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Introducing College Pirates Teaching Jobs Program

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Why should you take up teaching jobs
at College Pirates?

Live the Life of a Boss

We don’t offer teaching jobs just like any other. Here, to find teaching jobs that suit your preferences is a piece of cake. You can opt for a part time teaching job or a full time teaching job, online or in person -- it doesn’t matter. Teach math on top of a mountain or teach english by the beach. It’s all up to you.

Reach up to $60/hour or More!

You might be thinking, “$60 an hour for a teaching job near me? No way!” Yes, you best believe it, because at College Pirates, your earnings grow the longer you teach with us, unlike most teaching jobs. So you’ll never have to feel like you’re getting stuck.

Be Inspired

Becoming a teacher gives you the opportunity to make the most out of your teaching job by giving you space to create beautiful connections with your students. Get inspired by listening to different stories and learn while you let others learn.

Work on the Best Platform

The steps on how to become a teacher here is super easy. Get the best out of your teaching job with our platform. Teach math with our online whiteboard, or teach english online with our video-calling feature. Here, you have the room to be creative on how you can do your teaching job.

Plenty of Topics to Choose from

There are a lot of teaching jobs ready for you here at College Pirates. Whether you are looking for a math teaching job, an english teaching job or an ESL teaching job, our platform allows you to select from a pool of topics that fit your expertise.

More Ways to Teach

Becoming a teacher is great, but taking on a teaching job at College Pirates is the best. That’s because we give you more ways to earn. Either you earn by working online teaching jobs, meet the students in person, or simply answer a question -- you’ll always have a choice.


How to become a teacher on College Pirates?

Fill out your application and verify your account

Answer questions based on your field of expertise

Pick from the three different ways to earn

Get rated, compensated, and appreciated altogether!

When you apply to become a tutor online at College Pirates, be ready to find teaching jobs that will amaze you. It’s time to set sail, and be a part of our crew, pirate!

At College Pirates, we take good care of our crew. So, here is a walkthrough video for you to get started: Private teaching jobs

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What makes a great College Pirate Teacher?

In-depth knowledge on the topic of choice(To us, teaching background or graduate degree is not necessary, as long as you can prove you are an expert in your area of choice)

Passion for bringing out the best in their students

Excellent communication skills

Dedication to put in the right amount of time for students to learn

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Three Different Ways to Earn at College Pirates

Here at College Pirates, we know that there is more than one way to do the best teaching job possible. You won’t find teaching jobs better than what we have here.

This is a teaching job that is as easy as 1,2,3! Just fill out our application, get verified and start selecting the topic of your choice. You can work remotely from anywhere around the world, at anytime you want using the advanced tools you can find on our website.

Whenever a student posts a question that is related to your area of expertise, we notify you right away, and you decide whether to accept or decline it. Plus, you can monitor your earnings on our site..

Teach math

Tutoring Jobs at Your Doorstep

This is the part that answers “Does College Pirates have teaching jobs near me?” Yes! We absolutely do. It’s similar to the online option, but you meet your students in person, at a location of your choice. While we love online teaching jobs, there is an ease of communication and a sense of connection that comes with meeting your students outside your computer screen.

You can treat it as a part time teaching job or a full time teaching job. College Pirates has the answer for you!

Teach english

Get Quick Help

This is the fastest way possible to earn when you find teaching jobs. You just have to answer questions that are posted by our students online and answer them right away,

so you get paid right away as well! Select solutions for homework, projects or assignments by choosing between “Quick Question Help” or a “Quick Project Help”

Feedback from the College Pirates' Tutors

This is not a form of employment. You can apply to become a tutor, and will be considered as an individual contractor.
Please consult your lawyer for professional advice on this.

*Your actual earnings will depend on the number of questions and online tutoring you are able to provide in exchange for an hour long service on College Pirates Platform.

Still have some questions before you take on a teaching job? Here are some of our frequently asked questions to answer you.

Here, you will find teaching jobs that fit the amount of time that you want to put in since you can choose to do a part time teaching job or a full time teaching job. Plus, you choose according to your particular expertise: teach math, teach english, teach chemistry or just about anything! Lastly, here at College Pirates your earnings grow the more you teach with us. So, give it a shot!
We don’t really mind if you’ve previously taken on math teaching jobs, english teaching jobs, ESL teaching jobs or whatever teaching jobs because we believe real specialists take on various forms, so we don’t require you to have a certification just as long as you can prove you have sufficient knowledge in your topics of choice.
No, working a teaching job with us entitles you to have the freedom to decide the number of hours you want to work. Just as long as you remember: the more you do your teaching job, the higher your rating and the more opportunities to earn you get!
Please give us about 48 hours to process your application after you submit it since we are catering to a large volume of applicants. We want to make sure all College Pirate tutors are up for the teaching job.
Through Paypal, you’ll be able to receive your earnings with us. Just simply click the “Withdraw” button after you reach the threshold of $50. Also, if you are looking for some great online tutoring for yourself or your child, we have the perfect solution for you!
The answer is: Yes, of course! Either through doing your teaching job online or in-person. You will be able to choose where you want your work to be done. Imagine if you teach english at a cozy cafe or if you teach math while on vacation in another country -- all that’s possible through College Pirates.
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