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Out with the old and in with the virtual. Why hire a tutoring service online? – Chapter 1


– You can pay per session

– Reduced Risk

– Immediate results

– Independence

– Building a STRONG base

Top 5 signs that hiring tutoring services is right for you – Chapter 2

– Is hiring a private tutor right for me?

– When you  cannot prepare your study goals

– A desire for improving grades

– It is financially rewarding for you

– When the tutoring service is saving you time


5 Ways hiring Online Tutoring services can change a student’s grade for the better – Chapter 3


– Achieving good grades

– Online tutoring

– How will an online tutor better my grades?

– Learning Aids

– Disciplines learning

– Vast choice of tutors

– 24/7 tutoring

– One-on-one attention

– How do I hire a tutoring service

– What is your say then?


What can you get from choosing College Pirates’ tutoring services? – Chapter 4


– 5 % Cashback

– Choose your tutor

– Rollover hours & minutes

– FREE 30-minute trial session

– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

– Payment comes next

– Best of the best tutors


Out with the Old And In With the Virtual: WHY HIRE A TUTORING SERVICE ONLINE?


Top online tutoring services


How many times has the standard teaching experience left you dissatisfied – be the material, the method or manner?


If you could give an approximate ratio of class learning to internet help, would you be willing to say it out loud?


Yeah, we know what you feel. It’s hardly a state secret.


We’re not here to tell you the time you’ve spent, past or present, in your classroom is a waste; but you have to admit that there are only a few among you who can confidently swear by your teacher’s notes


There is no question that students these days want to stay a step ahead, what with the High Achievement Syndrome (don’t worry, it’s a made up word), wanting the best of the best and cut-throat competition.


The average student life is spent assimilating information from all sources available. While schools provide the tag of the educated, the internet being more of a supportive sibling and private tutors akin to mama birds vomiting food for you to swallow; there is something amiss.


Rejoice Schoolers!


Finding tutoring services has a multitude of benefits.  For instance, when you join a private institution or acquire tutoring services, you’re either in a horde of students where a shepherd is leading you to green lands; or you have to have a monthly or weekly subscription before you can even begin.


So, here’s where hiring tutoring services is a better option:


You can pay per session


Online tutoring


Which means you attend a class and decide whether the tutor is a good fit for you. In case you didn’t like them, you move on.


In case the tutoring services are good but the fee isn’t appropriate for your wallet, you move on.


In case you want to try some other tutoring services, YOU MOVE ON.


That’s the best bit about online tutoring services; it’s personalized in every way.


Reduced Risk


Tutoring services


The second facet of getting tutoring services is the added charm of reduced risk. For any regular school or institute, there is much of finance involved; with, of course, your precious time.


With online tutoring websites such as College Pirates, you can invest as much time and money as you want. Like we said, you can pay for however many sessions you want; additionally, you can end a session mid-way and pay only for the half session you attended.


Your time and money are yours to give.


Immediate results


Private tutoring


Have you ever felt the need to Google TUTORING SERVICES NEAR ME and regretted going to a nice enough fellow who actually didn’t help your grade?


If yes, then we understand your dilemma for choosing online tutoring services. You see, that’s where online tutoring services beat in-person tutoring. The moment you feel that tutoring services aren’t helping you up your grade; you fire them (or something less dramatic like replacing them). The basis for this method is the results you see then and there.


If you learned something new- a way to remember the chemical reactions of glucose or the names of your spinal bones; you know they’re your Moses.




Tutoring center


As a student in a classroom full of people, you might have had nerves to answer a question you can bet your life on.


You might be less likely to volunteer for a roleplay, be scared of a teacher calling on you or entering the class after everyone else. Those of you who agree, I commend them for nodding and those who feel that’s not true- who are you kidding?


It’s just something about the words PUBLIC and EMBARRASSING that shakes you from the inside.


As a student of an online tutor, you outrun this fear and embrace the curiosity kicking you to ask your questions. One-on-one tutoring opens up avenues that are never possible in group education.


You get to ask all the questions and every question- even the most basic or dumb one, because, Hey! Who’s judging you?!


You can collaborate with your tutor to devise a study method adapting to your needs, and likes and comfort.


Building a STRONG base


Tutors near me


We all agree that none of us are really sure what in the world DENSITY means; not in the MASS PER UNIT VOLUME way but what it actually means.


And let’s not forget the THEIR/THERE/THEY’RE dilemma we’ve all been hiding like red in our ledgers.


School education has been slipping out of our hands with us making soupy noodles of our brains to understand concepts that have their principles adrift.


With online tutoring services, however, since you’re paying for a one-man show for a one-man audience; you can ask of the beginning of man without the teacher mocking you or screaming his lungs out. You only have to lose, well, nothing really; it’s all gain.


You have a clear base of knowledge and confidence in your skills- you get good grades; these grades will help you when you apply to your dream college or job and ultimately, give you a future you want and especially deserve. And that’s how the tale should end.


We at College Pirates firmly believe that education is a stronghold of a well-rounded life and we’re here making it a little more friendly, easy and accessible.


Top 5 Signs Hiring Tutoring Services Is Right For You


Learn english online


“When it comes to investing in your child, there can be no better investment than a sound education.” Yes! Every parent would agree to this.


Parents do all that they can, to provide a good education to their children. Apart from making sure they attend the right school and college, parents also hire tutoring services for their children as and when required.


And why not?


Not all of us are born with genius minds that can handle all the geometric equations and Physics formulae all by ourselves. When studies get too tough to handle on your own, it is not an exaggeration to have tutoring services to help you with your learning.


Whether you have already hired tutoring services for yourself or your child, or are in the process of hiring one, some sure-shot signs can show you whether you have taken the correct decision or not.


Online tutoring websites have fast become the norm for hiring online tutoring services in the current age. If you are uncertain whether hiring tutoring services is the right way for you to go, judge your decision on the following parameters, to see if it was the correct one:


1. Insufficient tutoring at school


Private tutors near me


Schools and colleges have resources that can be accessed for free by the students. However, these resources are not always sufficient if the student is trying to prepare for SATs or GREs or other competitive examinations.


Umm, that is not to say that the teachers at school do not have the knowledge or the inclination to help the students for these examinations, but there is only so much that a regular teacher can do, given their salaries and the amount of time they get to spend teaching at schools.


If this is the scenario for you too, then hiring a private tutor is the RIGHT thing for you to do.


A private tutor will provide you with all the extra help that you need for your subjects, and expert one at that too. Good tutoring services can be hired from online tutoring websites on reasonable charges.


2. When you cannot prepare your study goals


Learning center


Having a goal in life is everything.


And the same goes for studies and exam preparation too. Tackling school assignments, completing homework or preparing for college-entrance examinations requires a strong commitment and a planned set of goals towards achieving that objective.


If you find yourself wondering how to go about setting study goals for yourself, and how to use those goals to ultimately reach your objective of getting through assignments and exams, you would do well to hire a tutoring service.


A professional tutor will help you much better with this task than any of your friends and peers too. Online tutoring services have made the task of getting homework help much easier. College Pirates is one of the best online tutoring websites that lets you hire tutoring services of your choice and your convenience.


3. A desire for improving grades


School tutoring


Are your grades are falling considerably and consistently?


If yes, I’m telling you, this is a great time to hire tutoring services!


You may get tutoring services locally for private study classes, or you may go a step further and have tutoring services from the many online tutoring websites available at this time on the internet.


Online tutors make the task of attending lectures and classes much easier as they do not involve commuting, saving you both the time and cost of travel.


Tutoring services help you know your strengths and weaknesses in an objective manner. He /she then prepares a thoughtfully chalked-out curriculum for you… If the tutor you have hired currently has helped you attain this task, then he/she is right for you.cussed on helping you master the basics of your subject.


4. If it is financially rewarding for you


Online tutors


That is not to say that you earn money out of it, but hiring tutoring services is an investment, and if you feel you are getting the worth of your money, then the decision you took about hiring tutoring services is right for you.


For being certain on this criterion, you must see whether the tutoring services that you are taking are helping you attain the goals for which you hired the tutor. There are tutoring services who charge students as per the lessons, and some who charge them periodically. Online tutoring services usually charge their students on an hourly basis.


If you think you have the funds to afford tutoring services, then, by all means, go ahead and hire one- from your neighborhood resources or online tutoring services.


5. When the tutoring service is saving you time


Save time by hiring a tutor


Are your hours too few and tasks too many? That’s understandable. Students are not usually very good at managing their time.


This is where a tutor comes in.


When choosing tutoring services, they should be able to assist you not only on your Math and Grammar but also in managing your time more efficiently.


A tutor is right for you when he/she removes you from unproductive tasks and focuses your attention on your studies. For this, tutors prepare carefully-studied time-tables for your routines.


5 Ways Hiring Online Tutoring Services Can Change a Student’s Grades for the Better


Tutoring centers near me


“The capacity to learn is a gift;

The ability to learn is a skill;

The willingness to learn is a choice.”


  • Brian Herbert


No matter how much we feel that it is the learning, the knowledge that a student gains while in school or college, that is ultimately important, but we all agree that it is the grades that will help attain that knowledge in the long run.


What a reputed college/ institute looks for during admissions is the student’s past grades. A big-shot MNC would first go for hiring the candidate who scored great at the qualifying tests.


Achieving good grades is, therefore, more important than ever in our demanding, increasingly competitive world. This is one of the major causes of anxiety among students as well as their parents.


Achieving good grades


Improve grades


Hard work is, of course, the ultimate quality that will take you places in life. however, the mantra these days is –

Work smarter, not harder!


I can write paragraphs upon paragraphs about tips for students to study better, memorize better, be more disciplined etc…


But who cares for such advice?


It is available on every webpage designed to help students. So, this article will inform you about the simplest and one of the most effective ways through which students can elevate their examination grades- and that is to get tutoring services.


Online tutoring


Online tutor teaches subject matter to students over the web. They are subject-matter experts who take classes online rather than in a one-to-one traditional classroom format.


Sounds good, right?


Well, it is!


Hiring tutoring services is fast becoming the choice of parents who want their children to get those marks while avoiding the potential waste of time and energy in commuting to and from classes.


How will hiring an online tutor better my grades?


Taking online tutoring help means that many extra hours you put into your lessons, which is bound to be more productive towards your exam preparation.


Apart from this, check out here 5 major ways hiring a tutor can change your grades for the better:


  • Learning Aids


Private tutors near me


Rote learning? That’s old-age.


When you study online, your tutor makes use of virtual whiteboards, audio and video sessions, online tests, and quizzes – all these in real time. This peaks curiosity in learning and helps grab your attention and retain more of what you study.


  • Disciplined learning


Group tutoring


As college admissions become stricter, the importance of additional study resources cannot be more emphasized.


Online tutoring help gives you that added advantage, through the numerous mock and practice tests that the online tutoring websites schedule for the students.


Online tutors help to plan out your study-time, motivate you and discipline you into a better-scoring student.


  • Vast choice of tutors


Find private tutors near me


Each student is different in their abilities and learning styles, and hence requires a teacher who understands and adapts to their aptitude well.


Local tutoring services fall short when you cannot find a tutor of your choice and must make do with whoever is available.


That is not the case for online tutoring services!


With the whole world of tutors available at your disposal, you can hire the tutor who exactly matches your needs, improves your learning capacity and helps you achieve good grades.


  • 24/7 tutoring


Private tutoring services


Unlike traditional tutoring, online tutoring services can be availed of at any time, which means, if you are an early bird who learns best during morning hours, you can schedule your lessons at that time.


Students who study best at night can make the most use of those hours through taking online tutoring help late in the night too!


When you learn according to your body clock, you imbibe better, understand better and hence, perform better during exams.


  • One-on-one attention


Personal tutors


In a classroom full of students, or even in a tuition class with other 5-7 students, where do you receive the undivided attention of your teacher?


Online tutoring changes all of that. You are the only one studying with your tutor. You get their undivided attention. You do not need to hesitate when facing a specific problem or concern during the lessons. It gives a free platform to solve all your queries instantly and easily.


When learning online, you learn to use resources like YouTube videos, demos, experiments, online quizzes, MCQs and interactive online learning sessions, and benefit from them too. It is a great avenue to increase your subject-matter knowledge.


How do I hire a tutoring service?


  1. You can acquire private tutors from the local agencies or you can take the very popular help of online tutoring services.
  2. Check the credentials of the tutoring services
  3. Know what you or your child can benefit from their services
  4. Visit credible and reliable tutoring services’ website such as College Pirates
  5. Check their workforce if there are sufficient tutors for you to choose from.


What is your say then?


College Pirates offers online tutoring services in a wide range of subjects- Math, Science, Languages, English, History, and many more.  It is one of the best platforms to hire a tutor, as the website takes great care in registering only certified and qualified tutors.


What can you get from choosing College Pirates?


Online tutoring services


“Why choose College Pirates?”


“What difference do their tutors have from the others?”


Deciding to choose College Pirates tutoring services is deciding on your child’s future. It is not an easy task to look for the best tutoring service at your fingertips that’s why College Pirates is here to help you out.


We only want what’s best for your child.


We can guarantee that our tutors are skilled enough to help your child with their challenges in their studies. We also value your trust, so we have a lot of perks waiting for you.


Home tutors

5% FREE Cashback


Talking about perks, do you know that you’ll get a 5% cash back on every private tutoring session? Awesome, right? Who does that? Only College Pirates!


Choose your tutor


Do you have any tutor preference?


College pirates let you choose your tutors. That’s so much freedom at no additional cost!


At College Pirates, you can choose from an array of different tutors, with different subject specialty, different quotes, at different times. It is a custom made system.


Rollover hours


We value your payment same as you do, so in any case that you have unused minutes of tutoring, we roll over the unused minutes and spend it on your next session.


I know that you too are excited to know about the tutoring services that College Pirates offers.


So here’s the most exciting part!


FREE 30-minute tutoring/consultation session


You’ll get a chance to have a 30-minute FREE tutoring session with our experts. You’ll get to know your tutors first before committing to help you decide. Your satisfaction is always our priority.  


Sounds awesome, right? Wait, there’s more…


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Find best tutors


There’s no risk in choosing College Pirates for your child’s tutoring services. We offer 100 % refund guarantee if our 100% satisfaction fails. You will always be at ease with College Pirates. Our online tutors always go beyond your expectations.


Payment always comes later


What is our primary goal?


To find the best tutor that will suit you. And with this, we let you choose the best one for you before you make a payment. Making sure that you are comfortable and satisfied is our goal.


Best of the best tutors


Top professional tutors


Because of our vast network of tutors, we have our top private tutors which we’ll assign to your child. No need to sit on your computer all day contacting tutors.


We’ll do the work for you.


Now that I’ve answered all your questions. It will always be up to you to decide. College Pirates ( will help you or your child’s needs. As a fast becoming No.1 choice for tutoring services, we will give you what’s best and what’s suitable.


I know some are fed up looking for tutoring services online every year. Isn’t it time to break the chain and try something new and effective? You can never go wrong with College Pirates tutoring services.



Let us know your thoughts right away and submit your tutoring requests. We would love to hear you out.


What do you think about the above-said benefits of studying with an online tutor? Do you or anyone you know take online tutoring classes? Do let us know in comments, or write to us at today!



With Love,
Team College Pirates

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