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The time is almost near. You are about to take a test to measure your skills, but you just don’t seem to feel ready for it.

Perhaps you’re about to take a the TOEFL, the IELTS, or an ACT test but are you certain about your competence in english?

Or maybe you’re taking the SATs pretty soon and you’re worried there are some topics that you don’t really understand

Whatever big test you have coming, thinking about it just gives you that weird feeling in your stomach

You buy review books and enroll yourself in classes to help you

But you just seem to keep getting stuck

You wish you had a more personalized training

With all the topics you still need to master, you wonder, “Is there any other way?”

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Here comes College Pirates to
Your Rescue!

The ultimate answer to your problem is here.

Whether you are looking for TOEFL tutoring, SAT tutoring, ACT tutoring, or even if you need top science tutors, we have a tutor who can help you!

We understand that prepping for an exam can be a really daunting task.
That’s why we’ve made sure that there are test prep tutors ready to address to your needs right away!

Across any kind of test you can think of, we have a tutor who can do the job.

Say goodbye to the feeling of getting stuck, unmotivated and tired.

Say hello to confidence on your tests!

Introducing College PiratesHire a Test Prep Tutor Program!

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5000+ Students We’ve Served Till Date

We are proud of our growing community of students who have gained confidence to take their tests

500+ Expert Tutors on Your Call

Test prep tutors and other tutors of any kind, ready for you. From school tutoring to college tutoring to even adult tutoring, we cover it all!

150+ Topics we have expertise in

From GRE tutoring to GMAT tutoring, even MCAT tutoring!

Your quest to not just pass but do great on your tests
begins right here, right now.

How Do I Find The Perfect Test Prep Tutor For Me?
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Send Us Your Questions

Have a question you want to start with? Send it right away, and we’ll work on bringing it to experts from all over the world who can help you prepare for your big exam!


Get An Expert Assigned to You

Our tutors are available to assist you asap. No matter what kind of examination you are prepping for, you have the confidence that we’ll match you with the right tutor for the job.

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Rate, Review & Tip

After each of your tutoring sessions with us, tell us about your experience with us, and pay only if you’re completely satisfied. Otherwise, we’ll give you a 100% refund on our services.

At College Pirates, here's what you'll get:

  • No matter what your test prep needs are: be it LSAT Tutoring, ESL Tutoring or TOEFL tutoring, our system will match you with the perfect tutor for you. We’ve even got top-rated english tutors for you!
  • After the many applications we’ve sorted through, you can be sure that all the tutors you can find with us are truly competent. No longer you need to wonder if “Are there any Math tutors near me?”
  • Whether you want more personal time with your tutors in person or want the convenience of meeting online, the choice is yours here with us.
  • Not sure that you are satisfied with the tutor you are currently working with? No problem, because you can choose to switch tutors anytime
  • Whether you’re looking for someone to help you further your analytical writing with GMAT tutoring, or someone who can help you in speaking with TOEFL tutoring -- there are tutors across all fields who are ready to be with you each step of the way!
  • No need to feel sad about being left behind, because with our one on one tutoring, you are certainly going to get the attention that you deserve
  • Not yet prepping for a test? You can still take advantage of all the perks whether you are in need of online math help, physics tutors or even language tutors. Here, you are not limited to just test prep tutors.
  • For just $30 for a 60-minute session, you can find online tutors who will give you the courage to take on your exam without fear!
  • You get to take advantage of every single minute that you spend with us. That’s because whenever you have unused minutes from your previous session, you can use those minutes in your next session.
  • The longer you take advantage of our test prep tutors, or any kind of tutors, you can actually save more. We’ll give you a 5% cash-back on each of your successful tutoring sessions!
  • In the very unlikely instance that you are not satisfied with the quality of your sessions with our tutors, then, we will give you 100% REFUND -- we want you to get the results you want.

What else can you get with
College Pirates?

Top Scores for a Low Price!

At just $30 for an entire 60-minute session, it’s a small investment for you to gain more confidence in your tests. Get ready for your big exams, the right way! Whether it’s high school tutoring, or even college tutoring, get all of it only with College Pirates

5% Cash-back on Every Session

With a 5% cash back in each of your tutoring sessions, you are saving more as you go. Soon, you’ll discover as you are learning more, your sessions pay for themselves.

Learn Anything!

From SAT Tutoring to LSAT tutoring or even if you are looking for online english tutors, whatever tutoring needs you can think of, it’s right here. Whether you are prepping for a big exam, or just want to improve your grades, we’ve got you.

No Wasted Minutes

If you have some extra minutes left from your last session, you can roll-over those minutes and use them on your next session. So, you can make the most out of every dime you spend.

Unlimited Tutor Matching System

We won’t stop until you find your perfect tutor. That’s our guarantee. No matter how long it takes, we want you to get nothing less than your ideal tutor match.

The Types of Tutoring
We Offer You

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Top-Notch Online Tutoring

Choose to access your IELTS tutoring classes, your GRE tutoring classes or any kind of tutoring classes from anywhere you choose! Just simply tell us about the kid of examination you are preparing for, or what kind of topic you are in need of helping with. Then, we will work our way to connect you to the best online tutors you can find anywhere. Our platform has all the tools that you need for an amazing learning experience.

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Personal Tutors at Your Doorstep

Looking for someone who can tutor you in person at home? That’s possible with us! Have your ACT Tutoring at your home or your ESL in your favorite coffee shop. Just let us know by leaving details about your tutoring needs on our platform, then, we’ll connect you to an expert within your area asap! Once you approve of your tutor, you can then agree on a meeting time and place convenient for you. Guaranteed our tutors will optimize your learning experience and help you ace all your upcoming tests!

What's More?

Our 100% Promise To You!
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We’ll not only assist you in looking for the tutors for you, but we will keep our promise of providing you the best until you are 100% SATISFIED! So, you can begin looking for the best test prep tutors without paying until you find the one you want.

We want to make sure you are nothing less than completely satisfied, that’s why you have our promise on a 100% Iron-Clad Money-back Guarantee if you thought that the tutoring you received was inadequate.

Across the thousands of students who have improved their performance with us, we have the confidence that we can do the same for you!

You deserve the best, so we’ll give you the best. college pirates

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When we say Affordable, We Mean it!

Here are some amazing benefits you get when you hire an expert tutor at College Pirates:
  • FREE 5% Cash-back on every successful session
  • FREE 30-minutes tutoring/trial consultation before committing.
  • Rollover any unused tutoring minutes to your next session.
  • UNLIMITED Tutoring matching for free until you're satisfied.
  • 100% Refund Guarantee in case you're not satisfied.
College Pirates'

Online Tutoring

Starts from $20/hour

Search from 500+ Expert Tutors

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Jonathon Epstein
North Carolina, US Certified Tutor
Topics: Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology
Online Tutoring Offline/Private Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students, PHD/Doctorate students, Adult students

I have been a sociology professor for about 20 years. My areas of research are t...

Tutoring Fee $25.0/30 mins $35.0/45 mins $40.0/60 mins
Free Consultation View Profile
college pirate tutor
Brandi McNeal
Alabama, US
Topics : African History, Writing, Political Science
Online Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students

Hello mates, I am Brandi McNeal the tutor you will never forget! I like to think

Tutoring Fee $10/30 mins $15/45 mins $20/60 mins
View Profile
college pirate tutor
Caroline Guerin
Texas, US Certified Tutor
Topics : Communication, Writing, International Studies
Online Tutoring Offline/Private Tutoring
Recommended for

Elementary school students, Middle school students, High school students, College students, Adult students

Caroline is a published post-graduate residing in the weird and wonderful Austin...

Tutoring Fee $20/30 mins $30/45 mins $40/60 mins
Free Consultation View Profile

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

When you find a test prep tutor from College Pirates, or any kind of tutor, you are guaranteed quality tutoring or your money back. From ESL tutoring to MCAT tutoring, whatever your needs, we’ve got it here.
We want you to get extra benefits, so you get a 5% cash-back for every successful tutoring session. Grab this amazing benefit now!
The choice is yours. You could select when and where you want your tutoring sessions to occur, either online or in-person
At College Pirates, for only $30 on your tutoring session, you can start feeling the difference in your performance
Of course! But first, we need to check your qualifications. Just fill out the application form for the best online teaching jobs, click submit, and we’ll get back to you with our decision within 48 hours of your submission.
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