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There’s no doubt about it.

You ask your child how their day went, but all you get is a nonchalant shoulder.

Your child seems distracted, unmotivated and just not the same. Could it be that there really is something serious going on?

You worry and you worry, because as a parent, there is nothing in this world that is equal to the amount of love and care you want to give to your child

Soon enough you discover, your child is in dire need of help in a particular subject: MATH.

You understand because you’ve been there. Those concepts, equations, theorems… they can be really confusing.

And, like a mathematical problem, you wonder, “Is there really a solution?”

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At last, the solution is found:
College Pirates!

Ever asked yourself: “Are there any effective math tutors near me?”

Well, scrap all your other solutions goodbye, because you’ve just found your final and right answer!

Math problems are not a problem here at College Pirates.

We understand that with all the things that your child learns at school, having a complicated subject like math will be often overlooked. Not because your child is incapable of learning, but because he or she needs the math help with the right amount of attention. And here at College Pirates, you’ll find expert math tutors in abundance.

Here, you can choose to hire the best online math tutors, or meet your math tutor right at your doorstep!

From basic math tutors, to algebra tutors and even to calculus tutors -- we’ve got a very wide range of math topics is available in our domain.

Introducing College Pirates’ Hire a Math Tutor Program!

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5000+ Students Who Have Gotten A’s with Us

Students from all over the world whose grades have raised exponentially. From high school tutoring to College, we’ve got you covered.

500+ Experts Across All 7 Continents

We’ve sorted out the best of the best tutors to help you with whatever problem you have. Our tutors are spread worldwide!

150+ Topics of Expertise

We don’t just have math tutors, we also have Physics, Chemistry, and even GRE tutoring! Here, we have a great expert tutor to student ratio!

We can quickly help turn your math skills around 180 degrees,
and get you to the prime spot in your math class.

How Does Hiring a Math Tutor Work?
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Submit Your Question

Online math help is as easy as 1,2,3! No matter what kind of questions you have in mind, we’ll work our best to get an expert to answer your questions, and help you understand.


Get An Expert Tutor Assigned

Geometry tutors, algebra tutors, english tutors, and all kinds of experts on your call. We won’t stop until you get what you came for -- a great learning experience. Our tutors are ready to help!

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Rate, Review & Tip

When you are finished with your learning session with us, we will listen to your comments about the service intently, pay only if you are 100% satisfied with our service

When you’re with College Pirates, here are the added benefits:

  • There are no fractions or decimals when it comes to your satisfaction with your math tutor or any other tutor because we make sure that you are nothing less of 100% satisfied.
  • You can count on our system to provide you with the best math help you can get (or any subject, for that matter) because we’ve done the rigorous job of sorting them out.
  • Looking for math homework help, but want it right at your home? No problem! With College Pirates, you can choose to meet your tutors in person. No need to wonder, “Are there any online chemistry tutors near me?” Because we can bring them to you!
  • For instance you’ve hired a high school math tutor with us, but you suddenly feel like you want to switch, that’s not an issue with us! You can switch your tutor as you wish, anytime.
  • Whether your child is mastering the multiplication table with a basic math tutor, computing for the hypotenuse with a geometry tutor or integrating/differentiating with a calculus tutor -- we are with you every step of the way!
  • When it comes to hiring private math tutors, we know that not giving your child the right amount of attention is the (square) root of the problem. So, we make sure to raise your child’s guidance to the power of two with the best math help. That’s how we, one of the most top rated tutoring websites, really solve the problem.
  • Looking for a high school math tutor? Or something more advanced such as a college math tutor? No problem! From elementary math to college math, we’ve got experts for you 24/7!
  • For only $30 for a 60-minute session! As a parent, you don’t need math help to compute the value that your child can get with our online math help.
  • We know your child can be a fast math learner. So, we’ve made sure that you can subtract all your unused minutes from your previous session, and add them, at no additional cost, to your next session!
  • Add up all your private math tutor sessions (or any other subject) with us, and integrate all of them together. Then, you’ll discover that your tutoring sessions today will pay for your tutoring sessions tomorrow. That’s because we’ll give you a 5% cash back for each session! That means your school tutoring this month will actually pay for the next!
  • We are confident that you’ll love our math tutors, but in the 0.01% chance that you don’t, you have our word in a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE to prove our theorem that passion should be at the core of teaching your child.

What else can you get with
College Pirates?

Small Price for Great Value

You can get math help for as small as $30 for 60 minutes. The assurance of your returns is not a math problem here. Save on some of your valuable time and learn faster!

Every Session, You Get a 5% Cash-back

For every math problem solved, through every math homework help we bring you. You get more and more back with our cash back guarantee. Soon, you won’t even have to pay for tutoring!

Wide Range of Topics!

We have a list of topics covered longer than the decimals of pi. That’s why you have to learn any math or non-math topic as you please. We have tons of experts ready to serve you.

No Wasted Time

You don’t have to use up the entire 60 minutes, because you can roll-over any unused minutes to your next session with the same tutor! There is no wasted time here in College Pirates!

100% Perfect Tutoring Match

Just post any math problem you may have and we’ll have the perfect private math tutor get to you asap! From top university tutors to graduate tutors, we have the perfect fit for all your tutoring needs!

The Types of Tutoring
We Offer You

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Online Tutoring At Your Fingertips

Online math help has never been this accessible. Interact with your online math tutor from remotely anywhere, anytime! All that you need to do is follow our easy steps starting off by posting any question that you have in mind. Be it Math-related or not, we can handle it! Then, we’ll work on matching you with the best tutor for the type of learning you are looking for. Then, you’ll be able to agree with your tutor on what particular time would be convenient for you to conduct your tutoring session. It’s that easy!

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Private Tutors At Your Doorstep

Math homework help is easier with our in-person tutoring option. We’ll bring your algebra tutors, geometry tutors and calculus tutors near you. Similar to the steps in the online tutoring option, you simply just have to post a question online so we can work on looking for local experts within your vicinity who can meet you at your desired place and time. Learning is so much more fun when you can interact freely in person, that’s why we give that to you only here at College Pirates!

What's More?

Our 100% Promise To You!
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We’ll stop at nothing to make sure that your child gets the absolute value of our quality tutoring, that’s why we don’t let you pay until you feel like you’ve found the 100% perfect tutor for you.

To us, great service is binary -- we’ll give you all 100% or you pay us nothing. That’s why we give you a 100% Ironclad Money-back Guarantee if you feel like the quality of tutoring you’ve received is not at par with your expectations.

With our rich experience in helping thousands of students succeed not just in math, but in all other subjects, we don’t see why we can’t continue to give the best for your child.

We’ve got your back, and that’s our guarantee. college pirates

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When we say Affordable, We Mean it!

Here are some amazing benefits you get when you hire an expert tutor at College Pirates:
  • FREE 5% Cash-back on every successful session
  • FREE 30-minutes tutoring/trial consultation before committing.
  • Rollover any unused tutoring minutes to your next session.
  • UNLIMITED Tutoring matching for free until you're satisfied.
  • 100% Refund Guarantee in case you're not satisfied.
College Pirates'

Online Tutoring

Starts from $20/hour

Search from 500+ Expert Tutors

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Jonathon Epstein
North Carolina, US Certified Tutor
Topics: Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology
Online Tutoring Offline/Private Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students, PHD/Doctorate students, Adult students

I have been a sociology professor for about 20 years. My areas of research are t...

Tutoring Fee $25.0/30 mins $35.0/45 mins $40.0/60 mins
Free Consultation View Profile
college pirate tutor
Brandi McNeal
Alabama, US
Topics : African History, Writing, Political Science
Online Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students

Hello mates, I am Brandi McNeal the tutor you will never forget! I like to think

Tutoring Fee $10/30 mins $15/45 mins $20/60 mins
View Profile
college pirate tutor
Caroline Guerin
Texas, US Certified Tutor
Topics : Communication, Writing, International Studies
Online Tutoring Offline/Private Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students, Adult students

Caroline is a published post-graduate residing in the weird and wonderful Austin...

Tutoring Fee $20/30 mins $30/45 mins $40/60 mins
Free Consultation View Profile

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

Our private math tutors, whether online or in-person, are proven experts in their field. This is the same with any other subject here in College Pirates. You’ll get the best quality tutoring, with a money-back guarantee!
We don’t stop with just finding you help with math problems, but we’ll give you a FREE 5% cash back for every successful session you get. So take advantage of our awesome tutoring formula today!
The answer is: whenever you want! When you’ve chosen the perfect tutor, you can agree on a meeting place and time to your convenience.
At College Pirates, you pay as low as $30 for full 60 minutes of tutoring. The most quality school tutors for a reasonable price! Not to mention, the 5% cash-back you get!
Yes, as long as you can prove you have an expertise in a particular topic, it is possible. Just fill out the application form to sign up for our tutoring jobs, click submit, and we’ll get back to you with our decision within 48 hours of your submission.
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