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Are you feeling concerned
about your child’s academic future?

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As a parent, you have this natural connection with your child. Deep within you know you have parental instincts

Naturally, when there is something wrong with your child, you feel and know about it first-hand

So it happens, you notice that your child is no longer acting the same way he or she used to

You see the pain in your child as she suffers day by day

And not long do you find out, your child is in need of some serious catching up with grades. Not just with any basic subject, but one of the trickiest of all: SCIENCE!

So you rush to any solution you can find -- BUT before you do, are you sure that your child will get the attention he or she deserves?

Are you willing to waste any further time with methods that are ineffective? Or shouldn’t you jump into something that is proven and tested?

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Here is the best remedy to your problem:
College Pirates!

”How can I help my child get past this? Are there any Chemistry tutors near me? How about Physics tutors near me? Help!” -- these are the thoughts that run through your mind when you think about your child.

And we completely understand. Your instinctive drive to want your children to succeed is as natural as the laws of nature.

Then, now you can rest easy knowing that College Pirates is here to your rescue!

We’ve got experts from many countries all over the world who are ready to become your child's very own Physics tutor, chemistry tutor, biology tutor or just about any science tutor! From school tutoring to adult tutoring, we cover it all!

With our experience with thousands of students across hundreds of topics, there is no tutoring problem too big or too small with College Pirates!

Introducing College Pirates’ Hire a Science Tutor Program!

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5000+ Students Who’ve Benefited

We’ve figured out the science behind making your child successful. Doubt us? The numbers speak for themselves!

500+ Experts Across the Globe

More than natural selection, we’ve done the rigorous task of finding the best tutors for your child. More than Half your work is done here

150+ Expertise in Topics

From advanced organic chemistry tutors to mere fundamental math tutors, we’ve got you covered in all topics you need help with

Your child has always had the chemical composition of greatness. Allow us to ignite your child’s genius,
and reach the full potential!

How Do I find the Perfect Science Tutors Near Me?
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Submit Your Question

Our Science tutors are ready to answer them asap. It’s as easy as posting your questions online on our platform so that we can bring them to our experts who can give you the answers.


Get An Expert Tutor Assigned

We’ll match you with our top-notch Physics tutors, Chemistry tutors, and whatever Science tutors you require. From Spanish tutors to ACT tutoring, we have them all! We’ll connect you to your match from a thousand experts available on our platform.

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Rate, Review & Tip

Pay only if you are absolutely satisfied with the service, if not, you get our 100% refund guarantee -- that’s to prove to you how much you can rely on our service.

When you’re with College Pirates, here are the added benefits:

  • Be it an online Chemistry tutor or an online Physics tutor that you need, we make sure that you get nothing less than the best!
  • Our system was designed to match you with your perfect science tutor. We do the tough job of filtering out only the best of the best: no matter what scientific area of expertise. From College tutoring to elementary school tutoring, we cover it all!
  • ”Are there any biology tutors near me?” you might wonder as you watch your child aimlessly flip through pages of books he or she doesn’t understand. Say no more because with us, you don’t just have the option to hire online biology tutors, but you can choose to meet the tutors in person as well.
  • If ever you find yourself not satisfied with the science tutor you’ve matched with, you have the liberty to change your tutor anytime!
  • May it be a need for a basic chemistry tutor or a need for an advanced Physics tutor. You don’t need to worry because no matter what stage your child is in, we can be with you every step of the way.
  • Nowhere else will you be able to find the assurance that your child is getting the right amount of attention that he or she needs from his or her science tutor. We guarantee that.
  • From mere elementary chemistry tutors to organic chemistry tutors, no problem! We’ve got experts for you 24/7!
  • At only $30 for a 60-minute session, we have the best deal you can find anywhere. Expert science tutors have never been this easily accessible!
  • We want you to optimize each and every session that you invest with us. So, all the unused minutes from your previous tutoring session will automatically be used on the next with the same tutor, at no additional cost!
  • Imagine this: you avail of our online Chemistry tutor for an entire month, your child’s semester ends and now you are in need of an online Physics teacher. So, you simply use your cash-back from your previous month to pay for this month’s tutoring session -- That’s absolutely possible with our 5% cash back guarantee on each session!
  • We are certain that you’ll really love our science tutors, but in the slightest chance that you don’t, you have our word in a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to prove our dedication to help your child succeed.

What else can you get with
College Pirates?

Big Value for a Low Price

You can get expert science tutors or any type of tutors for as low as $30 for 60 minutes. Where else can you find experts who’re ready to serve you at such a great price!

5% Cash-back per Session

For every scientific problem you solve with us, you earn more back. Soon, your sessions will pay for themselves. You can now actually earn the longer you learn with us.

Wide Range of Topics!

Online Physics tutors, Chemistry tutors, Biology tutors or even online english tutors - any kind of tutors available just for you. Choose from over a hundred topics that suit your needs, for you anytime anywhere!

Zero Wasted Time

All the unused minutes from your last session can be added to your next. So, none of your time will go unused making for a better experience. Talk about going zero waste!

100% Perfect Tutoring Match

“Are there any great Chemistry tutors near me?” you never need to ask! Because we’ll match you with the best experts that you can find anywhere. No need to look anywhere else!

The Types of Tutoring
We Offer You

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Find Online Tutors Right Here

Online Chemistry tutors or any kind of online tutors made available for you, anytime, anywhere! Just follow a few steps starting off by posting a question that’s been on your mind, then, we’ll make sure to find a way for our experts to reach you. Once you find your perfect tutor match, you will now be able to agree freely on your meeting time online! All that you need to learn is on our easy-to-use platform.

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Personal Tutors at your Doorstep

A more interactive kind of tutoring experience, with the convenience of finding a tutor online. You no longer need to look further for great expert tutoring talent that can help you find what you need. Just post the question you have in your mind, and we’ll connect you to an expert in an area near you. Get the best of both worlds -- online and offline -- here only at College Pirates.

What's More?

Our 100% Promise To You!
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We’ll keep going and going until you are nothing short of being completely satisfied with the tutor that we match you with. That’s why you have our guarantee that: unless you find the perfect tutor for your needs, you don’t need to pay anything!

AND, our commitment doesn’t end until you are absolutely satisfied with the quality of tutoring that your child is receiving. That’s why we give you a 100% Iron-Clad Money-back Guarantee if you feel like the tutoring you’ve received does not match with your expectations.

With over a thousand students worth of experience, and across a hundred topics of expertise, we are confident we can give you the service you deserve.

Quality tutoring plus more, that’s our promise. college pirates

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When we say Affordable, We Mean it!

Here are some amazing benefits you get when you hire an expert tutor at College Pirates:
  • FREE 5% Cash-back on every successful session
  • FREE 30-minutes tutoring/trial consultation before committing.
  • Rollover any unused tutoring minutes to your next session.
  • UNLIMITED Tutoring matching for free until you're satisfied.
  • 100% Refund Guarantee in case you're not satisfied.
College Pirates'

Online Tutoring

Starts from $20/hour

Search from 500+ Expert Tutors

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Jonathon Epstein
North Carolina, US Certified Tutor
Topics: Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology
Online Tutoring Offline/Private Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students, PHD/Doctorate students, Adult students

I have been a sociology professor for about 20 years. My areas of research are t...

Tutoring Fee $25.0/30 mins $35.0/45 mins $40.0/60 mins
Free Consultation View Profile
college pirate tutor
Brandi McNeal
Alabama, US
Topics : African History, Writing, Political Science
Online Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students

Hello mates, I am Brandi McNeal the tutor you will never forget! I like to think

Tutoring Fee $10/30 mins $15/45 mins $20/60 mins
View Profile
college pirate tutor
Caroline Guerin
Texas, US Certified Tutor
Topics : Communication, Writing, International Studies
Online Tutoring Offline/Private Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students, Adult students

Caroline is a published post-graduate residing in the weird and wonderful Austin...

Tutoring Fee $20/30 mins $30/45 mins $40/60 mins
Free Consultation View Profile

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

With our expert science tutors, there is no scientific topic we can’t cover. Moreover, you have the option to meet your tutors in person as well. Flexibility, knowledge, and quality -- that’s what you get with College Pirates.
Hiring science tutors near you are not limited online. You can book your physics tutor, your chemistry tutor, your biology tutor and any other type of tutor and meet them in person, whenever and wherever you want!
We don’t stop with just finding you help with your science problems, but we’ll give you FREE 5% cash back for every successful session you make with us. Get started now!
At any time and at any place you want. Once you’ve chosen your tutor, you can mutually agree on a convenient time to meet.
Here at College Pirates, you only pay as low as $30 for the first session! The best tutors you can find anywhere for a great price. Don’t forget, we have the 5% cash-back on each session as well!
You can, as long as you can show us that you have an expertise in a particular topic, it is doable. Just fill out the application form to become an online tutor, click submit, and we’ll get back to you with our decision within 48 hours of your submission.
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