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You go to school day in and day out, and you do your best to get great grades

But, in a blink of an eye, it hits you. Your grades are just not increasing the way you hoped it would, and you’re running out of options.

The subjects seem like they’re only getting harder and harder

You find yourself feeling stuck. Hopeless. Tired.

You spend lots of time trying to study, trying to understand which leads you to deprive yourself of good quality sleep.

This affects your performance in class, so you stay up late even more just so you can catch up

Don’t you just wish there was a way out of this hopeless cycle?

  • This affects your performance in class, so you stay up late even more just so you can catch up
  • Don’t you just wish there was a way out of this hopeless cycle?
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Here comes
College Pirates to Your Rescue!

Now is the time for you to break free from the cycle that takes the fun away from being in school

Find a tutor right here on College Pirates!

No longer do you have to endure long and often fruitless nights of studying. You now have the ultimate solution right in front of you.

You will now have to stop wondering, “How can I find math tutors near me?” because here, you can choose to find a tutor online or in person. You decide.

With over a hundred topics and thousands of the best tutors, you can be sure that you can find all that you need right here.

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Find online math tutors, find English tutors -- whatever tutors you need, you can find them here.

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So, How Do I Find a tutor at College Pirates?
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Send Us Your Questions

Our best tutors will get to you as soon as they can. Just post a question -- this won’t cost you a single penny! And, we’ll do the job of getting an expert to help you out.


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Find a tutor who is nothing less than perfect for you. With the thousands of experts, from english tutors to science tutors, who are available on our platform, we’ll connect you to the one who can serve you best.

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Once you are through with the tutoring services, you can now sit back, relax and pay only if you’re 100% satisfied. We’ll give you an absolute 100% refund if you aren’t satisfied.

With College Pirates, here's what you'll get:

  • With our system, you can find a tutor who will match your needs 100%. Need english help, or maybe math help? You’re always covered. So you can relax ,and leave the hard work to us.
  • We’ll do the tough task of sorting through thousands of tutor applications to find the true experts, so you can get quality tutors who can get the job done. From high school tutoring to college tutoring, we have it all!
  • Find an online tutor or you can find a tutor you can meet in person anywhere you want with our in-person tutoring option. You get to select which tutoring style works best for you.
  • Not so sure if you are satisfied with your current tutor? At College Pirates, you are free to switch your tutor anytime you wish. Find online tutors that will completely satisfy your tutoring needs.
  • Find math tutors to help you with homework or find English tutors to help you with your exams. No matter what you need, we can be with you each step of the way.
  • With our personal one on one sessions, there’s no doubt you can have the right amount of time and attention that you need
  • Find a tutor for over hundreds of topics that will cover your needs. Be it an accounting tutor, finance tutor, statistics tutor, algebra tutor or even physics tutors! The list goes on and on.
  • For the low price of $30 for a 60-minute session, you can find a private tutor who will truly help you improve yourself. You can now take that “tutors needed here” sign off of your mind now, because the best solution is here.
  • Our system makes it great to whoever chooses to learn with us in the long run because we will roll over the excess time from a previous session to the next, all without any additional cost
  • Here, you can actually save more the longer you learn with our college tutors. We’ll give you a 5% cash back for every tutoring session that is successful. Your time with our best tutors will pay for itself.
  • In the improbable case that you are not satisfied with the quality of your sessions with our university tutors, then, we will give you 100% REFUND -- we want you to get the quality that you deserve.

What else can you get with
College Pirates?

Straight A’s for a Low Price!

For the low price of $30 for 60 minutes, you’ll find a tutor best for you. Your future is your greatest investment, so make sure you get it at the best prices available from the best tutoring services on the net!

5% Cash-back on Every Session

With a 5% cash back in each of your tutoring sessions, where else can you save more by learning more? Soon enough, all your tutoring sessions will pay themselves off!

Learn Anything!

Find math tutors, find English tutors, find any kind of tutor that you want. Whatever topics you are struggling with, there is a College Pirate tutor ready to serve you. We even have the best test prep tutors for you!

No Wasted Minutes

We want you to get the most out of your money! If ever there are unused minutes from your previous session, we’ll add those extra minutes to your next session, for free!

Unlimited Tutor Matching System

We guarantee you the best tutors, if you don’t get them, we’ll simply look for another tutor -- we won’t stop till you’re completely satisfied, that’s our promise to you!

The Types of Tutoring
We Offer You

Private math tutors

Online Tutoring

At College Pirates, you can stop wondering, “Where can I find tutors near me?” Find online tutors with varied areas of expertise for whatever tutoring needs you require. Just follow our three easy steps for you to get started. When you learn with us online, you have the luxury of learning at a time and place of your choice. It’s all up to you. You’ll find that our College Pirates platform is equipped with all the tools that you need to learn -- from video and messaging features to whiteboards!

School tutoring

Private Tutors at Your Doorstep

Tutors needed at your doorstep? Meet your ideal tutor in person at home or anywhere you please. Just begin with posting a question that you need help with, and we’ll connect you to a tutor that can answer your needs -- and at an area near you! Once you find your perfect tutor, you will then be able to agree with your tutor on a meeting time and place to your liking. Get a more personalized tutoring experience with us.

What's More?

Our 100% Promise To You!
Online math tutors

We’ll not only help find the best tutors for you, but we will keep on going until you are 100% SATISFIED! So, you can begin to find math tutors, find English tutors, or just about any kind of tutor without having to pay until you find the one you want.

Since your satisfaction is our guarantee, you have our promise on a 100% Iron-Clad Money-back Guarantee if ever you feel like the quality of tutoring you’ve received is unsatisfactory.

With all the students we have helped reach their own academic triumphs, there’s absolutely no reason for us not to do the same for your child.

We’ve got you covered, and we swear by it. college pirates

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When we say Affordable, We Mean it!

Here are some amazing benefits you get when you hire an expert tutor at College Pirates:
  • FREE 5% Cash-back on every successful session
  • FREE 30-minutes tutoring/trial consultation before committing.
  • Rollover any unused tutoring minutes to your next session.
  • UNLIMITED Tutoring matching for free until you're satisfied.
  • 100% Refund Guarantee in case you're not satisfied.
College Pirates'

Online Tutoring

Starts from $20/hour

Search from 500+ Expert Tutors

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Jonathon Epstein
North Carolina, US Certified Tutor
Topics: Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology
Online Tutoring Offline/Private Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students, PHD/Doctorate students, Adult students

I have been a sociology professor for about 20 years. My areas of research are t...

Tutoring Fee $25.0/30 mins $35.0/45 mins $40.0/60 mins
Free Consultation View Profile
college pirate tutor
Brandi McNeal
Alabama, US
Topics : African History, Writing, Political Science
Online Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students

Hello mates, I am Brandi McNeal the tutor you will never forget! I like to think

Tutoring Fee $10/30 mins $15/45 mins $20/60 mins
View Profile
college pirate tutor
Caroline Guerin
Texas, US Certified Tutor
Topics : Communication, Writing, International Studies
Online Tutoring Offline/Private Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students, Adult students

Caroline is a published post-graduate residing in the weird and wonderful Austin...

Tutoring Fee $20/30 mins $30/45 mins $40/60 mins
Free Consultation View Profile

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

When you find a tutor from College Pirates, you are guaranteed to get 100% satisfaction on each of your tutoring sessions. Find a private tutor who can teach you what you need. Whether you need an accounting tutor, finance tutor, or even a statistics tutor, it’s all right here.
The benefits don’t stop until you find online tutors, we’ll give you FREE 5% cash back for every successful tutoring session. So and grab this offer today!
It’s up to you. You choose when and where you want to get taught, either online or in-person. This also answers the question, “Where can I find tutors near me?”
At College Pirates, to find a tutor that is the best is as cheap as $30 an hour, so the actual cost depends on the duration. Remember that all unused minutes can be used on the next session, so there’s no waste.
Yes! it is possible after we make sure that you are qualified, so you can join our team with the best tutors. Just fill out the application form for online tutoring jobs, click submit, and we’ll get back to you with our decision within 48 hours of your submission.
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