Tutor Registration Policy

Last Updated : 16-FEB-2017

I agree to the points listed below as part of College Pirates’ Tutor policy:

  • a. I will only answer questions which are a part of my expertise, and will not post incorrect answers in a way which might be intentional.

  • b. I am expected to help students in a way that promotes interactive learning.

  • c. I will not practice or promote plagiarism on the platform in any form while helping students.

  • d. I will not discriminate students on the basis of their name, age, gender, sexual orientation, language, disability, religious beliefs, or their country and will maintain equality throughout.

  • e. I am expected to be on-time during an online session, and I am completely responsible for my internet connection status and fees used up while using College Pirates platform.

  • f. I am expected to be completely prepared before a session, and will not pause a session for more than 5 minutes at any point of time.

  • g. I am aware that I will be receiving a 55% compensation / commission (final amount subject to paypal fees deduction) on all the services I provide to students during my initial phase. The commission will increase as I get promoted.

  • h. I am aware that I will be receiving only two out of every three requests from students, if my quality score is below 4 out of 7 points. (More on quality score is explained in tutor guide which you will receive once you are approved as a tutor).

  • i. I agree that the payment I receive from College Pirates will be subject to PayPal fees and I will be responsible for the deduction PayPal charges while transferring my payment to me. (Different countries have different fee rates)

  • j. I am aware that my online sessions will be closely monitored by College Pirates at their discretion for security and quality purposes, and I will cooperate accordingly.

  • k. I am aware that if I violate any of these terms listed above in any manner, College Pirates has the authority to terminate my account with or without notice and are not liable to pay me any balance I have in my account, in case of termination.

** These policies are subject to change at any moment at College Pirates’ discretion. We will inform you of any such changes through your registered email as soon as they are implemented.

Thank you for being a vital part of the College Pirates Community. Cheers! **