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Introducing College Pirates Online Tutoring Jobs Program

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Why are online tutoring jobs
at College Pirates the right fit for you?

Flexibility at its best

With us, you don’t have to follow a specific schedule. Be your own boss and tutor online when you have the time to. You choose your students and type of tutoring you would like to provide. Teach online, or meet them in person, it’s your call!

Get your time’s worth payment

Earn as much as $60 / hour* by tutoring students from all over the world. Your earnings heavily depend on your availability. So, the more you work, the more you earn! There’s no limit that we place to your earnings on your teaching jobs.

A wide range of courses

Sign up for an Online English tutoring job, or an Online Math tutoring job, or any other topic as per your expertise. Our online tutoring jobs are regularly updated to make sure we provide the best online tutoring experience for our students as well as for you.

Make a significant change in a student’s life

Our online chat system is well equipped to notify the tutor of the questions that a student has posted. This gives the tutor the time to prepare for the tutoring session beforehand which enables you to give their best to their students.

The Most Convenient Platform Ever

Whether you choose to do an online tutoring job, or choose to meet your students in person, College Pirates is the place for you. Take on private tutoring jobs with us and have access to three different ways you can earn.

More Ways to Make Money

Select from three different ways of making money, depending on your preference and availability


So, how can you become an online tutor at College Pirates?

Apply and get verified

Once the application has been submitted, we shall require you to provide us with the verification of your identification, as well as answer few questions about your experience and motivations.

Receive questions based on your chosen course

You will get a notification when a student posts a question that is associated with your area of expertise. You have the option of using your discretion on whether to “Accept” or “Ignore” the question.

Connect with your students and provide personalized online tutoring lessons

Online tutoring and learning has been made as simple as it can be with our tools such as whiteboards, code and text editors, video call, messaging and many more at your disposal.

Gain reviews, ratings and appreciation while you help your students get good grades

Your ranking is directly proportional to the ratings and review you obtain from the teaching sessions you partake in.

Grab this opportunity to join College Pirates and be a part of an incredible team of online tutors!

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What makes an Excellent College Pirates Tutor?

In-depth knowledge on the topic of choice (To us, teaching background or graduate degree is not necessary, as long as you can prove you are an expert in your area of choice)

Passion for bringing out the best in their students

Excellent communication skills

Dedication to put in the right amount of time for students to learn

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Three Different Ways to Earn at College Pirates

Here at College Pirates, you are not limited to just online tutoring. You won’t find online tutoring jobs or in-person tutoring jobs better than what we have in here.

This is an online instructor job that is as easy as 1,2,3! Just fill out our application, get verified and start selecting the topic of your choice. You can work remotely from anywhere around the world, at anytime you want using the advanced tools you can find on our website.

Whenever a student posts a question that is related to your area of expertise, we notify you right away, and you decide whether to accept or decline it. Plus, you can monitor your earnings on our site.

Private tutoring jobs

Tutoring Jobs at Your Doorstep: In-person Tutoring

Instead of just sticking to online tutoring, you have another option. It’s similar to the online option, but you meet your students in person, at a location of your and their choice. While we love online tutoring jobs, there is an ease of communication and a sense of connection that comes with meeting your students outside your computer screen, especially high school students.

You can treat it as a part time tutoring job or a full time one. College Pirates has the answer for you!

Online teaching jobs

Get Quick Help

This is the fastest way possible to earn when you find online instructor jobs. You just have to answer questions that are posted by our students online and answer them right away, so you get paid right away as well! Select solutions for homework, projects or assignments by choosing between “Quick Question Help” or a “Quick Project Help”

So, whether its an online english tutor job, an online math tutor job or even an online education job, you can do it in a blink of an eye with College Pirates!

Feedback from the College Pirates' Tutors

This is not a form of employment. You can apply to become a tutor, and will be considered as an individual contractor.
Please consult your lawyer for professional advice on this.

*Your actual earnings will depend on the number of questions and online tutoring you are able to provide in exchange for an hour long service on College Pirates Platform.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions

Working at College Pirates comes with a lot of perks, you get to work at your own time and pace, without the conventional norms of schedules and strict routine holding you down. You can find your place in our community by contributing your expertise to the students in dire need through us. You can promote your services on all social media networks through a simple sharing service and make as much as $60 per hour. Do you feel like this is the right fit for you? Apply to become an online tutor now!
No. You do not need to have any specialised certification or experience to be a part of our faculty. We believe that the degree of expertise a person holds on a certain field or topic can not be covered by whether they have a certification for tutoring. However, you do need to present us with your credentials, thus proving your knowledge on the desired topic.
You are not required to meet a certain number of questions or teach certain hours to qualify for the payments with us. You can dedicate as much time as you wish and answer as many questions as you know. However, you should consider the fact that the more time you dedicate here the higher your rating will get, which significantly increases your opportunities to earn.
It usually takes as much as 48 hours or more for your application to process. Since we have a rather huge number of applicants applying for a position of an online tutor, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
We usually use services like paypal to pay you. When you reach a total of $50 in earnings, you will activate your withdraw button. Also, if you are yourself a parent of a student, and are wondering if there are any “Tutors near me?” -- We have the perfect solution for you!
Among all the other options that are available for you to earn extra money, giving a private tutoring session both online and offline, and offering assistance to students who seek your help with their homework could be some of the tasks you could take up with us. Online tutoring can be conducted via live chat or video call. Whereas, offline tutoring is conducted in person at a convenient location for the student and the teacher or at their home itself.
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