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Introducing College Pirates Tutoring Jobs Program

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Why should you take up a tutoring job
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You are Your Own Boss

Ever wondered, “Are there any tutoring jobs near me?” Well, whether you’re sipping on a Piña Colada by the beach or enjoying a cake at a café, it doesn’t matter! You can become a tutor online, near or far, wherever, whenever you want.

Make up to $60/hour Plus More!

Taking up the best tutoring job here at College Pirates enables you to earn more as you go along. So, you’ll never have to feel like you’re hitting a plateau. Plus, taking up a private tutor job with us gives you more opportunity to earn more as you teach more.

Create Inspiring Connections

Taking up a private tutor job is one of the most beautiful ways to build connections and discover new stories that will inspire you.

Convenient Platform

We’ve spent a lot of time making sure you can focus on doing what you do. Taking on a tutoring job at College Pirates gives you access to our easy-to-use platform complete with video, chat, whiteboards and more! Jobs for tutors have never been this easy.

Wide Variety of Topics

Looking for Math tutor jobs? How about English tutor jobs? We’ve got you covered. There are plenty of jobs for tutors here with over a wide variety of topics to choose from. Choose from over 100+ topics that fit your expertise.

More than One Way to Earn

Here at College Pirates, your earnings are not limited to working online teaching jobs. You can also have the flexibility of in-person session -- that answers your question “What are the best tutoring jobs near me?” -- or you can earn quicker by answering a question posted by a student.


So, how does College Pirates’ tutoring jobs work?

Click apply and verify your account

Receive questions based on your expertise

Select from the three different ways you can earn

Get rated, compensated, and appreciated at the same time!

Taking on a tutoring job has never been this easy. You will be amazed what joys taking on this private tutor job can bring to you. It’s time to set sail, and be a part of our crew, pirate!

At College Pirates, we take good care of our crew. So, here is a walkthrough video for you to get started to teach online: Math tutoring jobs

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College Pirates Tutors are...

Knowledgeable in their own respective fields.(To us, teaching background or graduate degree is not necessary, as long as you can prove you are an expert in your area of choice)

Passionate about helping others succeed

Possess great communication skills and is adaptive

Willing and dedicated to put in adequate time to meet the demand of service

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Three Ways to Let Others Learn While You Earn

Here in College Pirates, we know that the most effective way to learn changes from person to person. Thus, we make jobs for tutors more diversified in order to tailor fit to your preferences.

We want you to make the most out of your tutoring job. So, we make sure to provide you with all the online tools you need to connect with students. Whenever a student posts a question that is related to your area of expertise, we notify you right away and you decide whether to accept or decline it.

You’ll love our teaching tools like whiteboards, code and text editors, video call and messaging features! Plus, you can monitor your earnings on our site and we’ve tied up with Paypal to securely pay you.

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Tutor at Your Doorstep: In-person Teaching Jobs

While we do love doing private tutor jobs online, there is a sense of connection and ease of communication that comes with meeting your students in person. Much like the online version, you will get a notification upon finding a student posting a question within your field of expertise.

So, you no longer have to keep wondering, “Are there tutoring jobs near me?” because College Pirates will bring the students near you!

Online tutoring jobs

Get Quick Help

This is the quickest way to earn in a tutoring job! You simply answer questions that are posted by students instantly and get paid instantly as well.

You can choose from a “Quick question help” or a “quick project help” where you can provide solutions for project, assignments or homework.

Feedback from the College Pirates' Tutors

This is not a form of employment. You can apply to become a tutor, and will be considered as an individual contractor.
Please consult your lawyer for professional advice on this.

*Your actual earnings will depend on the number of questions and online tutoring you are able to provide in exchange for an hour long service on College Pirates Platform.

Still have some questions? Here are some of our frequently asked questions to answer you.

Not only will you get the full range of benefits from working a tutoring job (work anywhere, anytime!), but you also get to choose who you want to work with in an easy platform that takes good care of you and your students.
Here, you are not limited to earning by private tutor jobs online, but you can expand your job to in-person teaching and question-answering. Plus! Your earnings are NOT limited, they grow the more you work with us.
We also give you the chance to promote your services on all social media platforms, so you can let everybody know you are doing something meaningful.
It doesn’t matter whether you previously took on a math tutor job or an english tutor job, we believe that experts take all forms, and therefore do not require that you be a certified tutor or professor.

However, you do need to share sufficient credentials to prove that you have an expertise in the categories which you would like to tutor. We only provide jobs for tutors who can provide valuable knowledge for our students.
No, there is no limit to how much time you wish to dedicate or number of questions you have to answer. However, the higher your rating, the more opportunities you'll receive to earn money.
Since we have a huge volume of applications to process, we need at least 48 hours to process your application after you submit it. However, we try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.
We pay you using paypal, you’ll see an active “Withdraw” button after you reach the threshold of $50. You can also choose to get our tutoring services if you need help in any subject you desire!
Yes, we understand that some people prefer the ease of communication that only discussing in person can offer. We do believe in providing the best jobs for tutors. So, we provide tutoring jobs for those who want to meet with their students personally, just specify your desired area of teaching, and we’ll find you students to teach!
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