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Get online tutoring help for as Low as $30 for 60 minutes. That’s just equal to spending 50 cents a day in a month!

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Get 24 hour complimentary follow up chat session with your tutor even after your session ends!

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Earn 5% cashback in form of credits each time you successfully complete a tutoring session

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Choose from over 100+ topics! English, Math, Science, or even Biophysics! There's nothing that you can not learn with us.

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Get Unlimited Tutor Matching and extreme personalization to select the best tutor you deserve. We work for you until you’re satisfied

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You do not pay anything until we find you an expert tutor approved by you! View your assigned tutor’s profile, check their qualifications and expertise, and then decide. The power is in your hands!

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Instead, we assign you another expert tutor to take care of your needs, at no extra cost to you! if you don't want another tutor, we'll refund you the money. It's that simple! college pirates

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  • Unlimited tutor matching until you’re satisfied!
  • FREE 5% Cash back on every successfull session.
  • 100% Money back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with is.
    (The risk is on us!)

45 minutes
Online Tutoring

  • All alpha Benefits
  • Rollover any unused minutes to your next session with the same tutor, free of charge!

60 minutes
Online Tutoring

  • All alpha Benefits
  • All beta Benefits
  • 24 hours Follow Up Chat Session with your tutor after your session ends successfully.
Please Note

**All our pricing options are including all potential processing fees and taxes applicable.
Our money-back guarantee and cash-back applies to all pricing options. However, keeping remaining tutoring minutes is limited to only Pricing Option 2 & 3. The final decision for refund and other guarantees depends on College Pirates Sole discretion on basis of what evidence it receives from the student.
Just send us an email at and tell us why you were not satisfied with our tutors along with proof of session and we will refund 100% of your money back.

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Hire a tutor offers you the benefit of taking online live video lessons from an expert at your convenience. At your preferred time and location!. Online tutors are wanted often to help achieve good grades. That's why we help you achieving just that!
Hire a tutor offers you the benefit of taking online live video lessons from an expert at your convenience for an extremely affordable price for amazing experts. We connect you to expert tutors who can help you get that A you’ve been desiring and ace your academics. Since it is online, you’ll have access to our vast tutor base all over the world. You can also add your buddy for just $5. You also get additional free benefits for hiring a tutor from College Pirates. They’re practically a give away! You also get a 100% Money back Guarantee! Check it out. Click here
You get a free 24 hour follow-up online session to ask any doubts you might have after your video session. You also earn 5% Cashback in form of credits for each session you schedule with us! Sound Amazing? Click here
You can discuss with your tutor after the session starts in MySessions and meet at your’s and tutor’s preferred time
Online tutoring on College Pirates starts from $25 an hour. Rest depends on the duration you choose. The rates are same for every tutor. Go ahead and take advantage of such low prices!
Fill the application form , submit at your convenience and it’s done! We’ll get back to you with our decision within 48 hours of your submission. Online tutoring such as “Hire a tutor”, offline tutoring such as “Tutor at your doorstep” and quick doubt solving such as “Get Quick Help” are all opportunities that come with being a College Pirate tutor, the application form is common for all.
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