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The truth is out. Your child is about to flunk from class.

You try your best to teach your child, because you know that, as a parent, you want nothing less for your children.

You worry and you worry, but it seems that all the effort that you put in is dire.

So you constantly search for ways, but all to no avail…

You enroll your child in free tutorial programs in school, but with the inconvenience this brings you, plus the infectivity that comes with mass teaching -- are you really sure your child will get the attention he or she needs?

Are you really willing to continue allowing your child swirl into a downward spiral?

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5000+ Students assisted till date

Be one of the students who have raised their grades drastically with the help of College Pirates. From elementary students to college students, we’ve helped them all!

500+ Expert tutors on your call

When you have access to experts from all over the world, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your learning. We even have amazing test prep tutors for you!

150+ Topics we have expertise in

Need online math help? How about online ESL tutoring? No worries! Whatever topics you choose, we have them here.

Expert tutors from

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How Do I Hire The Best Online Tutors For Me?
hire tutor online

Send Us Your Tutoring Request

We’ll find online tutors who can get to you pronto! All you need to do is clear your mind by sending a request our way, and we’ll find you the right expert. From elementary tutoring to college tutoring, we cover it all!


Get An Expert Assigned to You

Our online tutors are the best at what they do. After sorting through thousands of applications daily, we can guarantee you that we have got the best tutors for you.

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hire tutor online

Rate, Review & Tip

After your tutoring session with us, you have the freedom to give feedback openly to help us improve further. You pay only if you’re 100% satisfied with the service we’ve provided.

When you’re with College Pirates, here's what you'll get:

  • With our system, you can get online tutors that match your needs 100%, so there’s no need to worry!
  • We’ve done the tough job of sorting through thousands of tutor applications to find the best so you can get the best online tutors, and no longer have to keep asking, “Are there any amazing tutors near me?”.
  • Don’t want to be restrained to online tutoring? Look no further. With our in-person tutoring option, , you can have the confidence that comes with meeting your own tutor.
  • Not so sure you like your current tutor? At College Pirates, you are free to switch your tutor anytime! Find online tutors that you are completely satisfied with.
  • Whether you need an online math tutor for homework or an online english tutor for final exams -- we’ve got your back in every step of the way.
  • With private online tutoring or private in-person tutoring, you’ll never have to wonder if your child is getting the attention that he/she needs, because we make sure to focus on your child’s improvement.
  • Find online tutors from across a hundred topics that cover your needs. From online math tutors to online english tutors, our online tutors are experts in their own respective fields, so you can rest easy.
  • To get online tutors is a great investment on your child’s future. What’s so great about it is that you’ll only pay as low as $30 for a 60-minute session!
  • Our system makes it advantageous to those who want to learn with us long term. There’s no waste in time when it comes to us, all your unused minutes from the previous session can be rolled over to the next, at no additional cost!
  • No other place will you be able to find online tutors who value your child’s improvement more than we do here at College Pirates. We’ll provide a free follow-up session within 24 hours after your previous session.
  • Here, you can actually save more the longer you learn with us. We offer you a 5% cash back for every successful tutoring session. That’s a month’s worth of online tutoring paying for the next month!
  • In the rare case that you are not satisfied with the service that you are getting from College Pirates, then we over you a 100% REFUND that’s because we want to assure you that when it comes to learning, we’ll give you 100%.

What else can you get with
College Pirates?

Straight A’s for a Low Price!

Get online tutors or tutors at your doorstep, for as Low as $30 for 60 minutes! Your child’s future is your greatest investment, so make sure you do it in a reliable platform.

Complimentary Follow-Up Session*

Get a FREE follow up chat session with your private tutor even after your session ends-- that’s just how committed we are to ensuring that our teaching methods are effective.

5% Cash-back on Every Session

Increase your savings the longer that you have tutoring with us. Soon enough, your tutoring sessions will pay for themselves with our cash-back guarantee. Learn and learn, earn and earn!

Learn Anything!

From online math tutors to online english tutors, your child can learn anything under (and well, everywhere around) the sun with us. With over a hundred topics within your reach, there’s no limit!

No Wasted Minutes

When there are unused minutes from your previous session, we’ll make sure you’ll still be able to use them on your next session. We want you to get the most out of your money!

Unlimited Tutor Matching System

Guaranteed that you’ll love the tutors we’ll find for you, if you don’t, we’ll simply look for another -- we won’t stop til you’re satisfied. No need to pay until you find your perfect tutor.

The Types of Tutoring
We Offer You

tutor at doorstep

Online Tutoring

To get your own online tutor is to get the knowledge that your child needs from anywhere he or she wishes to study. Whether your child prefers to learn from the comforts of your home, or pretty much anywhere else! You have the freedom to learn from anywhere and even anytime! WWith our complete online platform, you have complete access to all the tools to help your child understand lessons better.

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Private Tutors at Your Doorstep

Have the assurance of meeting the quality tutors that you are looking for by meeting them in person! If you’d rather have the security and enriched personal experience, then, we’ve provided the option for you to find tutors that are within your area. Just follow the same step of posting a tutoring request online on our platform, and we’ll do the job of connecting you to your perfect tutor -- right at your doorstep!

What's More?

Our 100% Promise To You!
Hire Online Tutor

We’ll not only help you find your perfect tutor, but we won’t stop until you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED! So, you pay nothing until you feel like you found the perfect tutor match.

Since your satisfaction is our guarantee, you have our word on a 100% Iron-Clad Money-back Guarantee if you feel like the quality of tutoring you’ve received is not at par with your expectations.

With all the students we have helped reach their academic success, there’s no reason we cannot do the same for your child.

We’ve got your back, and that’s our promise. college pirates

college pirates

Wherever you are, whoever you may be, as long as you need quality tutoring, you’ve got our back.

Get the perfect online tutoring services starting at just $0.49 a minute.


30 minutes
Online Tutoring

  • Unlimited tutor matching until you’re satisfied!
  • FREE 5% Cash back on every successful session.
  • 100% Money back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with us.
    (The risk is on us!)

45 minutes
Online Tutoring

  • All alpha Benefits
  • Rollover any unused minutes to your next session with the same tutor, free of charge!

60 minutes
Online Tutoring

  • All alpha Benefits
  • All beta Benefits
  • 24 hours Follow Up Chat Session with your tutor after your session ends successfully.
Please Note

**All our pricing options are including all potential processing fees and taxes applicable.
Our money-back guarantee and cash-back applies to all pricing options. However, keeping remaining tutoring minutes is limited to only Pricing Option 2 & 3. The final decision for refund and other guarantees depends on College Pirates Sole discretion on basis of what evidence it receives from the student.
Just send us an email at and tell us why you were not satisfied with our tutors along with proof of session and we will refund 100% of your money back.

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

When you get online tutors from College Pirates, you have our guarantee: 100% satisfaction on each of your tutoring sessions. We’ve got the best, so you can be the best!
Your journey with us doesn’t end after you find online tutors, we’ll give give you FREE 5% cash back for every successful tutoring session. So take advantage of our offers now!
Whenever you want! You have the freedom to agree with your selected tutor your scheduled meeting time.
At College Pirates, to get online tutors is as cheap as $30 an hour, so the actual cost depends on how long you choose. Remember that all unused minutes can be used on the next session, so there’s no waste.
Yes! it is possible after we make sure that you are qualified. Just fill out the online tutoring jobs, click submit, and we’ll get back to you with our decision within 48 hours of your submission.
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