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Introducing College Pirates Become a tutor Program

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Why should you become a private tutor or an online tutor
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Be your own boss

Be your own boss. Becoming an online tutor lets you teach whenever you are available, and make money on the go!

Earn upto $60/hr*

Teach Online & Earn upto $60* an hour to help students achieve their academic goals.

Flexibility On Topics

Do you want to strut your skills and become a math tutor? How about enabling someone communicate better and become an english tutor? Choose from over 100+ topics that fit your expertise.

Grow Inspiring Connections

In your journey of mastering how to become a tutor, you’ll discover that you can build valuable connections and hear amazing stories along the way.

The Best Platform

Following the steps of becoming a tutor on college pirates is super easy. We’ll make sure to guide you every step of the way. When you become a tutor with us, you get access to our convenient platform complete with video, chat, whiteboards and more.

More than One Way to Earn

Whether you choose to become a tutor online, or choose to meet your students in person with home teaching jobs, there is a spot for you here at College Pirates. Become a tutor with us and have access to three different ways you can earn.


How does College Pirates’ Online Teaching Jobs Work?

Apply and get verified

Receive questions according to your expertise

Provide amazing 1:1 online tutoring help

Get rated, paid, and appreciated at the same time!

Become an online tutor of the best teaching platform, available for you.

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Who are College Pirates Tutors?

They are individuals who possess great knowledge about their own respective fields.(Here, having a teaching background or graduate degree is not necessary)

They love to help others succeed

They have awesome communications skills and know how to adapt well

They put in the right amount of time to let their students learn the best way possible

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The College Pirates’ Three Ways to Earn

Here at College Pirates, we know that there is more than one way to become a tutor. Thus, when you become a private tutor here, you can choose between the following options:

The moment you become an online tutor on College Pirates, we ensure that you are provided with all the online tools you need to connect with students.

Become an online math tutor, become an online english tutor or whatever you want to be -- the possibilities are endless!

Become a private tutor

Tutor at Your Doorstep: In-person Tutoring Jobs

While we do love to become a tutor online, there is a sense of connection and ease of communication that comes with meeting your students in person.

Much like the online version, you will get a notification upon finding a student posting a question within your field of expertise and you decide when and where to meet your student.

Online teaching jobs

Get Quick Help

This is the quickest way to earn when you become an online tutor! You simply answer questions that are posted by students instantly and get paid instantly as well.

You can choose from a “Quick question help” or a “quick project help” where you can provide solutions for project, assignments, homeworks, or simply questions our students ask.

Words from our College Pirates' Tutors

This is not a form of employment. You can apply to become a tutor, and will be considered as an individual contractor.
Please consult your lawyer for professional advice on this.

*Your actual earnings will depend on the number of questions and online tutoring you are able to provide in exchange for an hour long service on College Pirates Platform.

Let's Answer some of your most common questions down below (FAQ's).

When you become an online tutor on College Pirates allows you to be your own boss, work at your pace, on your convenient time, work with students you want to work with. You can contribute your skills to the community. We also let you promote your services on all social media platform. Become a tutor online at College Pirates and you’ve got an opportunity to make up to $60 an hour. Curious enough?
We believe that experts take all forms and therefore do not require that you be a certified tutor or professor to become a tutor. However, you do need to share sufficient credentials to prove that you have an expertise in the categories which you would like to tutor.
No, there is no limit to how much time you wish to dedicate or number of questions you have to answer. However, the higher your rating, the more opportunities you'll receive to earn money.
Since, we have a huge volume of applications to process, we need at least 48 hours to process your application after you submit it. However, we try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.
We pay you using paypal, you’ll see an active “Withdraw” button after you reach the threshold of $50. If you’re looking for some great English tutors or tutors in any subject to get help, feel free to drop us a request, and we’ll help you in the best way possible!
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