine and learn. No instructor would like to evaluate a paper which has words same as that on the internet. It also doesn’t give the impression that you have knowledge about a certain topic. Also, some sites may provide wrong information, so by referring to two or more sites, you can avoid learning the wrong details. It is also recommended to maintain a book and get study notes. Try to constantly update the book with the information you have acquired on each day.

5. Multiple subject based study method

This is one of the most effective tips a student should follow to make sure that he or she utilizes the time to its best. Try to formulate a study plan which has more than one subject per day. As you are already spending hours in front of a gadget, you will be doing injustice to your brain if you keep on learning the same subject. It is said that when you focus too much on a particular thing you lose interest and your brain urges you to switch to some other activity. Therefore, it is better than you learn two subjects a day.

6. Do not multitask

There will be a lot of distractions when you sit in front of your gadget, therefore one must tame his or her desires. Many things can go in the way of you making the most out of your online learning resources.  Also, it is advised not to indulge in other activities while you are learning online. Develop daily goals and plans and make sure you achieve it.

7. Finding the best sites

With tones of information available online, there are chances that you may get lost searching the best ones. Therefore, consult with your teachers or tutors to get quick help and to find the trusted site, but also make it a point not to refer that particular site alone, instead of keeping that site as a reference try to enhance your knowledge by searching the required topic in various sites — this will expand your online studying resources.

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Plenty can go wrong when you opt to study online. Students may also not be able to focus as they do not have to face the punishments or experience the pressure. Thus, it is important that one must teach oneself to adapt and learn from whatever available, and make yourself open to learning from other online studying resources. It is also necessary that one should find enough time to spend online to learn their courses.

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